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US Earnings Calendar for November 14, 2012
As of 14-Mar-13

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Earnings Announcements for Wednesday, November 14
A-motion Co Ltd031860.KQTime Not Supplied
Abercrombie & Fitch CoANFBefore Market OpenListen
Ablynx NVABLX.BRTime Not Supplied
Aegean Marine Petroleum Network IncANWAfter Market CloseListen
Ag Growth International IncAFN.TOBefore Market Open
Agfa Gevaert NVAGFB.BR01:45 am ET
Alacer Gold CorpASR.TOBefore Market Open
aleo solar AGAS1.DETime Not Supplied
Alerion Clean Power SpAARN.MITime Not Supplied
Algonquin Power & Utilities CorpAQN.TOAfter Market Close
Allied Technologies LtdA13.SIAfter Market Close
Alterra Power CorpAXY.TOAfter Market Close
Altona Energy PLCANR.LBefore Market Open
Alvarion LtdALVR.TABefore Market Open
Amara Mining PLCAMA.LTime Not SuppliedListen
American DG Energy IncADGEBefore Market Open
American Lorain CorpALNAfter Market Close
AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group NVAMG.AS01:00 am ET
Amil Participacoes SAAMIL3.SAAfter Market Close
Amorfix Life Sciences LtdAMF.TOAfter Market Close
Antichi Pellettieri SpAAP.MIAfter Market Close
Antrim Energy IncAEN.TOBefore Market Open
Anwell Technologies LtdG5X.SITime Not Supplied
Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company IncAXNTime Not Supplied
ARC Group World Wide IncARCWAfter Market Close
Arcan Resources LtdARN.VBefore Market Open
Argonaut Gold IncAR.TOBefore Market Open
Argosy Energy IncGSY.TOAfter Market Close
AS Roma SpAASR.MIAfter Market Close
Asia Cement Co Ltd
Asiasons Capital Ltd5ET.SITime Not Supplied
Astea International IncATEAAfter Market Close
Astrotech CorpASTCBefore Market Open
Asure Software IncASURBefore Market Open
Atlatsa Resources CorpATL.VBefore Market Open
Aurora Oil & Gas LtdAUT.AXTime Not Supplied
Authentidate Holding CorpADATAfter Market Close
Avanquest Software SAAVQ.PABefore Market Open
AvenEx Energy CorpAVF.TOAfter Market Close
B2Gold CorpBTO.TOBefore Market Open
Banca Finnat Euramerica SpABFE.MITime Not Supplied
Banca IFIS SpAIF.MITime Not Supplied
Banro CorpBAA.TOAfter Market Close
Baron de Ley SABDL.MCTime Not Supplied
Barun Electronics Co Ltd064520.KQTime Not Supplied
Bauer AGB5A.DETime Not Supplied
Berkshire Bancorp IncBERKAfter Market Close
Bilfinger SEGBF.DE01:30 am ET
Binex Co Ltd053030.KQTime Not Supplied
Bingo Group Holdings Ltd8220.HKTime Not Supplied
Bioline RX LtdBLRX.TABefore Market Open
Biosino Bio Technology And Science Incorporation8247.HKTime Not Supplied
Birchcliff Energy LtdBIR.TOAfter Market Close
Blinkx PLCBLNX.LTime Not SuppliedListen
Bong ABBONG.ST08:00 am ET
Boryung Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Bouygues SAEN.PA11:45 am ET
Bovie Medical CorpBVXTime Not Supplied
Bradespar SABRAP4.SATime Not Supplied
Brasil Insurance Participacoes e Administracao SABRIN3.SAAfter Market Close
Brasilagro Companhia Brasileira de Propriedades AgricolasAGRO3.SAAfter Market Close
Bri-Chem CorpBRY.TOAfter Market Close
Brick LtdBRK.TOAfter Market Close
Broadway Financial CorpBYFCAfter Market Close
