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US Earnings Calendar for March 27, 2014
As of 25-July-14

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Earnings Announcements for Thursday, March 27
Aareal Bank AGARL.DETime Not Supplied
Accenture PLCACNBefore Market OpenListen
Acer Incorporated2353.TWAfter Market Close
Advantage Oil and Gas LtdAAV.TOAfter Market Close
Afren PLCAFR.LBefore Market Open
Africa Oil CorpAOI.TOBefore Market Open
Aliansce Shopping Centers SAALSC3.SAAfter Market Close
Alon Blue Square Israel LtdBSI.TATime Not Supplied
Alterra Power CorpAXY.TOAfter Market Close
Arnoldo Mondadori Editore SpAMN.MITime Not Supplied
Avenir Finance SAAVF.PAAfter Market Close
Banca Carige SpA Cassa di Risparmio di Genova e ImperiaCRG.MITime Not Supplied
Banca Profilo SpAPRO.MITime Not Supplied
Basler AGBSL.DETime Not Supplied
Baywa AGBYW6.DETime Not Supplied
Beadell Resources LtdBDR.AXTime Not Supplied
Beijing Capital Development Co Ltd600376.SSAfter Market Close
Belo Sun Mining CorpBSX.TOAfter Market Close
BH Macro LtdBHMG.LAfter Market Close
Biome Technologies PLCBIOM.LBefore Market Open
Brickworks LtdBKW.AXTime Not Supplied
BrightPath Early Learning IncBPE.VAfter Market Close
Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd1114.HKTime Not Supplied
Buzzi Unicem SpABZU.MITime Not Supplied
Canterbury Park Holding CorpCPHCAfter Market Close
Cardiome Pharma CorpCOM.TOBefore Market Open
Career Technology MFG Co Ltd6153.TWTime Not Supplied
Centrais Eletricas Brasileiras SA - EletrobrasELET6.SATime Not Supplied
Centrotec Sustainable AGCEV.DETime Not Supplied
China BlueChemical Ltd3983.HKTime Not Supplied
China Citic Bank Corp Ltd601998.SSTime Not Supplied
China COSCO Holdings Co Ltd601919.SSAfter Market Close
China Zhongwang Holdings Ltd1333.HKTime Not Supplied
Chong Hong Construction Co Ltd5534.TWTime Not Supplied
Churchill China PLCCHH.LTime Not Supplied
CITIC Securities Co Ltd600030.SSAfter Market Close
Coast Distribution System IncCRVBefore Market Open
Commercial Metals CoCMCBefore Market Open
Compal Electronics Inc2324.TWTime Not Supplied
Compugroup Medical AGCOP.DETime Not Supplied
Conn's IncCONNBefore Market Open
Constantin Medien AGEV4.DETime Not Supplied
CPFL Energia SACPFE3.SAAfter Market Close
Curanum AGBHS.DETime Not Supplied
Dicerna Pharmaceuticals IncDRNATime Not Supplied
Direct Energie SAALDIR.PAAfter Market CloseListen
Echo Therapeutics IncECTEBefore Market Open
Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG SAEZBG.BR02:45 am ET
Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen und Medizintechnik AGEUZ.F02:45 am ET
Electronics Line 3000 LtdELN.DETime Not Supplied
EMED Mining Public LtdEMED.LBefore Market Open
Eneva SAENEV3.SAAfter Market Close
Etablissements Maurel et Prom SAMAU.PABefore Market OpenListen
Eternal Materials Co Ltd1717.TWAfter Market Close
Euronav NVEURN.BRTime Not Supplied
Exalenz Bioscience LtdEXEN.TATime Not Supplied
First Sensor AGSIS.DETime Not Supplied
First Tractor Co Ltd601038.SSTime Not Supplied
Foris Beteiligungs AGFRS.FTime Not Supplied
Formosa Taffeta Co Ltd1434.TWAfter Market Close
Foundation Healthcare IncFDNHTime Not SuppliedListen
Foxconn Technology Co Ltd2354.TWTime Not Supplied
Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services WorldwideFRA.DETime Not Supplied
Fred's IncFREDBefore Market Open
Frigoglass SAFRIGO.ATTime Not Supplied
GameStop CorpGMEBefore Market OpenListen
Glacier Media IncGVC.TOBefore Market Open
Guangshen Railway Co Ltd601333.SSAfter Market Close
Guangzhou Automobile Group Co Ltd601238.SSBefore Market Open
Guillemot Corporation SAGUI.PAAfter Market Close
Gulf Keystone Petroleum LtdGKP.LBefore Market Open
HAL TrustHAL.ASTime Not Supplied
Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AGHHFA.DETime Not Supplied
Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna Tbk PTHMSP.JKAfter Market Close
Henry Boot PLCBHY.LBefore Market Open
Heska CorpHSKABefore Market Open
Hilton Food Group PLCHFG.LBefore Market Open
Hoeft & Wessel AGHWSA.DETime Not Supplied
Homag Group AGHG1.DETime Not Supplied
IBI Group IncIBG.TOAfter Market Close
IGE+XAO SAIGE.PAAfter Market Close
Indika Energy Tbk PTINDY.JKTime Not Supplied
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd601398.SSAfter Market Close
Init Innovation in Traffic Systems AGIXX.DETime Not Supplied
