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US Earnings Calendar for August 14, 2012
As of 12-Dec-12

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Earnings Announcements for Tuesday, August 14
1st Red AGSXL.FTime Not Supplied
3SBio IncSSRX8:00 pm ETListen
aap Implantate AGAAQ.DETime Not Supplied
Aareal Bank AGARL.DETime Not Supplied
ABG Shipyard LtdABGSHIP.NSTime Not Supplied
Abril Educacao SAABRE11.SAAfter Market Close
Adecoagro SAAGROAfter Market Close
AEterna Zentaris IncAEZ.TOAfter Market Close
Ag Growth International IncAFN.TOAfter Market Close
Airmedia Group IncAMCNAfter Market CloseListen
Aker Solutions ASAAKSO.OL01:00 am ET
Alacer Gold CorpASR.TO09:00 am ET
Alba SeABA.FTime Not Supplied
ALL America Latina Logistica SAALLL3.SABefore Market Open
Alpha and Omega Semiconductor LtdAOSLAfter Market Close
American Apparel IncAPPAfter Market Close
American DG Energy IncADGEBefore Market Open
American Lorain CorpALNTime Not Supplied
American Shipping Company ASAAMSC.OLTime Not Supplied
Amorfix Life Sciences LtdAMF.TOAfter Market Close
AmTRAN Technology Co Ltd2489.TWTime Not Supplied
Andreae Noris Zahn AGANZ.FTime Not Supplied
Anglo Pacific Group PLCAPF.L02:00 am ET
Annica Holdings Ltd5AL.SIAfter Market Close
Ansell LtdANN.AXTime Not Supplied
Anwell Technologies LtdG5X.SITime Not Supplied
Ares Commercial Real Estate CorpACRETime Not Supplied
Argosy Energy IncGSY.TOAfter Market Close
Arrhythmia Research Technology IncHRTTime Not Supplied
Asia Cement Co Ltd
Asian Bamboo AG5AB.DETime Not Supplied
Asiana Airlines Inc
Asiasons Capital Ltd5ET.SITime Not Supplied Holdings Ltd5AM.SIAfter Market Close
Astea International IncATEAAfter Market Close
Asure Software IncASURBefore Market Open
Atlatsa Resources CorpATL.VBefore Market Open
ATS Automation Tooling Systems IncATA.TOBefore Market Open
AUK Corp
Aura Minerals IncORA.TOAfter Market Close
Aurelius AGAR4.DETime Not Supplied
Aurubis AGNDA.DETime Not Supplied
AutoNavi Holdings LtdAMAPBefore Market Open
AvenEx Energy CorpAVF.TOAfter Market Close
Avnel Gold Mining LtdAVK.TOBefore Market Open
B2Gold CorpBTO.TOBefore Market Open
B2W Companhia Global Do VarejoBTOW3.SAAfter Market Close
Banco do Brasil SABBAS3.SABefore Market Open
Banco Industrial E Comercial SABICB4.SABefore Market Open
Bank Tabungan Negara Persero Tbk PTBBTN.JKTime Not Supplied
Barun Electronics Co Ltd064520.KQTime Not Supplied
Bauer AGB5A.DETime Not Supplied
Baytex Energy CorpBTE.TOBefore Market Open
BBX Capital CorpBBXAfter Market Close
Berkshire Bancorp IncBERKTime Not Supplied
Berry Plastics Group IncBERYTime Not Supplied
Bertrandt AGBDT.DETime Not Supplied
BHG SA Brazil Hospitality GroupBHGR3.SAAfter Market Close
Binex Co Ltd053030.KQTime Not Supplied
Bioanalytical Systems IncBASIBefore Market Open
BioExx Specialty Proteins LtdBXI.TOAfter Market Close
Biosino Bio Technology And Science Incorporation8247.HKTime Not Supplied
Biostar Pharmaceuticals IncBSPMAfter Market Close
Birchcliff Energy LtdBIR.TOAfter Market Close
Birner Dental Management Services IncBDMSBefore Market Open
Bit Computer Co Ltd032850.KQTime Not Supplied
Blonder Tongue Laboratories IncBDRTime Not Supplied
Bluefly IncBFLYAfter Market Close
Bob Evans Farms IncBOBEAfter Market Close
Bonterra Energy CorpBNE.TOAfter Market Close
Boryung Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Bovie Medical CorpBVXTime Not Supplied