Broedrene Hartmann A/SHART.COTime Not Supplied
BSD Medical CorpBSDMTime Not Supplied
Bsquare CorpBSQRAfter Market CloseListen
Bure Equity ABBURE.STTime Not Supplied
Calian Technologies LtdCTY.TOTime Not Supplied
California United BankCUNBBefore Market Open
Camfin SpACMF.MITime Not Supplied
Canada Lithium CorpCLQ.TOTime Not Supplied
Canlan Ice Sports CorpICE.TOBefore Market Open
Capital Trust IncCTTime Not Supplied
Capro Corp
Cardium Therapeutics IncCXMBefore Market Open
Carphone Warehouse Group PLCCPW.LTime Not SuppliedListen
Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners IncCPRXAfter Market Close
CCR Logistics Systems AGCCR.FTime Not Supplied
CDW Holding LtdD38.SITime Not Supplied
Cedar Strategic Holdings Ltd530.SIAfter Market Close
Celesio AGCLS1.DETime Not Supplied
Cembre SpACMB.MITime Not Supplied
Centamin Egypt LtdCEY.LTime Not Supplied
Centrais Eletricas Brasileiras SAELET6.SAAfter Market Close
Central Federal CorpCFBKTime Not Supplied
Chemometec A/SCHEMM.COTime Not Supplied
China Armco Metals IncCNAMAfter Market Close
China Auto Logistics IncCALITime Not Supplied
China Ceramics Co LtdCCCLTime Not Supplied
China Development Financial Holding Corp2883.TWAfter Market Close
China Fortune Investments (Holding) Ltd8116.HKTime Not Supplied
China Gold International Resources Corp LtdCGG.TOTime Not Supplied
China Housing & Land Development IncCHLNBefore Market Open
China Jo-Jo Drugstores IncCJJDAfter Market Close
China Marine Food Group LtdCMFOAfter Market Close
China Recycling Energy CorpCREGTime Not Supplied
China Shen Zhou Mining & Resources IncSHZBefore Market Open
ChoA Pharmaceutical Co Ltd034940.KQ01:20 am ET
Chosun Refractories Co Ltd
City Developments LtdC09.SITime Not Supplied
Class Editori SpACLE.MITime Not Supplied
Claude Resources IncCRJ.TOBefore Market Open
CollabRx IncCLRXBefore Market Open
Columbus Gold CorpCGT.VTime Not Supplied
Command Security CorpMOCBefore Market Open
Companhia de Saneamento Basico do Estado de Sao Paulo - SABESPSBSP3.SAAfter Market Close
Companhia Energetica de Minas Gerais CemigCMIG4.SAAfter Market Close
Compania Levantina de Edificacion y Obras Publicas SACLEO.MCTime Not Supplied
CompuGroup Medical AGCOP.DETime Not Supplied
Comstock Holding Companies IncCHCITime Not Supplied
Comstock Mining IncLODEBefore Market Open
Comtec Systems Co Ltd
Connacher Oil and Gas LtdCLL.TOAfter Market Close
Copper Mountain Mining CorpCUM.TOAfter Market Close
Core Logic Inc048870.KQTime Not Supplied
CoreCross Inc038530.KQTime Not Supplied
Coronado Biosciences IncCNDOBefore Market Open
Corporacion Dermoestetica SADERM.MCTime Not Supplied
Corporacion Financiera Alba SAALB.MCTime Not Supplied
Cover-All Technologies IncCOVRAfter Market Close
Credit Industriel et Commercial SACC.PATime Not Supplied
Credito Emiliano SpACE.MITime Not Supplied
Crocodile Gold CorpCRK.TOAfter Market Close
CrystalGenomics Inc083790.KQTime Not Supplied
CS Corp065770.KQTime Not Supplied
CSR LtdCSR.AXTime Not Supplied
CTL Inc036170.KQTime Not Supplied
Cubic Energy IncQBCTime Not Supplied
Curexo Inc060280.KQTime Not Supplied
