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Annual Report


Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations ("MD&A") is designed to provide a reader of our financial statements with a narrative from the perspective of our management on our financial condition, results of operations, liquidity and certain other factors that may affect our future results. Our MD&A is presented in the following sections:

- Executive Overview

- Results of Operations

- Foreign Currency

- Liquidity

- Capital Resources

- Off-Balance Sheet Arrangements

- Share Repurchase Program

- Contractual Obligations

- Dividends

- Significant Accounting Policies

- Critical Accounting Estimates

- New Accounting Pronouncements

- Market Trends

- Forward-Looking Factors

The MD&A should be read in conjunction with the Consolidated Financial Statements and related Notes included in Item 8, Financial Statements and Supplementary Data, of this Annual Report on Form 10-K.

Executive Overview
FactSet is a provider of integrated financial information and analytical applications to the global investment community. We combine content regarding companies and securities from major markets all over the globe into a single online platform of information and analytics. By consolidating content from hundreds of databases with powerful analytics, FactSet supports the investment process from initial research to published results for buy and sell-side professionals. These professionals include portfolio managers, research and performance analysts, risk managers, marketing professionals, sell-side equity research professionals, investment bankers and fixed income professionals. Our applications provide users access to company analysis, multicompany comparisons, industry analysis, company screening, portfolio analysis, predictive risk measurements, alphatesting, portfolio optimization and simulation, real-time news and quotes and tools to value and analyze fixed income securities and portfolios. With Microsoft Office integration, wireless access and customizable options, we offer a complete financial workflow solution. Our revenues are derived from month-to-month subscriptions to services, databases and financial applications. We generate 81% of our revenues from investment management clients and the remainder is from investment banking firms who perform M&A advisory work and equity research.

As of August 31, 2012, we employed 5,735 employees, up 9% or 484 employees from a year ago. Of these employees, 1,840 were located in the U.S., 607 in Europe and 3,288 in Asia Pacific. Approximately 53% of employees are involved with content collection, 25% work in product development, software and systems engineering, another 18% conduct sales and consulting services and the remaining 4% provide administrative support.

Fiscal 2012 was our 34th year of operation, our 32nd consecutive year of revenue growth and our 16th consecutive year of positive earnings growth as a public company. In the past 12 months, we have become faster and more relevant to a broader range of users as we continue to dedicate ourselves to building tools to support a variety of user workflows from traditional Asset Management to Wealth Managers, Mergers & Acquisitions, Advisor, Sales & Trading, Hedge Funds and Private Equity/Venture Capital. FactSet is on the desktops of many of the largest and most successful financial companies in the world. Our unique applications free global professionals from having to gather and collate financial and economic data, which allows them more time to analyze the data and increase their productivity.

Fiscal 2012 in Review
Our fiscal 2012 results continue to demonstrate the success FactSet has had in the marketplace. The strength of our business model continues to generate stockholder value as illustrated by our double-digit revenue and diluted earnings per share growth. Robust top and bottom-line growth was achieved despite volatility in the financial markets that may have interrupted short-term buying patterns from our clients. As the economy remains volatile, results indicate our philosophy of consistently investing for the future is paying off. Each of our key operating metrics experienced healthy growth, as we added 155 net new clients and 1,400 new users since August 31, 2011.

ASV totaled $843 million at August 31, 2012, up 7% organically over the prior year, while diluted earnings per share was $4.12, up 14% year over year. We continued to hire around the world, as we added employees in our content collection operations as well as in our engineering and consulting groups. During the third quarter of fiscal 2012, we increased our regular quarterly dividend by 15% to $0.31 per share, making 2012 the seventh consecutive year we have increased our dividend by more than 10%. Aggregating dividends with share repurchases, we returned $204 million to stockholders and generated over $209 million in free cash flow during fiscal 2012.

We acquired StreetAccount in June 2012, a leader in timely and informative news summaries for the investment community. StreetAccount has been integrated into the FactSet workstation and our mobile applications, and will continue to be offered as a standalone web application for its traditional user community. Client feedback about StreetAccount has been overwhelmingly positive.

We are also proud to have been recognized in fiscal 2012 for our exemplary employee workforce who continue to provide the industry's best service. For the fourth time in five years, we were named to Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For". We were named to one of the "UK's 50 Best Workplaces" for the fourth year in a row and recognized as one of "France's 50 Best Workplaces." As we continue to grow, we rely on the constant infusion of new ideas and creative thinking to maintain our position at the cutting-edge of financial services and software.

All these metrics simply show that, even now in a volatile marketplace, FactSet continues to grow. Our business continues to expand into adjacent areas, including the wide variety of content we collect and process, as we've grown organically, aided by strategic acquisitions over the years, and remained focused on our core client base. We continue to deliver excellent client service, provided by our home-grown consultants. With them and with our experienced sales and products teams, we provide superior service for clients that demand the very best. We view success over the long-term, which requires us to make new investments in our products and technology every year. This philosophy translates to our products becoming more competitive in the marketplace.

