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US Earnings Calendar for May 14, 2013
As of 11-Sep-13

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Earnings Announcements for Tuesday, May 14
4 SC AGVSC.FTime Not Supplied
Acegas Aps SpAHE9.MUTime Not Supplied
ACS Actividades de Construccion y Servicios SAACS.MCTime Not Supplied
Actherm Inc1799.TWOAfter Market Close
ADDvantage Technologies Group IncAEYBefore Market Open
ADDvise Lab Solutions publ ABADDV.STTime Not Supplied
Advantech Co Ltd2395.TWBefore Market Open
Aedes SpA Ligure Lombarda per Imprese e CostruzioniAE.MITime Not Supplied
AeroCentury CorpACYBefore Market Open
Aeroporto di Firenze SpAAFI.MITime Not Supplied
Agfa-Gevaert NVAGFB.BR01:45 am ET
Agilent Technologies IncAAfter Market CloseListen
aleo solar AGAS1.DETime Not Supplied
Alerion Clean Power SpAARN.MITime Not Supplied
Ambienthesis SpAATH.MITime Not Supplied
American Bio Medica CorpABMCAfter Market Close
American Power Group CorpAPGITime Not Supplied
American Shared Hospital ServicesAMSBefore Market Open
AND International Publishers NVAND.ASTime Not Supplied
Anderson Energy LtdAXL.TOBefore Market Open
Apex Biotechnology Corp1733.TWTime Not Supplied
Argonaut Gold IncAR.TOBefore Market Open
Armtec Infrastructure IncARF.TOTime Not Supplied
Arnoldo Mondadori Editore SpAMN.MITime Not Supplied
Artek Exploration LtdRTK.TOAfter Market Close
AS Roma SpAASR.MITime Not Supplied
Ascopiave SpAASC.MITime Not Supplied
Asia Bio-Chem Group CorpABC.TOTime Not Supplied
Asia Optical Co Inc3019.TWAfter Market Close
Asian Bamboo AG5AB.DETime Not Supplied
Astaldi SpAAST.MITime Not Supplied
Athersys IncATHXAfter Market Close
Aurora Oil & Gas LtdAUT.AXBefore Market Open
Aurubis AGNDA.DETime Not Supplied
Autogrill SpAAGL.MITime Not Supplied
Avanquest Software SAAVQ.PAAfter Market Close
Axesstel IncAXSTBefore Market Open
Axia NetMedia CorpAXX.TOBefore Market Open
Babcock International Group PLCBAB.LBefore Market Open
Banca Intermobiliare di Investimenti e Gestioni SpABIM.MITime Not Supplied
Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena SpABMPS.MITime Not SuppliedListen
Banca Piccolo Credito Valtellinese ScCVAL.MITime Not Supplied
Banca Popolare di Milano ScarlPMI.MITime Not Supplied
Banca Popolare di Sondrio ScpABPSO.MITime Not Supplied
Banco Popolare ScBP.MITime Not Supplied
Baron de Ley SABDL.MCTime Not Supplied
Bechtle AGBC8.DETime Not Supplied
Beijing Beida Jade Bird Universal Sci-Tech Co Ltd8095.HKTime Not Supplied
BENEV Capital IncBEV.TOTime Not Supplied
Besra Gold IncBEZ.TOTime Not Supplied
Bialetti Industrie SpABIA.MITime Not Supplied
Bilfinger SEGBF.DE01:30 am ET
BioFuel Energy CorpBIOFAfter Market Close
BioLife Solutions IncBLFSBefore Market Open
Biosino Bio Technology And Science Incorporation8247.HKTime Not Supplied
Bioteq Environmental Technologies IncBQE.TOTime Not Supplied
BNK Petroleum IncBKX.TOAfter Market Close
Boero Bartolomeo SpABOE.MITime Not Supplied
Bouygues SAEN.PA11:45 am ET
Braemar Shipping Services PLCBMS.LTime Not Supplied
Brasil Pharma SABPHA3.SAAfter Market Close
Bri-Chem CorpBRY.TOTime Not Supplied
Brigus Gold CorpBRD.TOTime Not Supplied