Cyberplex IncCX.TOAfter Market Close
D-Box Technologies IncDBO.TOBefore Market Open
Dae Won Kang Up Co Ltd
Daeduck Electronics Co Ltd
Daeduck GDS Co Ltd
Daehan Flour Mills Co Ltd
Daehan New Pharm Co Ltd054670.KQTime Not Supplied
Daehan Steel Co Ltd
Daesang Corp
Daewoong Co Ltd
Daishin Information & Communications Co Ltd020180.KQ12:17 am ET
Dampskibsselskabet Norden A/SDNORD.CO03:00 am ET
Danieli & C Officine Meccaniche SpADAN.MITime Not Supplied
Daou Tech Inc
DARA Biosciences IncDARAAfter Market Close
Dasan Networks Inc039560.KQTime Not Supplied
Dawson Geophysical CoDWSNBefore Market OpenListen
Deep Sea Supply PLCDESSC.OLTime Not Supplied
DeeThree Exploration LtdDTX.TOTime Not Supplied
Delphi Energy CorpDEE.TOAfter Market Close
DHX Media LtdDHX.TOBefore Market Open
Diamond Foods IncDMNDAfter Market CloseListen
Diamondback Energy IncFANGBefore Market Open
DigitechSystems Co Ltd091690.KQTime Not Supplied
Directcash Payments IncDCI.TOBefore Market Open
DNZ Property Fund LtdDNZ.NZTime Not Supplied
DongAOne Co Ltd
Dongsung Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Dongwha Pharm Co Ltd
Dongyang E&P Inc079960.KQ12:23 am ET
Dragonfly GF Co Ltd030350.KQTime Not Supplied
DryShips IncDRYSAfter Market Close
DS Co Ltd051710.KQTime Not Supplied
DuluxGroup LtdDLX.AXTime Not Supplied
Dynasty Metals & Mining IncDMM.TOAfter Market Close
Dynatronics CorpDYNTBefore Market Open
Eastern Platinum LtdELR.TOBefore Market Open
Ecology and Environment IncEEIBefore Market Open
EEMS Italia SpAEEMS.MITime Not Supplied
El En SpAELN.MITime Not Supplied
Empire Resources IncERSAfter Market Close
Endeavour Mining CorpEDV.TOAfter Market Close
Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpAENG.MITime Not Supplied
Enterprise Group IncE.TOAfter Market Close
Entree Gold IncETG.TOAfter Market Close
EntreMed IncENMDBefore Market Open
ERBA Diagnostics IncERBAfter Market Close
Escalon Medical CorpESMCAfter Market Close
EuKedos SpAEUK.MITime Not Supplied
Euro Ressources SAEUR.PA01:30 am ET
Eurotech SpAETH.MITime Not Supplied
evalue Europe AGXAC.DETime Not Supplied
Exall Energy CorpEE.TOBefore Market Open
Excellon Resources IncEXN.TOBefore Market Open
Exor SpAEXO.MITime Not Supplied
Exprivia SpAXPR.MITime Not Supplied
Farstad Shipping ASAFAR.OLTime Not Supplied
Feelingk Co Ltd064800.KQTime Not Supplied
Fidia SpAFDA.MITime Not Supplied
FieldPoint Petroleum CorpFPPTime Not Supplied
First Clover Leaf Financial CorpFCLFTime Not Supplied
First Majestic Silver CorpFR.TOBefore Market Open
Firstcity Financial CorpFCFCBefore Market OpenListen
Flexible Solutions International IncFSIAfter Market Close
Fonar CorpFONRAfter Market Close
Fortune Industries IncFFITime Not Supplied
FP Newspapers IncFP.TOAfter Market Close
Friedman Industries IncFRDAfter Market Close
FriendFinder Networks IncFFNAfter Market CloseListen
From30 Co Ltd073570.KQTime Not Supplied
Frozen Food Express Industries IncFFEXAfter Market Close
Funespana SAFUN.MCTime Not Supplied
Fursys Inc
Gabetti Property Solutions SpAGAB.MITime Not Supplied
Gasco Energy IncGSXAfter Market Close
Gayety Holdings Ltd8179.HKTime Not Supplied