Bradespar SABRAP4.SATime Not Supplied
Brasil Brokers Participacoes SABBRK3.SAAfter Market Close
Braskem SABRKM5.SABefore Market Open
Brazil Pharma SABPHA3.SAAfter Market Close
Bri-Chem CorpBRY.TOAfter Market Close
Brick LtdBRK.TOAfter Market Close
Bridgeline Digital IncBLINAfter Market Close
Brookfield Incorporacoes SABISA3.SAAfter Market Close
Bukwang Pharm Co Ltd
Buru Energy LtdBRU.AXTime Not Supplied
Cache IncCACHBefore Market Open
Caledonia Mining CorpCAL.TOBefore Market Open
Canada Lithium CorpCLQ.TOTime Not Supplied
Canadian Energy Services & Technology CorpCEU.TOAfter Market Close
Candente Copper CorpDNT.TOTime Not Supplied
Capro Corp
Capstone Mining CorpCS.TOAfter Market Close
Cardium Therapeutics IncCXM09:00 am ET
Carl Zeiss Meditec AGAFX.DETime Not Supplied
Carmanah Technologies CorpCMH.TO4:00 pm ET LtdCRZ.AXTime Not Supplied
Cascade BancorpCACBAfter Market Close
CCR Logistics Systems AGCCR.FTime Not Supplied
CDW Holding LtdD38.SITime Not Supplied
Cecon ASACECON.OLTime Not Supplied
Celesio AGCLS1.DETime Not Supplied
Cellcom Israel LtdCEL.TABefore Market Open
Celsion CorpCLSNBefore Market Open
Centamin Egypt LtdCEY.L02:00 am ET
Centrais Eletricas Brasileiras SAELET6.SAAfter Market Close
Central Federal CorpCFBKTime Not Supplied
Centric Health CorpCHH.TOAfter Market Close
Centrotec Sustainable AGCEV.DETime Not Supplied
Cequence Energy LtdCQE.TOAfter Market Close
Cereplast IncCERPAfter Market Close
China 33 Media Group Ltd8087.HKAfter Market Close
China Armco Metals IncCNAMAfter Market Close
China Auto Electronics Group LtdT42.SIAfter Market Close
China Auto Logistics IncCALITime Not Supplied
China E-Learning Group Ltd8055.HKTime Not Supplied
China Fortune Investments (Holding) Ltd8116.HKTime Not Supplied
China Gengsheng Minerals CorpCHGSAfter Market Close
China Ground Source Energy Ltd8128.HKTime Not Supplied
China Housing & Land Development IncCHLNBefore Market Open
China Jo-Jo Drugstores IncCJJDAfter Market Close
China Marine Food Group LtdCMFOAfter Market Close
China Power International Development Ltd2380.HKTime Not Supplied
China Recycling Energy CorpCREGTime Not Supplied
China Shen Zhou Mining & Resources IncSHZBefore Market Open
ChoA Pharmaceutical Co Ltd034940.KQTime Not Supplied
Chosun Refractories Co Ltd
Chromcraft Revington IncCRCAfter Market Close
CIFC CorpDFRAfter Market Close
Cinedigm Digital Cinema CorpCIDMAfter Market Close
City Developments LtdC09.SITime Not Supplied
Clairvest Group IncCVG.TOAfter Market Close
CMS Bancorp IncCMSBTime Not Supplied
Coastal Energy CoCEO.LTime Not Supplied
CollabRx IncCLRXBefore Market Open
Community Financial CorpCFFCTime Not Supplied
Companhia de Tecidos Norte de Minas CoteminasCTNM4.SATime Not Supplied
Companhia Energetica de Minas Gerais CemigCMIG4.SAAfter Market Close
Companhia Paranaense de EnergiaCPLE3.SAAfter Market Close
Companhia Siderurgica NacionalCSNA3.SAAfter Market Close
Comstock Mining IncLODEBefore Market Open
Comtec Systems Co Ltd
Conergy AGCGYK.DETime Not Supplied
Connacher Oil and Gas LtdCLL.TOAfter Market Close
Continental Materials CorpCUOTime Not Supplied
CoreCross Inc038530.KQTime Not Supplied
Corridor Resources IncCDH.TOAfter Market Close
Country Style Cooking Restaurant Chain Co LtdCCSCAfter Market CloseListen
Cover-All Technologies IncCOVRAfter Market Close
Crocodile Gold CorpCRK.TOAfter Market Close