Product Enhancements
The following major fiscal 2012 product developments focused on building tools to support a variety of user workflows that are anticipated to have a significant impact on our future growth.

Fixed Income Portfolio Analysis ("FIPA") - Clients use FIPA to analyze the performance of fixed income portfolios. We released a number of enhancements including a significant expansion of our network of servers to calculate the quantitative models that drive the analysis, as well as a tool to automate the testing of FIPA results.

StreetAccount - Through the acquisition of StreetAccount in June 2012, we now distill crucial market-moving information for investment professionals, providing concise and timely synopses of important events. We are now able to provide our clients with an efficient method for managing news presented to them each day. StreetAccount has been integrated into the FactSet workstation and our mobile applications, and will continue to be offered as a standalone web application for its traditional user community.

Company Guide - Company Guide is a new suite of company reports available on our traditional and mobile platforms. The reports and charts provide quick, relevant, and visually pleasing data views, enabling our clients to monitor any of the thousands of companies in our financial data libraries. Company Guide represents our product development focused on ease-of-use and speed of calculation for our product suite.

Local Market Share (Market Metrics) - We expanded our Local Market Share product beyond mutual funds to include variable annuity and life insurance data. We also grew the user base by introducing a new application for wholesalers to consume local market share data easily and quickly.

Macro Attribution - Macro attribution, which enables analysis of investment decisions for fund of funds portfolios, has been integrated within our PA suite. This attribution method treats a fund the same way traditional methods treat securities, so performance is viewed for the fund as a whole rather than its component securities. Macro attribution displays the performance of a particular strategy, manager, or asset class.

Portfolio Analysis in Kanji - This product enhancement has increased our opportunities within the local Japanese investment management market.

Country Synopsis - This new application, available in the FactSet workstation, combines economic data, stock index data, country fundamentals, and company-level data into a single high-level report, which serves as a starting point for analysis of a country.

Bank Loan Data within FIPA - In June 2012, we announced the integration of bank loan data from Markit to enhance our FIPA service. Under the agreement, we will carry Markit's terms and conditions data on bank loans as well as loan market performance data from both of Markit's iBoxx USD Leveraged Loan's Indexes.

Entity Structure -In June 2012, we released the industry's first interactive data visualization tool for business entity and counterparty analysis. This new Entity Structure report combines our Entity Data Management solution with comprehensive financial content, letting users dive deeply into a company or country's complex structure. The report capitalizes on the strength of FactSet EDM, which makes available high-quality symbology and entity mapping. Users are able to gain a detailed view of the capital structure of a given entity, as all securities are mapped to the entity's hierarchy at the issuing level.

Evolving Technology
The following were key fiscal 2012 improvements to our technology infrastructure necessary to expand our business:

Project NextGen - FactSet is evolving away from large mainframe computers to a more distributed environment powered by a vast array of smaller, faster, and more cost-effective machines. As part of a multi-phase project to be executed over several years, we converted all databases and released several applications on this new platform during fiscal 2012. While this initiative requires a significant investment of internal resources, we do not anticipate any interruption to our clients' workflows. Instead, we expect clients will notice that their FactSet applications run more quickly and reliably.

Wireless Connectivity - The Company went mobile in the beginning of fiscal 2012 with FactSet for the iPad and the iPhone, supplementing its flagship workstation offering with the same data and analytical products on mobile devices. This capability embeds the FactSet service offering even further into the daily workflow of its clients.

Mainframe Upgrade - In addition to investing in the future via our NextGen initiative, we continued to ensure that our existing mainframe architecture functions at high levels. During the year we upgraded the remaining 20% of our mainframes to optimize speed and consistency for both client batch and interactive workloads.

Fixed Income Analytics - We expanded our state-of-the-art grid of servers and software systems that support our industry-leading fixed income analytics platform. This grid, or network of servers, now has more computing power than our mainframe computers and at a lower cost.

Direct Exchange Feed Expansion - We established direct lines to several dozen additional domestic and international securities exchanges during fiscal 2012, giving us more control of the quality and timeliness of real-time exchange data. Rather than depending upon third-party consolidated feeds, we have taken the initiative to control the technology for this critical information.