General Donlee Canada IncGDI.TOAfter Market Close
General Shopping Brasil SAGSHP3.SAAfter Market Close
GeoPetro Resources CoGPRAfter Market Close
GfK SEGFK.DEBefore Market Open
Gilat Satellite Networks LtdGILTTime Not Supplied
Giovanni Crespi SpACRE.MITime Not Supplied
Girindus AGGIR.FTime Not Supplied
Glen Burnie BancorpGLBZTime Not Supplied
Global Logistic Properties LtdMC0.SI04:00 am ETListen
Global Ship Lease IncGSLBefore Market Open
Goldgroup Mining IncGGA.TOTime Not Supplied
GPC Participacoes SAGPCP3.SAAfter Market Close
Great Panther Silver LtdGPR.TOAfter Market Close
Great Portland Estates PLCGPOR.LTime Not Supplied
Greentech Energy Systems A/SGES.COTime Not Supplied
Groupe Flo SAFLO.PAAfter Market Close
Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti SpARIC.MITime Not Supplied
Gryphon Gold CorpGGN.TOAfter Market Close
GS Holdings Corp
GSE Systems IncGVPAfter Market Close
Guaranty Federal Bancshares IncGFEDTime Not Supplied
Gyrodyne Company Of America IncGYROAfter Market Close
H&R AG2HR.DETime Not Supplied
Hakon Invest ABHAKN.ST02:00 am ET
Hanall Biopharma Co Ltd
Hanbit Soft Inc047080.KQTime Not Supplied
Handsome Corp
Hanfeng Evergreen IncHF.TOAfter Market Close
Hanil Cement Co Ltd
Hanil E-Wha Co Ltd
Hankook Shell Oil Co Ltd
HanKore Environment Tech Group LtdB22.SITime Not Supplied
Hansung Elcomtec Co Ltd037950.KQ01:28 am ET
Hawthorn Bancshares IncHWBKTime Not Supplied
Hci Capital AGHXCI.FTime Not Supplied
Healthway Medical Corp Ltd5NG.SIAfter Market Close
Hemisphere GPS IncHEM.TOBefore Market Open
High Arctic Energy Services IncHWO.TOAfter Market Close
High River Gold Mines LtdHRG.TOAfter Market Close
HMG Courtland Properties IncHMGTime Not Supplied
Hollysys Automation Technologies LtdHOLIBefore Market Open
Hong Leong Asia LtdH22.SITime Not Supplied
Hot Topic IncHOTT4:00 pm ET
Hua Nan Financial Holdings Co Ltd2880.TWAfter Market Close
Huan Hsin Holdings LtdH16.SIAfter Market Close
Humax Holdings Co Ltd028080.KQTime Not Supplied
Huntingdon Real Estate Investment TrustHNT.TOAfter Market Close
Hyundai IBT Co Ltd048410.KQTime Not Supplied
Hyundai Information Technology Co Ltd026180.KQTime Not Supplied
ICAP PLCIAP.LBefore Market Open
IDN Co Ltd026260.KQTime Not Supplied
IKB Deutsche Industriebank AGIKB.FTime Not Supplied
Ilyang Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
IMA Industria Macchine Automatiche SpAIMA.MITime Not Supplied
Income Opportunity Realty TrustIOTTime Not Supplied
India Globalization Capital IncIGCAfter Market Close
Indra Sistemas SAIDR.MCTime Not Supplied
Industrial Services of America IncIDSAAfter Market Close
Infineon Technologies AGIFX.DE01:30 am ET
Infinio Group Ltd5CS.SIAfter Market Close
Infopia Co Ltd036220.KQTime Not Supplied
Informatics Education LtdI03.SIAfter Market Close
InfoSonics CorpIFONBefore Market Open
InfuSystem Holdings IncINFUAfter Market Close
Insignia Energy LtdISN.TOAfter Market Close
Intelligent Systems CorpINSBefore Market Open
International Barrier Technology IncIBH.VAfter Market Close
International Minerals CorpIMZ.TOAfter Market Close