InSite Vision IncINSVTime Not SuppliedListen
International Public Partnerships LtdINPP.LBefore Market Open
Interphase CorpINPHAfter Market Close
Intesa Sanpaolo SpAISP.MITime Not Supplied
IRC Ltd1029.HKTime Not Supplied
Iren SpAIRE.MITime Not SuppliedListen
Israel Corporation LtdILCO.TATime Not Supplied
Jiangsu Yueda Investment Co Ltd600805.SSTime Not Supplied
JKX Oil & Gas PLCJKX.LBefore Market Open
Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co Ltd600518.SSTime Not Supplied
Kardan NVKARD.ASTime Not Supplied
Korian Medica SAKORI.PABefore Market Open
KSB AGKSB.DETime Not Supplied
Lanson BCC SALAN.PAAfter Market Close
Laura Ashley Holdings PLCALY.LTime Not Supplied
LEG Immobilien AGLEG.DE02:00 am ET
Leidos Holdings IncLDOSBefore Market OpenListen
Leifheit AGLEI.DETime Not Supplied
Lite-On Technology Corp2301.TWTime Not Supplied
Lotto24 AGLO24.DETime Not Supplied
Lululemon Athletica IncLULUBefore Market Open
Magal Security Systems LtdMAGSTime Not Supplied
Medigene AGMDG1.DETime Not SuppliedListen
Medigus LtdMDGS.TATime Not Supplied
Merida Industry Co Ltd9914.TWTime Not Supplied
Metabolix IncMBLXAfter Market Close
Myhammer Holding AGMYRK.DETime Not Supplied
NARI Technology Development Co Ltd600406.SSTime Not Supplied
Neovacs SAALNEV.PABefore Market Open
New Source Energy Partners LPNSLPBefore Market Open
Norma Group SENOEJ.DETime Not Supplied
NTN Buzztime IncNTNAfter Market CloseListen
NV5 Holdings IncNVEETime Not SuppliedListen
On Track Innovations LtdOTIVTime Not SuppliedListen
Orco Property Group SAORC.PAAfter Market Close
Orthofix International NVOFIXBefore Market Open
Oxford Industries IncOXMAfter Market Close
Patrizia Immobilien AGP1Z.DETime Not Supplied
Paul Hartmann AGPHH2.FTime Not Supplied
Pirelli & C SpAPC.MITime Not SuppliedListen
Plexus Holdings PLCPOS.LBefore Market Open
Profarma Distribuidora de Produtos Farmaceuticos SAPFRM3.SAAfter Market Close
Professional Diversity Network IncIPDNAfter Market CloseListen
Progress Software CorpPRGSAfter Market Close
Public Power Corporation SAPPC.ATBefore Market Open
PVA Tepla AGTPE.DETime Not Supplied
Radiall SARLL.PA12:45 pm ET
Ramayana Lestari Sentosa Tbk PTRALS.JKAfter Market Close
Re/Max Holdings IncRMAXAfter Market Close
Recylex SARX.PAAfter Market Close
Red Hat IncRHTAfter Market CloseListen
Renhe Commercial Holdings Co Ltd1387.HKTime Not Supplied
Restoration Hardware Holdings IncRHAfter Market CloseListen
Revett Minerals Inc.RVM.TOBefore Market Open
RHJ International SARHJI.BRBefore Market Open
Rossi Residencial SARSID3.SAAfter Market Close
SAIC Motor Corp Ltd600104.SSTime Not Supplied
Sampoerna Agro Tbk PTSGRO.JKTime Not Supplied
SFX Entertainment IncSFXEBefore Market Open
Shanxi Lanhua Sci-Tech Venture Co Ltd600123.SSTime Not Supplied
Sichuan Expressway Co Ltd601107.SSAfter Market Close
Sigma Pharmaceuticals LtdSIP.AXTime Not Supplied
Signet Jewelers LtdSIGTime Not SuppliedListen
Sinar Mas Agro Resources and Technology Tbk PTSMAR.JKTime Not Supplied
Sinotruk Hong Kong Ltd3808.HKTime Not Supplied
Skako A/SSKAKO.COTime Not Supplied
SMA Solar Technology AGS92.DETime Not Supplied
Sofina SASOF.BRAfter Market Close
SolarWorld AGSWVK.DETime Not Supplied
Sprott IncSII.TO07:00 am ET
Sqli SASQI.PAAfter Market Close
Stada Arzneimittel AGSAZ.DETime Not SuppliedListen
Stock Spirits Group PLCSTCK.LTime Not SuppliedListen
Superconductor Technologies IncSCONBefore Market OpenListen
Taiwan FamilyMart Co Ltd5903.TWOTime Not Supplied
Tefron LtdTFRLF.TATime Not Supplied
The United Laboratories International Holdings Ltd3933.HKTime Not Supplied
Topotarget A/STOPO.COTime Not SuppliedListen
Touax SCATOUP.PAAfter Market Close
Unilever Indonesia Tbk PTUNVR.JKAfter Market Close
United Internet AGUTDI.DETime Not Supplied
USU Software AGOSP2.FTime Not Supplied
Velocys PLCVLS.LBefore Market Open
Vince Holding CorpVNCEBefore Market Open
Vinda International Holdings Ltd3331.HKTime Not Supplied
Vita 34 AGV3V.DETime Not Supplied
Vossloh AGVOS.DETime Not Supplied
Vranken Pommery Monopole SAVRAP.PAAfter Market Close
Washington H Soul Pattinson and Company LtdSOL.AXTime Not Supplied
Wendel SAMF.PABefore Market OpenListen
Willamette Valley Vineyards IncWVVIAfter Market Close
Winnebago Industries IncWGOBefore Market Open
Worthington Industries IncWORBefore Market OpenListen
Xcite Energy LtdXEL.LBefore Market Open
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