British Land Company PLC TheBLND.L02:00 am ETListen
Bukwang Pharm Co Ltd
Cache IncCACHBefore Market Open
Cad It SpACAD.MITime Not Supplied
Cairo Communication SpACAI.MITime Not Supplied
Caltagirone SpACALT.MITime Not Supplied
CAMAC Energy IncCAKBefore Market Open
Camfin SpACMF.MITime Not Supplied
Campofrio Food Group SACFG.MC03:00 am ET
Canterbury Park Holding CorpCPHCAfter Market Close
Capro Corp
Capstone Companies IncCAPCAfter Market Close
Carl Zeiss Meditec AGAFX.DETime Not Supplied
CCR SACCRO3.SAAfter Market Close
Celesio AGCLS1.DETime Not Supplied
Cenit AGCSH.DETime Not Supplied
Centrale del Latte di Torino & C SpACLT.MITime Not Supplied
Centrotec Sustainable AGCEV.DETime Not Supplied
Chemometec A/SCHEMM.COTime Not Supplied
China Automotive Systems IncCAASBefore Market Open
China Ceramics Co LtdCCCLBefore Market Open
China Digital Culture Group Ltd8175.HKTime Not Supplied
China Fortune Investments (Holding) Ltd8116.HKTime Not Supplied
China XD Plastics Company LtdCXDCBefore Market OpenListen
Chinook Energy IncCKE.TOAfter Market Close
Ciccolella SpACC.MITime Not Supplied
Clarke IncCKI.TOAfter Market Close
Cobra Automotive Technologies SpACOB.MITime Not Supplied
Codere SACDR.MCBefore Market Open
Comfortdelgro Corporation LtdC52.SIAfter Market Close
Companhia de Saneamento do Parana SaneparSAPR4.SATime Not Supplied
Compeq Manufacturing Co Ltd2313.TWAfter Market Close
Comstock Holding Companies IncCHCITime Not Supplied
Conafi Prestito SpACNP.MITime Not Supplied
Conergy AGCGYK.DETime Not Supplied
Connacher Oil and Gas LtdCLL.TOAfter Market Close
Continental Gold LtdCNL.TOAfter Market Close
Copper Mountain Mining CorpCUM.TOAfter Market Close
Corgenix Medical CorpCONXBefore Market Open
Corporacion Financiera Alba SAALB.MCTime Not Supplied
Country Style Cooking Restaurant Chain Co LtdCCSCAfter Market CloseListen
Cover-All Technologies IncCOVRAfter Market Close
Credito Emiliano SpACE.MITime Not Supplied
Crumbs Bake Shop IncCRMBAfter Market Close
CSE Global Ltd544.SIAfter Market Close
CSP International Fashion Group SpACSP.MITime Not Supplied
CVTech Group IncCVT.TOBefore Market Open
Daehan New Pharm Co Ltd054670.KQTime Not Supplied
Daesung Microbiological Labs Co Ltd036480.KQTime Not Supplied
Daily Journal CorpDJCOTime Not Supplied
Danieli & C Officine Meccaniche SpADAN.MITime Not Supplied
DCC PLCDCC.LTime Not SuppliedListen
Deans Knight Income CorpDNC.TOAfter Market Close
DeeThree Exploration LtdDTX.TOBefore Market Open
Deufol AGDE1.FTime Not Supplied
Deutsche Post AGDPW.DE01:00 am ET
Deutsche Wohnen AGDWNI.DETime Not Supplied
DGSE Companies IncDGSEAfter Market Close
DHX Media LtdDHX.TOTime Not Supplied
DIC Asset AGDIC.DETime Not Supplied
Digital Bros SpADIB.MITime Not Supplied
Digital Cinema Destinations CorpDCINAfter Market Close
Digital Graphics Incorp043360.KQTime Not Supplied
Doro ABDORO.ST01:30 am ET
Dr.Reddy's Laboratories LtdDRREDDY.NSTime Not Supplied
Dynatronics CorpDYNTBefore Market Open
E-Therapeutics PLCETX.LBefore Market Open
Eagle Materials IncEXPAfter Market Close
EEMS Italia SpAEEMS.MITime Not Supplied
Electromed IncELMDAfter Market Close
Electrovaya IncEFL.TOAfter Market Close