InterOil CorpIOCAfter Market Close
Intops Co Ltd049070.KQ12:07 am ET
Investimenti e Sviluppo SpAIES.MITime Not Supplied
Inypsa Informes y Proyectos SAINY.MCTime Not Supplied
Iren SpAIRE.MITime Not SuppliedListen
Iriver Ltd060570.KQ01:31 am ET
IS Dongseo Co Ltd
IsoRay IncISRBefore Market Open
Isotechnika Pharma IncISA.TOBefore Market Open
Isu Chemical Co Ltd
Italmobiliare SpAITM.MITime Not Supplied
Itway SpAITW.MITime Not Supplied
J Sainsbury PLCSBRY.L02:00 am ET
Jacksonville Bancorp IncJAXBAfter Market Close
JC Hyun Systems Inc033320.KQTime Not Supplied
Jeil Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Jensen og Moeller Invest A/SJMI.COTime Not Supplied
Jilin Province Huinan Changlong Bio Pharmacy Co Ltd8049.HKTime Not Supplied
Jinpan International LtdJSTBefore Market Open
JW Pharmaceutical Corp
Kandi Technologies CorpKNDITime Not Supplied
Katanga Mining LtdKAT.TOTime Not Supplied
KCC Corp
KEC Holdings Co Ltd
Keunwha Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Ki-Ryung Electronics & Energy Co Ltd004790.KQTime Not Supplied
Kinexia SpAKNX.MITime Not Supplied
Kingstone Companies IncKINSAfter Market Close
Kisan Telecom Co Ltd035460.KQTime Not Supplied
Kiswire Co Ltd
Koenig & Bauer AGSKB.DETime Not Supplied
KongZhong CorpKONGAfter Market CloseListen
Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd
Korea Electric Power Corp
KPX Chemical Co Ltd
KPX Fine Chemical Co Ltd
KS Energy Ltd578.SIAfter Market Close
Kukje Pharma Ind Co Ltd
Kumho Electric Inc
Kyungbang Co Ltd
La Doria SpALD.MITime Not Supplied
Lake Shore Bancorp IncLSBKAfter Market Close
Leader Energy Services LtdLEA.VAfter Market Close
Leon's Furniture LtdLNF.TOTime Not Supplied
LG Corp
Lifeway Foods IncLWAYAfter Market Close
Limited Brands IncLTD4:30 pm ETListen
Linamar CorpLNR.TOAfter Market Close
Liontrust Asset Management PLCLIO.LTime Not Supplied
Loblaw Companies LtdL.TO08:00 am ET
Logan International IncLII.TOBefore Market Open
Lollands Bank A/SLOLB.COTime Not Supplied
Lotte Samkang Co Ltd
MAG Silver CorpMAG.TOAfter Market Close
MagIndustries CorpMAA.TOTime Not Supplied
Maire Tecnimont SpAMT.MITime Not Supplied
Manchester United PLCMANUBefore Market OpenListen
Marine Petroleum TrustMARPSTime Not Supplied
Maternus Kliniken AGMAK.FTime Not Supplied
Medgenics IncMDGNBefore Market Open
Medical Facilities CorpDR.TOBefore Market Open
Mediclin AGMED.DETime Not Supplied
Medion AGMDN.DETime Not Supplied
Mega Financial Holding Co Ltd2886.TWAfter Market Close
Mercator Minerals LtdML.TOAfter Market Close
Meritor IncMTORBefore Market OpenListen
Merrimack Pharmaceuticals IncMACKBefore Market Open
MethylGene IncMYG.TOBefore Market Open
Metro Holdings LtdM01.SIAfter Market Close
Metro IncMRU.TOBefore Market Open
MFC Industrial LtdMILBefore Market Open
MGP Ingredients IncMGPITime Not Supplied
MGT Capital Investments IncMGTTime Not Supplied
Midas Holdings Ltd5EN.SITime Not Supplied
Mirabela Nickel LtdMBN.AXAfter Market Close
Mirae Corp
Mondo TV SpAMTV.MITime Not Supplied
Monrif SpAMON.MITime Not Supplied
Morneau Shepell IncMSI.TOBefore Market Open
Motonic Corp
MPC Muenchmeyer Petersen Capital AGMPC.FTime Not Supplied
