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Option Symbology Changes - effective early Feb'2010

Options tickers on Yahoo! Finance will be displayed as per new options symbology announced by OCC.

The basic parts of new option symbol are: Root symbol + Expiration Year(yy)+ Expiration Month(mm)+ Expiration Day(dd) + Call/Put Indicator (C or P) + Strike price

A root symbol is same as the ticker symbol.

Option Type Underlying Symbol Expiration Year Expiration Month Expiration Day Call/Put Strike Price Old Symbol New Symbol
Call YHOO 2010 04 16 C 20.00 YHQDD.X YHOO100416C00020000
Put YHOO 2010 04 16 P 20.00 YHQPD.X YHOO100416P00020000

Note: The consolidation of changes in options symbology will happen over a period of time from Jan 2010 to May 2010. Before the symbol change to their new final format as above, for some time you will see the conversion symbols ( e.g.YHQ100416P00020000) on our site. Example: YHQPD.X will become YHQ100416P00020000 before it becomes YHOO100416P00020000 and YHVPE.X will become YHV100416P00025000 before YHOO100416P00025000.

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