Crown Crafts IncCRWSAfter Market Close
Crumbs Bake Shop IncCRMBAfter Market Close
CrystalGenomics Inc083790.KQTime Not Supplied
CS Corp065770.KQTime Not Supplied
CTL Inc036170.KQTime Not Supplied
Curexo Inc060280.KQ12:27 am ET
CVD Equipment CorpCVVAfter Market Close
Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals IncCYCCTime Not Supplied
D-Box Technologies IncDBO.TO10:00 am ET
Daeduck Electronics Co Ltd
Daeduck GDS Co Ltd
Daehan New Pharm Co Ltd054670.KQTime Not Supplied
Daehan Steel Co Ltd
Daesang Corp
Daewon Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Daewoong Co Ltd
Daishin Information & Communications Co Ltd020180.KQ12:53 am ET
Daou Tech Inc
DARA Biosciences IncDARATime Not Supplied
Dasan Networks Inc039560.KQTime Not Supplied
DDS Wireless International IncDD.TOBefore Market Open
DeeThree Exploration LtdDTX.TOBefore Market Open
Dejour Energy IncDEJ.TOBefore Market Open
Derma Sciences IncDSCIBefore Market OpenListen
Deufol AGLOI.FTime Not Supplied
Deutsche Euroshop AGDEQ.DETime Not Supplied
Dick's Sporting Goods IncDKSBefore Market Open
Digital Chosun033130.KQTime Not Supplied
Digital Graphics Incorp043360.KQTime Not Supplied
Digital Power CorpDPWAfter Market Close
DigitechSystems Co Ltd091690.KQTime Not Supplied
Dockwise LtdDOCK.OLTime Not SuppliedListen
Document Security Systems IncDSSTime Not Supplied
Domino's Pizza Enterprises LtdDMP.AXTime Not Supplied
Dong Ah Tire & Rubber Co Ltd
Dongbu HiTek Co Ltd
Dongsung Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Dongyang E&P Inc079960.KQTime Not Supplied
Dragon Oil PLCDGO.LTime Not Supplied
Dragonfly GF Co Ltd030350.KQTime Not Supplied
DS Co Ltd051710.KQTime Not Supplied
Duluth Metals LtdDM.TOTime Not Supplied
Dynacor Gold Mines IncDNG.TOBefore Market Open
Dynasil Corp of AmericaDYSLAfter Market CloseListen
Eastern Platinum LtdELR.TOBefore Market Open
Eckert & Ziegler Bebig SAEZBG.BRBefore Market Open
Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen und Medizintechnik AGEUZ.FTime Not Supplied
EcoSynthetix IncECO.TOBefore Market Open
ECOtality IncECTYAfter Market Close
Edubox Inc035290.KQTime Not Supplied
Eidesvik Offshore ASAEIOF.OLTime Not Supplied
Eitzen Chemical ASAECHEM.OLTime Not Supplied
Elbit Systems LtdESLT.TATime Not Supplied
Emerson Radio CorpMSNAfter Market Close
Empire Resorts IncNYNYAfter Market Close
Energy Fuels IncEFR.TOTime Not Supplied
EnQuest PLCENQ.LTime Not SuppliedListen
Enterprise Group IncE.TOBefore Market Open
Entree Gold IncETG.TOAfter Market Close
EntreMed IncENMDTime Not Supplied
Envoy Capital Group IncMSLITime Not Supplied
Estee Lauder Companies IncELBefore Market OpenListen
Etrion SAETX.TOAfter Market Close
Euro Ressources SAEUR.PABefore Market Open
evalue Europe AGXAC.DETime Not Supplied
Exall Energy CorpEE.TOBefore Market Open
EZTEC Empreendimentos e Participacoes SAEZTC3.SAAfter Market Close
Fernheizwerk Neukoelln AGFHW.FTime Not Supplied
FieldPoint Petroleum CorpFPPBefore Market Open
First Citizens Banc CorpFCZATime Not Supplied
First Clover Leaf Financial CorpFCLFTime Not Supplied
First Financial Service CorpFFKYTime Not Supplied
First Majestic Silver CorpFR.TOBefore Market Open
First Marblehead CorpFMDAfter Market Close
First Nickel IncFNI.TOAfter Market Close
First Resources LtdEB5.SITime Not Supplied
Flanigan's Enterprises IncBDLAfter Market Close