Emak SpAEM.MITime Not Supplied
Encision IncECIABefore Market Open
Endeavour Mining CorpEDV.TOAfter Market Close
Enercare IncECI.TOBefore Market Open
Enervit SpAENV.MITime Not Supplied
ENGlobal CorpENGAfter Market Close
Enterprise Inns PLCETI.LBefore Market Open
Envoy Capital Group IncMSLITime Not Supplied
Equity Financial Holdings IncEQI.TOAfter Market Close
Ercros SAECR.MCTime Not Supplied
ERG SpAERG.MI02:00 am ET
Esprinet SpAPRT.MITime Not Supplied
Etrion SAETX.TOTime Not Supplied
European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company EADS NVEAD.PA01:00 am ET
Evotec AGEVT.DETime Not Supplied
Exchange Income CorpEIF.TOTime Not Supplied
Exone CoXONEAfter Market Close
Farglory Land Development Co Ltd5522.TWAfter Market Close
Fiera Capital CorpFSZ.TOTime Not Supplied
Fine Semitech Corp036810.KQTime Not Supplied
Finmeccanica SpAFNC.MIAfter Market Close
First National Community Bancorp IncFNCBTime Not Supplied
First Resources LtdEB5.SITime Not Supplied
Formosa Taffeta Co Ltd1434.TWTime Not Supplied
Foxconn Technology Co Ltd2354.TWAfter Market Close
FP Newspapers IncFP.TOTime Not Supplied
Freegold Ventures LtdFVL.TOAfter Market Close
Funespana SAFUN.MCTime Not Supplied
Gabetti Property Solutions SpAGAB.MITime Not Supplied
Gamehost IncGH.TOTime Not Supplied
Gelsenwasser AGWWG.FTime Not Supplied
General de Alquiler de Maquinaria SAGALQ.MCTime Not Supplied
General Finance CorpGFNBefore Market Open
Generali Deutschland Holding AGGE1.DETime Not Supplied
Gentium SpAGENT07:00 am ET
Glacier Media IncGVC.TOAfter Market Close
Gladstone Investment CorpGAINAfter Market Close
Global Sources LtdGSOLBefore Market Open
GlobalSCAPE IncGSBAfter Market Close
Goldgroup Mining IncGGA.TOTime Not Supplied
Gran Colombia Gold CorpGCM.TOAfter Market Close
Green Cross Holdings
Grieg Seafood ASAGSF.OLTime Not Supplied
Groupe Flo SAFLO.PAAfter Market Close
Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti SpARIC.MITime Not Supplied
Gruppo MutuiOnline SpAMOL.MITime Not Supplied
GSE Systems IncGVPAfter Market Close
GVIC Communications CorpGCT.TOAfter Market Close
H&R AG2HR.DETime Not Supplied
H2O Innovation IncHEO.VBefore Market Open
Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AGHHFA.DETime Not Supplied
HanKore Environment Tech Group LtdB22.SIAfter Market Close
Hanwha Corp
Hauppauge Digital IncHAUPTime Not Supplied
Haw Par Corporation LtdH02.SITime Not Supplied
Henderson European Focus Trust PLCHEFT.LTime Not Supplied
Heng Xin China Holdings Ltd8046.HKTime Not Supplied
Heska CorpHSKATime Not Supplied
Hi Crush Partners LPHCLPBefore Market OpenListen
High Arctic Energy Services IncHWO.TOAfter Market Close
Hollywood Media CorpHOLLAfter Market Close
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd2317.TWAfter Market Close
Hotai Motor Co Ltd2207.TWAfter Market Close
Hotel Properties LtdH15.SIAfter Market Close
HRT Participacoes em Petroleo SAHRTP3.SAAfter Market Close
HT Media LtdHTMEDIA.NSTime Not Supplied
HTL International Holdings LtdH64.SITime Not Supplied
Huntingdon Real Estate Investment TrustHNT.TOAfter Market Close
Hwail Pharm Co Ltd061250.KQTime Not Supplied
Hyundai Hysco Co Ltd
ICAP PLCIAP.LBefore Market Open