Muhak Co Ltd
Multiband CorpMBNDAfter Market Close
Namhae Chemical Corp
Namyang Dairy Products Co Ltd
Nanoentek Inc039860.KQ01:17 am ET
National Security Group IncNSECAfter Market Close
Natixis SAKN.PAAfter Market CloseListen
Natural Alternatives International IncNAIIAfter Market Close
Nautilus Minerals IncNUS.TOBefore Market Open
NeoStem IncNBSBefore Market Open
NetApp IncNTAPTime Not Supplied
NetEase, IncNTESAfter Market CloseListen
NetSol Technologies IncNTWKBefore Market Open
New World Resources PLCNWR.LTime Not SuppliedListen
NICE Information Service Co Ltd030190.KQ12:33 am ET
Nice SpANICE.MITime Not Supplied
Nitgen&Company Co Ltd023430.KQTime Not Supplied
Noah Holdings LtdNOAHAfter Market CloseListen
Nortech Systems IncNSYSAfter Market Close
Northeast Tiger Pharmaceutical Co Ltd8197.HKTime Not Supplied
Northern Offshore LtdNOF.OLAfter Market Close
Noveko International IncEKO.TOBefore Market Open
Nuernberger Beteiligungs AGNBG6.FTime Not Supplied
Nymox Pharmaceutical CorpNYMXTime Not Supplied
Oak Ridge Financial Services IncBKORAfter Market Close
Ocean Bio-Chem IncOBCIBefore Market Open
Ocean Rig UDW IncORIGAfter Market Close
Odfjell SEODF.OLTime Not Supplied
Olam International LtdO32.SIAfter Market CloseListen
Omnitel Inc057680.KQTime Not Supplied
Onse Telecom Corp036630.KQ12:59 am ET
Opexa Therapeutics IncOPXABefore Market Open
Optibase LtdOBASTime Not Supplied
Orezone Gold CorpORE.TOTime Not Supplied
Orsu Metals CorpOSU.TO02:00 am ET
Ottogi Corp
Overland Storage IncOVRLAfter Market CloseListen
Palatin Technologies IncPTNBefore Market OpenListen
Palliser Oil and Gas CorpPXL.VAfter Market Close
Paranapanema SAPMAM3.SAAfter Market Close
ParkerVision IncPRKRAfter Market Close
Patriot National Bancorp IncPNBKAfter Market Close
PDG Realty Sa Empreendimentos E ParticipacoesPDGR3.SAAfter Market Close
PennantPark Investment CorpPNNTAfter Market Close
People & Telecommunication Inc054340.KQTime Not Supplied
Pernix Therapeutics Holdings IncPTXBefore Market Open
PetSmart IncPETMAfter Market Close
Physiomics PLCPYC.L02:00 am ET
Pizza Pizza Royalty Income FundPZA.TOAfter Market Close
Poligrafici Editoriale SpAPOL.MITime Not Supplied
Power Corporation of CanadaPOW.TOAfter Market Close
Power Financial CorpPWF.TOBefore Market Open
Prim SAPRM.MCTime Not Supplied
ProPhase Labs IncPRPHTime Not Supplied
Prospect Global Resources IncPGRXAfter Market Close
Providence and Worcester Railroad CoPWXTime Not Supplied
Pteris Global LtdJ74.SIAfter Market Close
Pulsion Medical Systems AGPUS.FTime Not Supplied
Pyramid Oil CoPDOBefore Market Open
QKL Stores IncQKLSBefore Market Open
Rakon LtdRAK.NZ3:00 pm ET
Ram Power CorpRPG.TOAfter Market Close
RaonSecure Co Ltd042510.KQTime Not Supplied
Raptor Pharmaceutical CorpRPTPBefore Market Open
RELM Wireless CorpRWCAfter Market Close
Response Biomedical CorpRBM.TOAfter Market Close
Revolution Lighting Technologies IncRVLTBefore Market Open
Risanamento SpARN.MITime Not Supplied
RNL Bio Co Ltd
Royal Bancshares of Pennsylvania IncRBPAATime Not Supplied
Royal Host IncRYL.TOBefore Market Open