Flexible Solutions International IncFSIAfter Market Close
Flexsteel Industries IncFLXSAfter Market Close
Flowers Foods IncFLOBefore Market OpenListen
Foosung Co Ltd
Forbes Energy Services LtdFESAfter Market Close
FORIS Beteiligungs AGFRS.FTime Not Supplied
FriendFinder Networks IncFFNAfter Market CloseListen
From30 Co Ltd073570.KQTime Not Supplied
Funkwerk AGFEW.DETime Not Supplied
Fursys Inc
Galena Biopharma IncGALEAfter Market Close
Gamehost IncGH.TOAfter Market Close
Gas Natural IncEGASAfter Market Close
Gayety Holdings Ltd8179.HKTime Not Supplied
Geberit AGGEBN.VX01:00 am ET
Gelsenwasser AgWWG.FTime Not Supplied
Gencor Industries IncGENCTime Not Supplied
General Employment Enterprises IncJOBAfter Market Close
General Shopping Brasil SAGSHP3.SAAfter Market Close
Generali Deutschland Holding AGGE1.DETime Not Supplied
GeoPetro Resources CoGPRAfter Market Close
GfK SEGFK.DEBefore Market Open
GIbio Co Ltd035450.KQTime Not Supplied
Glacier Media IncGVC.TOAfter Market Close
Global Logistic Properties LtdMC0.SI05:00 am ETListen
Glowpoint IncGLOWAfter Market Close
Gold Standard Ventures CorpGSV.VTime Not Supplied
Good Times Restaurants IncGTIMTime Not Supplied
Goodman Fielder LtdGFF.AXTime Not Supplied
Gryphon Gold CorpGGN.TOAfter Market Close
GS Holdings Corp
Guanwei Recycling CorpGPRCTime Not Supplied
GWA Group LtdGWA.AXTime Not Supplied
H&R AG2HR.DETime Not Supplied
Hahn Immobilien Beteiligungs AGH4I.DETime Not Supplied
Hallwood Group IncHWGAfter Market Close
Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AGHHFA.DE01:30 am ET
Hanall Biopharma Co Ltd
Hanbit Soft Inc047080.KQTime Not Supplied
Handsome Corp
Hanil Cement Co Ltd
Hanil E-Wha Co Ltd
Hanjin Shipping Hldg Co Ltd
Hansol Technics Co Ltd
Hansung Elcomtec Co Ltd037950.KQTime Not Supplied
Harris and Harris Group IncTINYTime Not Supplied
Hauppauge Digital IncHAUPTime Not Supplied
Hawthorn Bancshares IncHWBKTime Not Supplied
Hci Capital AGHXCI.FTime Not Supplied
Helbor Empreendimentos SAHBOR3.SAAfter Market Close
Henderson Group PLCHGG.LTime Not Supplied
High River Gold Mines LtdHRG.TOAfter Market Close
HiQ International ABHIQ.STTime Not Supplied
HMG Courtland Properties IncHMGTime Not Supplied
Ho Bee Investment LtdH13.SIAfter Market Close
Hochtief AGHOT.DE01:00 am ET
Hol SparebankHOLG.OLTime Not Supplied
Homag Group AGHG1.DETime Not Supplied
Home Depot IncHDBefore Market Open
Horizonte Minerals PLCHZM.L02:00 am ET
Huan Hsin Holdings LtdH16.SIAfter Market Close
HudBay Minerals IncHBMAfter Market Close
Humax Holdings Co Ltd028080.KQ01:00 am ET
Hwail Pharm Co Ltd061250.KQ12:07 am ET
Hyduke Energy Services IncHYD.TOAfter Market Close
Hyundai IBT Co Ltd048410.KQTime Not Supplied
Hyundai Information Technology Co Ltd026180.KQTime Not Supplied
Hyunjin Materials Co Ltd053660.KQTime Not Supplied
Iberian Minerals CorpIZN.VTime Not Supplied
IDN Co Ltd026260.KQTime Not Supplied
IKB Deutsche Industriebank AGIKB.FTime Not Supplied
Ilsung Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Ilyang Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
ImmunoCellular Therapeutics LtdIMUCBefore Market Open
Impac Mortgage Holdings IncIMHAfter Market Close
Indofood Agri Resources Ltd5JS.SITime Not Supplied
Industrial Services of America IncIDSABefore Market Open
Infopia Co Ltd036220.KQTime Not Supplied
InfoSonics CorpIFONBefore Market Open
Innocell Corp031390.KQTime Not Supplied