Iljin Display Co Ltd
Immsi SpAIMS.MITime Not Supplied
Imperial Holdings IncIFTTime Not Supplied
InfoSonics CorpIFONBefore Market Open
Innergex Renewable Energy IncINE.TOTime Not Supplied
Intek Group SpAIKG.MITime Not Supplied
Intelgenx Technologies CorpIGX.VBefore Market Open
Interleukin Genetics IncILIUAfter Market Close
International Stem Cell CorpISCOTime Not Supplied
Interpump Group SpAIP.MITime Not Supplied
Intesa Sanpaolo SpAISP.MITime Not SuppliedListen
INV Metals IncINV.TOAfter Market Close
InXL Innovation ABINXL.STTime Not Supplied
Inypsa Informes y Proyectos SAINY.MCTime Not Supplied
IRCE SpAIRC.MITime Not Supplied
Iren SpAIRE.MITime Not SuppliedListen
Ironclad Performance Wear CorpICPWAfter Market Close
Isagro SpAISG.MI09:00 am ET
Isetan (Singapore) LtdI15.SIAfter Market Close
Italmobiliare SpAITM.MITime Not Supplied
Itway SpAITW.MITime Not Supplied
Jaya Holdings LtdJ10.SIAfter Market Close
JBS SAJBSS3.SAAfter Market Close
JHSF Participacoes SAJHSF3.SAAfter Market Close
Jipangu IncPMK.BETime Not Supplied
K&S AGSDF.DE01:00 am ETListen
KaloBios Pharmaceuticals IncKBIOAfter Market Close
Kandi Technologies Group IncKNDITime Not Supplied
Kirkland Lake Gold IncKGI.TOBefore Market Open
KMW Co Ltd032500.KQTime Not Supplied
Koenig & Bauer AGSKB.DETime Not Supplied
Korea Gas Corp
Kroton Educacional SAKROT3.SABefore Market Open
Kwangdong Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Lake Shore Gold CorpLSG.TOAfter Market Close
Leifheit AGLEI.DETime Not Supplied
Leon's Furniture LtdLNF.TOTime Not Supplied
Leoni AGLEO.DETime Not SuppliedListen
Loen Entertainment Inc016170.KQTime Not Supplied
Lotte Confectionery Co Ltd
Ma Kuang Healthcare Holding Ltd4139.TWOAfter Market Close
Mandalay Resources CorpMND.TOAfter Market Close
Marfrig Alimentos SAMRFG3.SABefore Market Open
MCAN Mortgage CorpMKP.TOAfter Market Close
Mediaset SpAMS.MITime Not SuppliedListen
Medigene AGMDG1.DETime Not SuppliedListen
Mega Uranium LtdMGA.TOTime Not Supplied
Merck KGaAMRK.DE01:00 am ETListen
Midas Holdings Ltd5EN.SITime Not Supplied
Mondo TV SpAMTV.MITime Not Supplied
Monrif SpAMON.MITime Not Supplied
Montebalito SAMTB.MCTime Not Supplied
Mosel Vitelic Inc2342.TWAfter Market Close
Nan Ya Plastics Corp1303.TWAfter Market Close
National Arts Entertainment and Culture Group Ltd8228.HKTime Not Supplied
Natural Alternatives International IncNAIIAfter Market Close
NCI Building Systems IncNCSTime Not Supplied
NeowizGames Corp095660.KQTime Not Supplied
Neptune Orient Lines LtdN03.SIAfter Market Close
Netlist IncNLST4:00 pm ET
New Concept Energy IncGBRTime Not Supplied
New Millennium Iron CorpNML.TOBefore Market Open
Noble Group LtdN21.SIAfter Market CloseListen
Nordjyske Bank A/SNORDJB.COTime Not Supplied
Northeast Tiger Pharmaceutical Co Ltd8197.HKTime Not Supplied
NTS IncNTSTime Not Supplied
Nupathe IncPATHBefore Market Open
Opexa Therapeutics IncOPXABefore Market Open
Optrontec Inc082210.KQTime Not Supplied
Orbit Garant Drilling IncOGD.TOAfter Market Close
Origen Financial IncORGNAfter Market Close
Orvana Minerals CorpORV.TOTime Not Supplied
Pacific Mercantile BancorpPMBCAfter Market Close