Ryman Healthcare LtdRYM.NZTime Not Supplied
S and B Industrial Minerals SAARBA.ATTime Not Supplied
S i2i LtdM09.SITime Not Supplied
Sacyr Vallehermoso SASYV.MCTime Not Supplied
Safe Bulkers IncSBAfter Market Close
Salzgitter AGSZG.DETime Not Supplied
Sam Chun Dang Pharm Co Ltd000250.KQTime Not Supplied
Samjin Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
SamkwangGlass Co Ltd
Sanacorp Pharmaholding AGSNC3.FTime Not Supplied
Saras SpASRS.MIBefore Market Open
SCA Hygiene Products SEPWA.FTime Not Supplied
Seabridge Gold IncSEA.TOAfter Market Close
Sedo Holding AGSDO.DETime Not Supplied
Sejoong Co Ltd039310.KQ12:21 am ET
Senvest Capital IncSEC.TOAfter Market Close
Serica Energy PLCSQZ.LBefore Market Open
Service Point Solutions SASPS.MCTime Not Supplied
Shaanxi Northwest New Technology Industry Co Ltd8258.HKTime Not Supplied
Shengkai Innovations IncVALVAfter Market Close
Shin Hung Co Ltd
Shoreline Energy CorpSEQ.TOAfter Market Close
SilverCrest Mines IncSVL.VBefore Market Open
Simulations Plus IncSLPTime Not Supplied
Sindoh Co Ltd
Singapore Telecommunications LtdZ74.SITime Not Supplied
Sino-Global Shipping America LtdSINOAfter Market Close
Sinocoking Coal And Coke Chemical Industries IncSCOKAfter Market Close
SinoPac Financial Holdings Co Ltd2890.TWAfter Market Close
Sirius XM Canada Holdings IncXSR.TOAfter Market Close
Sky Deutschland AGSKYD.DETime Not SuppliedListen
SL Corp
Sniace SASNC.MCTime Not Supplied
Societa Cattolica di Assicurazione ScCASS.MITime Not Supplied
Societe d'Edition de Canal Plus SAAN.PAAfter Market Close
Solarworld AGSWV.DETime Not Supplied
Solazyme IncSZYMAfter Market Close
Solborn Inc035610.KQTime Not Supplied
Solco Biomedical Co Ltd043100.KQTime Not Supplied
Solid Inc050890.KQ01:08 am ET
Sorl Auto Parts IncSORLBefore Market Open
Southern Connecticut Bancorp IncSSETime Not Supplied
Spectral Diagnostics IncSDI.TOAfter Market Close
Spectrum Brands Holdings IncSPBAfter Market CloseListen
Speedy Hire PLCSDY.L02:00 am ET
Splendid Medien AGSPM.FTime Not Supplied
Springs Global Participacoes SASGPS3.SAAfter Market Close
Sprott IncSII.TO07:00 am ET
Sprott Resource CorpSCP.TOAfter Market Close
SsangYong Information & Communication Corp010280.KQTime Not Supplied
Sse PLCSSE.LTime Not SuppliedListen
Staples IncSPLSBefore Market OpenListen
Steel Partners Holdings LPSPLPAfter Market Close
Stefanel SpASTEF.MITime Not Supplied
Straits Trading Co LtdS20.SIAfter Market Close
Stratech Systems LtdS73.SIAfter Market Close
Stratus Properties IncSTRSBefore Market Open
STS Semiconductor and Telecommunications036540.KQTime Not Supplied
STX Corp
STX Engine Co Ltd
STX Offshore & Shipbuilding Co Ltd
STX OSV Holdings LtdMS7.SIAfter Market Close
STX Pan Ocean Co Ltd
Suheung Capsule Co Ltd
Supertel Hospitality IncSPPRTime Not Supplied
Sutor Technology Group LtdSUTRBefore Market Open
Swiber Holdings LtdAK3.SITime Not Supplied
Swiss Prime Site AGSPSN.VXTime Not Supplied
Sygnis Pharma AGLIO1.FTime Not Supplied
Synthetic Biologics IncSYNAfter Market Close
Taekwang Industrial Co Ltd
Taewoong Co Ltd044490.KQTime Not Supplied