Innotrac CorpINOCAfter Market Close
Innovaro IncINVAfter Market Close
Intelligent Systems CorpINSBefore Market Open
International Meal Company Holdings SAIMCH3.SAAfter Market Close
Internet Technology Group LtdN6H.SIAfter Market Close
Intops Co Ltd049070.KQTime Not Supplied
INV Metals IncINV.TOAfter Market Close
Investors Capital Holdings LtdICHTime Not Supplied
IROC Energy Services CorpISC.VAfter Market Close
IS Dongseo Co Ltd
Isotechnika Pharma IncISA.TOAfter Market Close
Jack Henry & Associates IncJKHYAfter Market Close
Jaguar Financial CorporationJFC.TOAfter Market Close
Jaguar Mining IncJAG.TOAfter Market CloseListen
JBS SAJBSS3.SAAfter Market Close
JC Hyun Systems Inc033320.KQ12:46 am ET
JDS Uniphase Canada LtdJDU.TOAfter Market Close
JDS Uniphase CorpJDSUAfter Market Close
Jeil Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
JHSF Participacoes SAJHSF3.SAAfter Market Close
Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical Co Ltd600750.SSTime Not Supplied
Jilin Province Huinan Changlong Bio Pharmacy Co Ltd8049.HKTime Not Supplied
Jinpan International LtdJSTBefore Market Open
JKX Oil & Gas PLCJKX.LBefore Market Open
John Menzies PLCMNZS.L02:00 am ET
Jovian Capital CorpJOV.TOBefore Market Open
JSL SAJSLG3.SAAfter Market Close
Jura Energy CorpJEC.TOTime Not Supplied
Jusung Engineering Co Ltd036930.KQTime Not Supplied
JW Pharmaceutical Corp
K+S AgSDF.DE01:00 am ETListen
Kabel Deutschland Holding AGKD8.DETime Not Supplied
Kandi Technologies CorpKNDITime Not Supplied
Karnalyte Resources IncKRN.TOBefore Market Open
Katanga Mining LtdKAT.TOTime Not Supplied
KEC Holdings Co Ltd
Keegan Resources IncKGN.TOTime Not Supplied
Keunwha Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Ki-Ryung Electronics & Energy Co LTD004790.KQTime Not Supplied
Kid Brands IncKIDBefore Market Open
Kingold Jewelry IncKGJIBefore Market Open
Kingstone Companies IncKINSAfter Market Close
KiOR IncKIORBefore Market Open
Kisan Telecom Co Ltd035460.KQ12:34 am ET
Kiswire Co Ltd
KIT digital IncKITDAfter Market CloseListen
Koebenhavns Lufthavne A/SKBHL.COTime Not Supplied
Koenig & Bauer AGSKB.DETime Not Supplied
Kona@I Co Ltd052400.KQTime Not Supplied
KongZhong CorpKONGAfter Market CloseListen
Korea Line Corp
KPX Chemical Co Ltd
KPX Fine Chemical Co Ltd
KSB AGKSB.DETime Not Supplied
Kukje Pharma Ind Co Ltd
Kumho Electric Inc
Kwangdong Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Kyungbang Co Ltd
LaPorte Bancorp IncLPSBTime Not Supplied
Lechwerke AGLEC.FTime Not Supplied
LG Corp
LG Fashion Corp
Liberty Mines IncLBE.TOAfter Market Close
Lifeway Foods IncLWAYAfter Market Close
LiveDeal IncLIVEAfter Market Close
Lojas Americanas SALAME3.SAAfter Market Close
Long Success International (Holdings) Ltd8017.HKTime Not Supplied
Lotte Samkang Co Ltd
LPKF Laser & Electronics AGLPK.DE02:00 am ET
Lupatech SaLUPA3.SAAfter Market Close
Luxey International (Holdings) Ltd8041.HKTime Not Supplied
MAG Silver CorpMAG.TOAfter Market Close
Martinrea International IncMRE.TOAfter Market Close
Matador Resources CoMTDRAfter Market CloseListen
Mazor Robotics LtdMZOR.TABefore Market OpenListen
Mears Group PLCMER.L02:00 am ET
Mecox Lane LtdMCOXAfter Market Close
Medicago IncMDG.TOAfter Market Close
Medical Facilities CorpDR.TOBefore Market Open
Medion AGMDN.DETime Not Supplied
Medtecs International Corp Ltd546.SIAfter Market Close
