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US Earnings Calendar for March 31, 2014
As of 29-July-14

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Earnings Announcements for Monday, March 31
3U Holding AGUUU.FTime Not Supplied
Aap Implantate AGAAQ.DETime Not Supplied
Affirmative Insurance Holdings IncAFFMAfter Market Close
Affymax IncAFFYAfter Market Close
American DG Energy IncADGEBefore Market Open
American Lorain CorpALNTime Not Supplied
American Shared Hospital ServicesAMSTime Not Supplied
Amplitech Group IncAMPGTime Not Supplied
ASA Gold and Precious Metals LtdASATime Not Supplied
Asia Cement Corp1102.TWTime Not Supplied
Asure Software IncASURTime Not Supplied
Augusta Resource CorpAZC.TOAfter Market Close
Bank Leumi Le Israel BMLUMI.TATime Not Supplied
Bank of Communications Co Ltd601328.SSTime Not Supplied
Banro CorpBAA.TOBefore Market Open
Baoxin Auto Group Ltd1293.HKTime Not Supplied
Beate Uhse AGUSE.DETime Not Supplied
Billion Industrial Holdings Ltd2299.HKTime Not Supplied
BioFuel Energy CorpBIOFTime Not Supplied
BKF Capital Group IncBKFGTime Not Supplied
Blonder Tongue Laboratories IncBDRTime Not Supplied
Bona Film Group LtdBONATime Not Supplied
BOS Better Online Solutions LtdBOSCTime Not Supplied
Bowleven PLCBLVN.LTime Not SuppliedListen
Bri-Chem CorpBRY.TOAfter Market Close
C Quadrat Investment AGC8I.FTime Not Supplied
Cal-Maine Foods IncCALMBefore Market Open
Calmena Energy Services IncCEZ.TOAfter Market Close
Candente Copper CorpDNT.TOTime Not Supplied
Capital Stage AGCAP.DETime Not Supplied
Carbon Natural Gas CoCRBOTime Not Supplied
Cathay Real Estate Development Co Ltd2501.TWTime Not Supplied
Central Federal CorpCFBK2:00 pm ET
centrotherm photovoltaics AGCTNK.FBefore Market Open
Century Casinos IncCNTYTime Not Supplied
Checkpoint Systems IncCKPAfter Market CloseListen
China Auto Logistics IncCALITime Not Supplied
China Construction Bank Corp601939.SSTime Not Supplied
China Housing & Land Development IncCHLNTime Not Supplied
China Natural Resources IncCHNRAfter Market Close
China Pacific Insurance Group Co Ltd601601.SSTime Not Supplied
China ZhengTong Auto Services Holdings Ltd1728.HKTime Not Supplied
Claude Resources IncCRJ.TOBefore Market Open
Coheris SACOH.PAAfter Market Close
Communication Intelligence CorpCICITime Not Supplied
COSCO Shipping Co Ltd600428.SSTime Not Supplied
CUI Global IncCUIAfter Market Close
Delek Group LtdDLEKG.TATime Not Supplied
Delfingen Industry SAALDEL.PABefore Market Open
Deltathree IncDDDCBefore Market Open
Dialogic IncDLGCAfter Market Close
Duluth Metals LtdDM.TOTime Not Supplied
E Ink Holdings Inc8069.TWOTime Not Supplied
Eagle Bulk Shipping IncEGLEAfter Market Close
Entree Gold IncETG.TOAfter Market Close
EuKedos SpAEUK.MITime Not Supplied
euromicron communication & control technology AGEUCA.DEBefore Market Open
Evergrande Real Estate Group Ltd3333.HKTime Not Supplied
Far Eastern Department Stores Ltd2903.TWTime Not Supplied
Far Eastern New Century Corp1402.TWTime Not Supplied
Farglory Land Development Co Ltd5522.TWTime Not Supplied
First Nickel IncFNI.TOTime Not Supplied
Flexible Solutions International IncFSIAfter Market Close
Folli Follie SAFFGRP.ATTime Not Supplied
Forthnet SAFORTH.ATTime Not Supplied
Gas Natural IncEGASAfter Market Close
GenCorp IncGYBefore Market Open
Genoway SAALGEN.PATime Not Supplied
GeoMet IncGMETTime Not Supplied
GeoPark LtdGPRKAfter Market Close
GeoPetro Resources CoGEORTime Not Supplied
GFT Technologies AGGFT.DETime Not Supplied
Global Partners LPGLPBefore Market OpenListen
Grammer AGGMM.DETime Not Supplied
Gran Colombia Gold CorpGCM.TOAfter Market Close
H&R AG2HR.DETime Not Supplied
HC2 Holdings IncHCHCAfter Market Close
Hidili Industry International Development Ltd1393.HKTime Not Supplied
Hillgrove Resources LtdHGO.AXTime Not Supplied
Hooper Holmes IncHHTime Not Supplied
Hubwoo SAHBW.PAAfter Market Close
Imperial Metals CorpIII.TOAfter Market Close
InterCure LtdINCR.TATime Not Supplied
InterOil CorpIOCBefore Market Open
Ithaca Energy IncIAE.TOBefore Market Open
James Halstead PLCJHD.LBefore Market Open
JGWPT Holdings IncJGWAfter Market Close
Joyou AGJY8.DEBefore Market Open
Kingstone Companies IncKINSAfter Market Close
Lamda Development SALAMDA.ATTime Not Supplied