Palatin Technologies IncPTNBefore Market OpenListen
Pan American Silver CorpPAA.TOBefore Market Open
Pandora A/SPNDORA.COTime Not Supplied
Parex Resources IncPXT.TOAfter Market Close
Patient Safety Technologies IncPSTXBefore Market Open
Paulson Capital CorpPLCCAfter Market Close
People's Food Holdings LtdP05.SIAfter Market Close
Peregrine Diamonds LtdPGD.TOTime Not Supplied
Phoenix New Media LtdFENGAfter Market CloseListen
Photronics IncPLABAfter Market Close
Pilot Gold IncPLG.TOTime Not Supplied
Pinetree Capital LtdPNP.TOTime Not Supplied
Planet Payment IncPLPMTime Not Supplied
Plug Power IncPLUGBefore Market Open
PNI Digital Media IncPN.TOAfter Market Close
Poligrafici Editoriale SpAPOL.MITime Not Supplied
Poltrona Frau SpAPFG.MITime Not Supplied
Porsche Automobil Holding SEPAH3.DETime Not Supplied
Poseidon Concepts CorpPOOSFTime Not Supplied
Power Financial CorpPWF.TOTime Not Supplied
Premuda SpAPR.MITime Not Supplied
President Chain Store Corp2912.TWAfter Market Close
Prim SAPRM.MCTime Not Supplied
Prima Industrie SpAPRI.MITime Not Supplied
Primo Water CorpPRMWAfter Market Close
Profarma Distribuidora de Produtos Farmaceuticos SAPFRM3.SAAfter Market Close
Prosafe SEPRS.OL07:00 am ETListen
Puma SEPUM.DETime Not Supplied
Pyramid Oil CoPDOBefore Market Open
Qisda Corp2352.TWAfter Market Close
QKL Stores IncQKLSBefore Market Open
Qualstar CorpQBAKAfter Market CloseListen
Quanta Computer Inc2382.TWTime Not Supplied
Questerre Energy CorpQEC.TOAfter Market Close
RaonSecure Co Ltd042510.KQTime Not Supplied
Reed's IncREEDTime Not Supplied
Regulus Therapeutics IncRGLSAfter Market Close
Reply SpAREY.MITime Not Supplied
Response Genetics IncRGDXBefore Market Open
Restoque Comercio e Confeccoes de Roupas SALLIS3.SAAfter Market Close
Rio Alto Mining LtdRIO.TOAfter Market Close
Rizzoli Corriere della Sera Mediagroup SpARCS.MITime Not Supplied
Rocky Mountain Dealerships IncRME.TOBefore Market Open
Rona IncRON.TOTime Not Supplied
Rossi Residencial SARSID3.SAAfter Market Close
Rossmax International Ltd4121.TWOAfter Market Close
Royal Hawaiian Orchards LPNNUTUTime Not Supplied
S i2i LtdM09.SIAfter Market Close
SAG Solarstrom AGSAG.FTime Not Supplied
Sajan IncSAJA07:00 am ET
Sam-A Pharm Co Ltd009300.KQTime Not Supplied
Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co Ltd
Samyung ENC Co Ltd065570.KQTime Not Supplied
Saraiva SA Livreiros EditoresSLED4.SAAfter Market Close
Save SpASAVE.MITime Not Supplied
Schuler AGSCUN.DETime Not Supplied
SED International Holdings IncSED08:30 am ET
Sedo Holding AGSDO.DETime Not Supplied
Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd046890.KQTime Not Supplied
Servizi Italia SpASRI.MITime Not Supplied
Sewoonmedical Co Ltd100700.KQTime Not Supplied
SGA Co Ltd049470.KQTime Not Supplied
SIA Engineering Co LtdS59.SIAfter Market Close
Silicon Integrated Systems Corp2363.TWAfter Market Close
Sino-Global Shipping America LtdSINOAfter Market Close
SkyPeople Fruit Juice IncSPUTime Not Supplied
Sniace SASNC.MCTime Not Supplied
Solstad Offshore ASASOFF.OLTime Not Supplied
Solvang ASASOLV.OLTime Not Supplied
SPAR Group IncSGRPBefore Market Open
Spine Pain Management IncSPINTime Not Supplied