Mega Uranium LtdMGA.TOAfter Market Close
Merck KGaAMRK.DE01:00 am ET
Meta Financial Group IncCASHAfter Market Close
MFC Industrial LtdMILBefore Market Open
MGT Capital Investments IncMGTTime Not Supplied
Michael Kors Holdings LtdKORSBefore Market OpenListen
Midas Holdings Ltd5EN.SITime Not Supplied
Mineral Deposits LtdMDL.AXTime Not Supplied
Mines Management IncMGNTime Not Supplied
Mologen AGMGN.FTime Not Supplied
MPX Energia SAMPXE3.SAAfter Market Close
Mtekvision Co Ltd074000.KQTime Not Supplied
Myhammer Holding AGMYR.FTime Not Supplied
Myriad Genetics IncMYGNAfter Market Close
Namyang Dairy Products Co Ltd
Nanoentek Inc039860.KQAfter Market Close
Nationstar Mortgage Holdings IncNSMBefore Market Open
NeoStem IncNBSBefore Market Open
Neowiz Games Corp095660.KQTime Not Supplied
Netlist IncNLST4:00 pm ET
Netop Solutions A/SNETOP.COTime Not Supplied
NeuLion IncNLN.TOAfter Market Close
New Dawn Mining CorpND.TOBefore Market Open
New Energy Systems GroupNEWNAfter Market Close
New England Realty Associates LPNENTime Not Supplied
NewLink Genetics CorpNLNKBefore Market Open
NICE Information Service Co Ltd030190.KQTime Not Supplied
Nitgen&Company Co Ltd023430.KQTime Not Supplied
Nordex SeNDX1.DETime Not Supplied
Nordjyske Bank A/SNORDJB.COTime Not Supplied
Norma Group AGNOEJ.DETime Not Supplied
Northcore Technologies IncNTI.TOAfter Market Close
Northeast Community Bancorp IncNECBTime Not Supplied
Novus Energy IncNVS.VBefore Market Open
NTS IncNTSTime Not Supplied
Nupathe IncPATHBefore Market Open
NWF Group PLCNWF.LBefore Market Open
Nymox Pharmaceutical CorpNYMXTime Not Supplied
Oak Ridge Financial Services IncBKORTime Not Supplied
Oakton LtdOKN.AXTime Not Supplied
Obrascon Huarte Lain Brasil SAOHLB3.SAAfter Market Close
Ocean Bio-Chem IncOBCIBefore Market Open
Oestjydsk Bank A/SOJBA.COTime Not Supplied
Ogx Petroleo e Gas Participacoes SAOGXP3.SAAfter Market Close
Oldenburgische Landesbank AGOLB.FTime Not Supplied
Omnitel Inc057680.KQTime Not Supplied
Onse Telecom Corp036630.KQTime Not Supplied
Oracle Mining CorpOMN.TOTime Not Supplied
Orezone Gold CorpORE.TOTime Not Supplied
Orsu Metals CorpOSU.TO02:00 am ET
Ottogi Corp
Overhill Farms IncOFITime Not Supplied
Pace Oil and Gas LtdPCE.TOAfter Market Close
Pacific Ethanol IncPEIXAfter Market Close
Pacific Healthcare Holdings LtdP47.SIAfter Market Close
Pan American Silver CorpPAA.TOAfter Market Close
Parex Resources IncPXT.TOAfter Market Close
ParkerVision IncPRKRAfter Market Close
Partner Communications Company LtdPTNR.TATime Not SuppliedListen
Paulson Capital CorpPLCCAfter Market Close
People & Telecommunication Inc054340.KQTime Not Supplied
Peregrine Diamonds LtdPGD.TOTime Not Supplied
Pernix Therapeutics Holdings IncPTXBefore Market Open
Pharmswellbio Co Ltd043090.KQTime Not Supplied
Photronics IncPLAB4:30 pm ET
Physicians Formula Holdings IncFACEAfter Market Close
Plug Power IncPLUGBefore Market Open
Positivo Informatica SAPOSI3.SAAfter Market Close
PowerLeader Science & Technology Group Co Ltd8236.HKTime Not Supplied
Premier Gold Mines LtdPG.TOTime Not Supplied
Pulsion Medical Systems AGPUS.FTime Not Supplied
Pyramid Oil CoPDOBefore Market Open
QGEP Participacoes SAQGEP3.SAAfter Market Close
QKL Stores IncQKLSBefore Market Open
Ram Power CorpRPG.TOAfter Market Close
Redline Communications Group IncRDL.TOAfter Market Close
Renewable Energy Group IncREGIAfter Market Close