Laramide Resources LtdLAM.TOTime Not Supplied
Lattice IncLTTCTime Not Supplied
LGI Homes IncLGIHBefore Market Open
Lifeway Foods IncLWAYAfter Market Close
Lupatech SALUPA3.SABefore Market Open
M J Maillis Industrial Packaging Systems and Technologies SAMAIK.ATTime Not Supplied
MagIndustries CorpMAA.TOTime Not Supplied
Marfin Investment Group Holdings SAMIG.ATTime Not Supplied
Martinrea International IncMRE.TOBefore Market Open
Medicrea International SAALMED.PAAfter Market Close
Mercator Minerals LtdML.TOAfter Market Close
Merriman Holdings IncMERRDAfter Market Close
MFC Industrial LtdMILBefore Market Open
Minera Irl LtdMIRL.LAfter Market Close
Mitel Networks CorpMNW.TOAfter Market Close
MMRGlobal IncMMRFTime Not Supplied
MOD Resources LtdMOD.AXTime Not Supplied
Naturex SANRX.PAAfter Market Close
New Concept Energy IncGBRTime Not Supplied
Newtek Business Services IncNEWTTime Not Supplied
NTT Com Security AGAAGN.DETime Not Supplied
Ocean Bio-Chem IncOBCIBefore Market Open
Ocean Wilsons Holdings LtdOCN.LBefore Market Open
Oleo e Gas Participacoes SAOGXP3.SAAfter Market Close
Optibase LtdOBASTime Not Supplied
Orbis AGOBS.DETime Not Supplied
Orckit Communications LtdORCT.TATime Not Supplied
Oriental Union Chemical Corp1710.TWTime Not Supplied
Pharmagest Interactive SAPHA.PATime Not Supplied
Phoenix Companies IncPNXTime Not Supplied
Phoenix Solar AGPS4.DEBefore Market Open
Pne Wind AGPNE3.DETime Not Supplied
Polymetal International PLCPOLY.LTime Not Supplied
Premier Gold Mines LtdPG.TOTime Not Supplied
Pyramid Oil CoPDOBefore Market Open
QSC AGQSC.DETime Not Supplied
Quindell PLCQPP.LBefore Market Open
Ram Power CorpRPG.TOAfter Market Close
Real Goods Solar IncRGSETime Not Supplied
RIB Software AGRSTA.DETime Not Supplied
RMG Networks Holding CorpRMGNBefore Market OpenListen
Rosetta Genomics LtdROSGAfter Market CloseListen
RSP Permian IncRSPPBefore Market Open
Saker Aviation Services IncSKASTime Not Supplied
Scailex Corporation LtdSCIX.TATime Not Supplied
Schweizer Electronic AGSCE.DETime Not Supplied
Scientific Learning CorpSCILTime Not Supplied
Security National Financial CorpSNFCA2:14 pm ET
Seven Principles AGT3T.DETime Not Supplied
Shoreline Energy CorpSEQ.TOTime Not Supplied
SHS Viveon AGSHWK.FTime Not Supplied
Siebert Financial CorpSIEBTime Not Supplied
Singulus Technologies AGSNG.DEBefore Market Open
SkyePharma PLCSKP.LBefore Market Open
Skystar Bio-Pharmaceutical CoSKBIBefore Market Open
Solar Fabrik fuer Produktion und Vertrieb von Solartechnischen Produkten AGSFX.DETime Not Supplied
SPAR Group IncSGRPTime Not Supplied
Spine Pain Management IncSPINTime Not Supplied
Spire CorpSPIRAfter Market Close
Strategic Oil and Gas LtdSOG.VTime Not Supplied
Stratus Properties IncSTRSBefore Market Open
Sygnis AGLIO1.FTime Not Supplied
Synnex Technology International Corp2347.TWTime Not Supplied
Taishin Financial Holding Co Ltd2887.TWTime Not Supplied
Taiwan Cement Corp1101.TWAfter Market Close
Targa Resources Partners LPNGLSAfter Market Close
Teg Group PLCTEG.LBefore Market Open
Terra Energy CorpTT.TOTime Not Supplied
Tethys Petroleum LtdTPL.TOAfter Market Close
THT Heat Transfer Technology IncTHTITime Not Supplied
Toumaz LtdTMZ.LBefore Market Open
Transcontinental Realty Investors IncTCITime Not Supplied
Tri-Tech Holding IncTTW.MUTime Not Supplied
Tribute Pharmaceuticals Canada IncTRX.VBefore Market Open
Ultra Equity Investments LtdULTR.TATime Not Supplied
ULURU IncULURTime Not Supplied
Uni-President Enterprises Corp1216.TWTime Not Supplied
UniTek Global Services IncUNTKAfter Market Close
USEC IncUSUTime Not Supplied
UTi Worldwide IncUTIWBefore Market OpenListen
VBH Holding AGVBH.DETime Not Supplied
Verde Potash PLCNPK.TOTime Not Supplied
Verint Systems IncVRNTAfter Market CloseListen
Village Farms International IncVFF.TOTime Not Supplied
Wacker Neuson SEWAC.DEBefore Market Open
Waldron Energy CorpWDN.TOAfter Market Close
Washtec AGWSU.DETime Not Supplied
WidePoint CorpWYYTime Not Supplied
Wireless Telecom Group IncWTTTime Not Supplied
Wuestenrot & Wuerttembergische AGWUW.DETime Not Supplied
Xinergy LtdXRG.TOAfter Market Close
YouGov PLCYOU.LBefore Market Open
Young Fast Optoelectronics Co Ltd3622.TWTime Not Supplied
ZaZa Energy CorpZAZAAfter Market CloseListen
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