Stefanel SpASTEF.MITime Not Supplied
Stemline Therapeutics IncSTMLTime Not Supplied
Suheung Capsule Co Ltd
Sunplus Technology Co Ltd2401.TWAfter Market Close
Sunshine Heart IncSSHTime Not Supplied
Swiber Holdings LtdAK3.SIAfter Market Close
SWK Holdings CorpSWKHTime Not Supplied
Sypris Solutions IncSYPRBefore Market OpenListen
Table Trac IncTBTCTime Not Supplied
Taidoc Technology Corp4736.TWOAfter Market Close
Taiwan Business Bank2834.TWAfter Market Close
Taiwan FamilyMart Co Ltd5903.TWOAfter Market Close
Taiwan Fertilizer Co Ltd1722.TWAfter Market Close
Taiwan Glass Ind Corp1802.TWAfter Market Close
Talon International IncTALNAfter Market Close
Taminco CorpTAMBefore Market Open
Tandy Brands Accessories IncTBACAfter Market Close
Taylor Morrison Home CorpTMHCAfter Market CloseListen
Techcomp (Holdings) Ltd1298.HKTime Not Supplied
Technotrans AGTTR1.DETime Not Supplied
Tecnicas Reunidas SATRE.MC03:00 am ETListen
Tekmira Pharmaceuticals CorpTKM.TOTime Not Supplied
Tengasco IncTGCAfter Market Close
Terna Rete Elettrica Nazionale SpATRN.MITime Not Supplied
Terra Energy CorpTT.TOAfter Market Close
TG Therapeutics IncTGTXBefore Market Open
Thai Beverage PCLY92.SIAfter Market Close
The Valspar CorpVALBefore Market OpenListen
ThermoGenesis CorpKOOLAfter Market Close
THT Heat Transfer Technology IncTHTIAfter Market Close
Tianyin Pharmaceutical Inc CoTPIAfter Market Close
Tigenix NVTIG.BRTime Not Supplied
Tipp24 AGTIM.DETime Not Supplied
Tiscali SpATIS.MITime Not Supplied
Titan Cement Company SATITK.ATAfter Market Close
Tod's SpATOD.MITime Not Supplied
Tofutti Brands IncTOFTime Not Supplied
TranSwitch CorpTXCCAfter Market Close IncTREETime Not Supplied
Trevi Finanziaria Industriale SpATFI.MITime Not Supplied
TRI Pointe Homes IncTPHAfter Market Close
Trio-Tech InternationalTRTTime Not Supplied
Trovagene IncTROVTime Not Supplied
TSS IncTSSIAfter Market Close
Tubos Reunidos SATRG.MCTime Not Supplied
Tuckamore Capital Management IncTX.TOAfter Market Close
Twin Butte Energy LtdTBE.TOAfter Market Close
UMS United Medical Systems International AGUMS.FTime Not Supplied
Unico American CorpUNAMTime Not Supplied
Unified Communications Holdings LtdU18.SIAfter Market Close
Unigene Laboratories IncUGNEQTime Not SuppliedListen
Ur-Energy IncURE.TOAfter Market Close
Vard Holdings LtdMS7.SIAfter Market Close
Vecima Networks IncVCM.TOBefore Market Open
Village Farms International IncVFF.TOTime Not Supplied
Vipshop Holdings LtdVIPSAfter Market CloseListen
Vivendi SAVIV.PAAfter Market CloseListen
VOXX International CorpVOXXAfter Market CloseListen
Wacker Neuson SEWAC.DETime Not Supplied
Wallbridge Mining Co LtdWM.TOAfter Market Close
Walsin Lihwa Corp1605.TWAfter Market Close
Wan Hai Lines Ltd2615.TWAfter Market Close
Westaim CorpWED.VAfter Market Close
WhiteHorse Finance IncWHFBefore Market Open
Wintek Corp2384.TWAfter Market Close
World Energy Solutions IncXWESBefore Market Open
Xinergy LtdXRG.TOAfter Market Close
Youlchon Chemical Co Ltd
Yulon Motor Co Ltd2201.TWBefore Market Open
ZAIS Financial CorpZFCBefore Market Open
ZaZa Energy CorpZAZAAfter Market CloseListen
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