Response Genetics IncRGDXBefore Market Open
Restoque Comercio e Confeccoes de Roupas SALLIS3.SAAfter Market Close
REVA Medical IncRVA.AXTime Not Supplied
Rio Novo Gold IncRN.TOAfter Market Close
RLJ Entertainment IncRLJEAfter Market Close
RNL Bio Co Ltd
Robeco NVROBA.AS03:00 am ET
Rossi Residencial SARSID3.SAAfter Market Close
Royal Bancshares of Pennsylvania IncRBPAATime Not Supplied
Ruifeng Petroleum Chemical Holdings Ltd8096.HKTime Not Supplied
S.M. Entertainmetnt Co041510.KQTime Not Supplied
Sabina Gold and Silver CorpSBB.TOAfter Market Close
Sachsenmilch AGSAHA.FTime Not Supplied
Saks IncSKS08:00 am ETListen
Salzgitter AGSZG.DETime Not Supplied
Samji Electronics Co Ltd037460.KQ01:18 am ET
SamkwangGlass Co Ltd
Sanacorp Pharmaholding AGSNC3.FTime Not Supplied
Sao Martinho SASMTO3.SAAfter Market Close
Saraiva SA Livreiros EditoresSLED3.SAAfter Market Close
SBS Contents Hub Co Ltd046140.KQTime Not Supplied
Schindler Holding LtdSCHP.VX12:30 am ET
Schnell Biopharmaceuticals Inc
Sdl PLCSDL.LBefore Market Open
Seabridge Gold IncSEA.TOAfter Market Close
Sejong Industrial Co Ltd
Sejoong Co Ltd039310.KQTime Not Supplied
Servotronics IncSVTTime Not Supplied
Shanghai Baosight Software Co Ltd600845.SSTime Not Supplied
Shenzhen Mingwah Aohan High Technology Corp Ltd8301.HKTime Not Supplied
Shin Hung Co Ltd
Shinpoong Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Shinsung Solar Energy Co Ltd
Shoreline Energy CorpSEQ.TOAfter Market Close
ShoreTel IncSHORAfter Market CloseListen
Siebert Financial CorpSIEBTime Not Supplied
Silver Bear Resources IncSBR.TOBefore Market Open
Singapore Technologies Engineering LtdS63.SI05:20 am ET
Singapore Telecommunications LtdZ74.SIBefore Market Open
Singulus Technologies AGSNG.DETime Not Supplied
Sinner AGSIN.FTime Not Supplied
Sky Deutschland AGSKYD.DE02:00 am ETListen
Skystar Bio-Pharmaceutical CoSKBIAfter Market Close
SL Corp
SL Industries IncSLIAfter Market Close
Softing AGSYT.DETime Not Supplied
Solborn Inc035610.KQTime Not Supplied
Solco Biomedical Co Ltd043100.KQTime Not Supplied
Solid Inc050890.KQTime Not Supplied
Sonde Resources CorpSOQ.TOTime Not Supplied
Sorl Auto Parts IncSORLBefore Market Open
South American Silver CorpSAC.TOAfter Market Close
Spanish Broadcasting System IncSBSABefore Market Open
Spark Networks IncLOVTime Not Supplied
Spectral Diagnostics IncSDI.TOAfter Market Close
Springs Global Participacoes SASGPS3.SAAfter Market Close
Sprott Resource Lending CorpSIL.TOBefore Market Open
SsangYong Information & Communication Corp010280.KQTime Not Supplied
Standard Life PLCSL.L02:00 am ET
Steel Partners Holdings LPSPLPAfter Market Close
Stewardship Financial CorpSSFNAfter Market Close
Strategic Oil and Gas LtdSOG.VBefore Market Open
Stratus Properties IncSTRSBefore Market Open
STS Semiconductor and Telecommunications036540.KQTime Not Supplied
STX Corp
STX Engine Co Ltd
STX Metal Co Ltd
STX Offshore & Shipbuilding Co Ltd
STX OSV Holdings LtdMS7.SITime Not Supplied
STX Pan Ocean Co Ltd
Suheung Capsule Co Ltd
Sunshine Oilsands Ltd2012.HKTime Not Supplied
Sure Energy IncSHR.TOBefore Market Open
Swiber Holdings LtdAK3.SITime Not Supplied
Sygnis Pharma AGLIO1.FTime Not Supplied
Symbility Solutions IncSY.VBefore Market Open
Synnex Technology International Corp2347.TWAfter Market Close
Synthetic Biologics IncSYNTime Not Supplied
T3 Motion IncTTTMAfter Market Close