Tahoe Resources IncTHO.TOBefore Market Open
Taitron Components IncTAITAfter Market Close
Tamarack Valley Energy LtdTVE.VBefore Market Open
Tandy Brands Accessories IncTBACTime Not Supplied
TAS Tecnologia Avanzata dei Sistemi SpATAS.MITime Not Supplied
Teledata (Singapore) LtdT28.SITime Not Supplied
Temple REITTPH.TOAfter Market Close
Tengasco IncTGCBefore Market Open
Terra Energy CorpTT.TOAfter Market Close
Testa Inmuebles en Renta SATST.MCTime Not Supplied
Tethys Petroleum LtdTPL.TOAfter Market Close
The Coast Distribution System IncCRVBefore Market Open
THT Heat Transfer Technology IncTHTIAfter Market Close
Timo E&M Co Ltd037340.KQTime Not Supplied
Tongyang Inc
Top Engineering Co Ltd065130.KQTime Not Supplied
Transmissora Alianca de Energia Eletrica SATAEE11.SABefore Market Open
Trevi Finanziaria Industriale SpATFI.MITime Not Supplied
Tri-Tech Holding IncTRITAfter Market Close
Trovagene IncTROVAfter Market Close
Trunkbow International Hldg LtdTBOWAfter Market Close
Ttl Information Technology AGTTO.FTime Not Supplied
Tuckamore Capital Management IncTX.TOTime Not Supplied
Turquoise Hill Resources LtdTRQ.TOAfter Market Close
Twin Butte Energy LtdTBE.TOAfter Market Close
Tyco International LtdTYCBefore Market OpenListen
Ubcare Co Ltd032620.KQTime Not Supplied
Ultrapetrol (Bahamas) LtdULTRAfter Market Close
Unilens Vision IncUVI.VBefore Market Open
Union Steel
Unipol Gruppo Finanziario SpAUNI.MITime Not Supplied
United Drug PLCUDG.L02:00 am ET
United Insurance Holdings CorpUIHCAfter Market Close
Universal Security Instruments IncUUUBefore Market Open
Uralita SAURA.MCTime Not Supplied
Urbas Grupo Financiero SAUBS.MCTime Not Supplied
Urologix IncULGXAfter Market CloseListen
US Geothermal IncHTMTime Not Supplied
ValueVision Media IncVVTVBefore Market Open
Veloxis Pharmaceuticals A/SVELO.CO11:00 am ET
Velti PLCVELTAfter Market Close
Vertex Energy IncVTNRBefore Market Open
Vestin Realty Mortgage I IncVRTAAfter Market Close
Vestin Realty Mortgage II IncVRTBAfter Market Close
Village Farms International IncVFF.TOAfter Market Close
VimpelCom LtdVIP01:00 am ET
ViroMed Co Ltd084990.KQTime Not Supplied
Vittoria Assicurazioni SpAVAS.MITime Not Supplied
Viver Incorporadora e Construtora SAVIVR3.SAAfter Market Close
Vringo IncVRNGAfter Market CloseListen
Waldron Energy CorpWDN.TOAfter Market Close
WBL Corporation LtdW01.SITime Not Supplied
Westernone Equity Income FundWEQ.TOAfter Market Close
Widepoint CorpWYYAfter Market Close
Williams-Sonoma IncWSMAfter Market CloseListen
Wirecard AGWDI.DE02:00 am ET
Wireless Telecom Group IncWTTBefore Market Open
Wiz Information Technology Co Ltd038620.KQTime Not Supplied
Wolverine Bancorp IncWBKCAfter Market Close
Wonik Corp032940.KQ01:32 am ET
Wonik IPS Co Ltd030530.KQTime Not Supplied
Woongjin Energy Co Ltd
Wuestenrot & Wuerttembergische AGWUW.DE02:30 am ET
Xinergy LtdXRG.TOAfter Market Close
Yedang Company Co Ltd049000.KQTime Not Supplied
YOU On Demand Holdings IncYODTime Not Supplied
Youlchon Chemical Co Ltd
YoungPoong Corp
Yuyu Pharma Inc
ZEAG Energie AGWPC.SGTime Not Supplied
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