Taekwang Industrial Co Ltd
TAG Oil LtdTAO.TOTime Not Supplied
Taihan Electric Wire Co Ltd
Taitron Components IncTAITTime Not Supplied
Tamerlane Ventures IncTAM.VTime Not Supplied
Techcomp (Holdings) Ltd1298.HKTime Not Supplied
Tegma Gestao Logistica SATGMA3.SAAfter Market Close
Tekmira Pharmaceuticals CorpTKM.TOAfter Market Close
Tengasco IncTGCBefore Market Open
Terra Energy CorpTT.TOAfter Market Close
Tesla Exploration LtdTXL.TOAfter Market Close
Tethys Petroleum LtdTPL.TOAfter Market Close
Thai Beverage PCLY92.SIAfter Market Close
The Basic House Co Ltd
The Coast Distribution System IncCRVBefore Market Open
The Valspar CorpVALBefore Market OpenListen
THT Heat Transfer Technology IncTHTIAfter Market Close
Timmins Gold CorpTMM.TOBefore Market Open
Timo E&M Co Ltd037340.KQTime Not Supplied
Titan Medical IncTMD.VAfter Market Close
TJX Companies IncTJXBefore Market OpenListen
Tofutti Brands IncTOFAfter Market Close
Tongyang Inc
Total Energy Services Inc.TOT.TOTime Not Supplied
Towers Watson & CoTWBefore Market OpenListen
Tri-Tech Holding IncTRITAfter Market Close
Tribal Group PLCTRB.L02:00 am ET
Trisul SATRIS3.SAAfter Market Close
Trunkbow International Hldg LtdTBOWAfter Market CloseListen
Tryg A/STRYG.COAfter Market Close
TT International LtdT09.SITime Not Supplied
Tuckamore Capital Management IncTX.TOBefore Market Open
Tufco Technologies IncTFCOTime Not Supplied
TUI AGTUI1.DE02:00 am ETListen
Turquoise Hill Resources LtdTRQ.TOAfter Market Close
Twin Butte Energy LtdTBE.TOAfter Market Close
Ubcare Co Ltd032620.KQTime Not Supplied
Ultrapetrol (Bahamas) LtdULTRAfter Market Close
UMS United Medical Systems International AGUMS.FTime Not Supplied
Unified Communications Holdings LtdU18.SIAfter Market Close
Union Steel
Unitech LtdUNITECH.NSTime Not Supplied
United Community Financial CorpUCFCAfter Market Close
United Internet AGUTDI.DETime Not Supplied
Urbas Grupo Financiero SAUBS.MCTime Not Supplied
US Geothermal IncHTMTime Not Supplied
Valid Solucoes e Servicos de Seguranca em Meios de Pagamento e Identificacao SAVLID3.SAAfter Market Close
Van Lanschot NVLANS.AS01:30 am ET
Velti PLCVELTBefore Market Open
Vermillion IncVRMLAfter Market CloseListen
Vestfyns Bank A/SVEFY.COTime Not Supplied
Vestin Realty Mortgage I IncVRTAAfter Market Close
Vestin Realty Mortgage II IncVRTBTime Not Supplied
ViroMed Co Ltd084990.KQTime Not Supplied
VirtualScopics IncVSCPBefore Market Open
Viver Incorporadora e Construtora SAVIVR3.SAAfter Market Close
Vringo IncVRNGAfter Market Close
WBL Corporation LtdW01.SITime Not Supplied
Westaim CorpWED.TOAfter Market Close
Widepoint CorpWYYAfter Market Close
Wilmar International LtdF34.SITime Not Supplied
Winland Electronics IncWEXBefore Market Open
Wirecard AGWDI.DE02:00 am ET
Witan Investment Trust PLC86IP.LTime Not Supplied
Wiz Information Technology Co Ltd038620.KQTime Not Supplied
Wolverine Bancorp IncWBKCAfter Market Close
Wonik IPS Co Ltd030530.KQ12:49 am ET
Woongjin Holdings Co Ltd
Wuerttembergische Lebensversicherung AGWLV.SGTime Not Supplied
Xing AGO1BC.DETime Not Supplied
Yedang Company Co Ltd049000.KQTime Not Supplied
Yingde Gases Group Co Ltd2168.HKTime Not Supplied
Youlchon Chemical Co Ltd
YoungPoong Corp
ZEAG Energie AGWPC.SGTime Not Supplied
Zongshen PEM Power Systems IncZPP.TOAfter Market Close
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