Growing and Enhancing FactSet Proprietary Data Sets Our proprietary collection process allows us to enhance data in valuable and new ways. As such, we continue to expand our content collection facilities in India and the Philippines, staffing the new centers with financial information industry experts to make improvements in timeliness and reliability. Over the last 12 months we increased our content collection headcount by 215 employees. As of August 31, 2012, there were 3,124 employees in Hyderabad and Manila responsible for collecting and publishing data on thousands of global companies using a proprietary FactSet collection process. The following were significant proprietary content initiatives during fiscal 2012:

FactSet Fundamentals -We expanded the number of companies covered by the FactSet Fundamentals collection team, making this critical data set even more relevant to users who follow Asian and emerging markets. Our team realized a huge improvement in collection speed, becoming more timely than other providers of fundamentals data. The comprehensive coverage available on FactSet Fundamentals now includes more than 72,000 companies, 20 years of historical data, up to 2,000 data elements on each company record and intra-day updates for more than 150 data items.

FactSet Estimates - The FactSet Estimates database is now a best-of-breed in the industry, used by The Wall Street Journal for the annual "Best on the Street" analyst survey and widely sourced in major financial publications and other media channels. The FactSet Estimates collection team expanded the breadth of available information, including such innovative enhancements as product-level estimates and reconciliations of GAAP to Non-GAAP measures, as investors seek to interpret company earnings releases to yet another level of detail. FactSet Estimates now covers approximately 16,300 active companies globally with 806 contributors providing comprehensive consensus-level estimates and statistics.

Credit Analysis - Our collection and presentation of debt capital structure information advanced beyond what we believe is currently offered by some of our competitors. This data set is global, timely, and links directly to the underlying prospectus or indenture. We've integrated our data with content from third parties and created new reports focused on liquidity, causing credit analysis to emerge as a competitive advantage for FactSet.

Fixed income Terms and Conditions - Our collection teams also focused their 2012 efforts on collecting terms and conditions of fixed income instruments. The primary purpose of this effort was to improve the client experience for users of FIPA. Our terms and conditions database has grown this year to cover more than 75,000 non-U.S. securities, primarily related to corporate and sovereign debt instruments.

Job Creation
We believe that future success depends in part on our continued ability to hire, assimilate and retain qualified personnel. As of August 31, 2012, employee headcount was 5,735, up 9% from a year ago. This marks the third consecutive year we have hired at least 450 people and in the past three years, FactSet has created a net new 2,773 jobs around the world, including more than 500 within the U.S. Fiscal 2012 employee growth was broad-based as we welcomed new classes of software engineers and sales consultants, continued the expansion of our proprietary content collection operations in India and the Philippines and welcomed employees through the acquisition of StreetAccount.

StreetAccount Acquisition
On June 29, 2012, we acquired StreetAccount LLC ("SA") to complement our news offering with distilled and crucial market moving information for buy-side and sell-side institutions. Founded in 2003, SA is known for its timely and informative news summaries and provides investment professionals with an efficient method for managing news flow. The StreetAccount service includes real-time company updates, portfolio and sector filtering, email alerts, and market summaries. Content is written by financial professionals and can be customized for portfolio, index, sector, market, time of day (i.e., Overnight Summaries), and category (i.e., Top Stories, Market Summaries, Economic, M&A). At the time of acquisition, SA had annual subscriptions of $11.4 million. FactSet is now the sole distributor of StreetAccount news and current FactSet users can gain immediate, integrated access to StreetAccount through the FactSet workstation and iPad application.

Awards and Recognition
We received the following accolades during fiscal 2012:
Ranked #75 on Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For," and included on that list for the fourth time

FactSet Europe was named one of the "UK's 50 Best Workplaces" for the fourth consecutive year

Recognized as one of "France's 50 Best Workplaces"

Ranked within Connecticut's 2012 Best Places to Work

Named a "Top 10 Best Small-Medium Company to Work For" by the Business Research Guide

We also held our U.S. and European symposia during fiscal 2012, with over 320 industry professionals in attendance from around the world, including 270 clients

Growth across all Geographies and Key Metrics In fiscal 2012, we delivered growth across all of our key metrics as our sales and consulting staff continued to sell our broad range of products across each geographic region. We gained new clients and users both in the U.S. and internationally, as new and existing clients continue to value our functionality and content.

U.S. Operations
U.S. revenues increased to $550.5 million in fiscal 2012.

Revenues from U.S. operations accounted for 68% of our consolidated revenues in fiscal 2012, consistent with the prior year.

ASV was $572 million at August 31, 2012, up 5% from a year ago when excluding acquired StreetAccount ASV.

Employee count in the U.S. grew 7% during fiscal 2012 and represented 32% of all employees at August 31, 2012.

International Operations
Non-U.S. revenues increased to $255.3 million in fiscal 2012.

Revenues from non-U.S. operations accounted for 32% of our consolidated revenues for fiscal 2012, consistent with the prior year.

ASV was $271 million at August 31, 2012, up 10% year over year.

Headcount increased by 357 since September 1, 2010 to 3,895 international employees as of August 31, 2012 and represented 68% of all employees company-wide.

Capital Expenditures
Capital expenditures were $22.5 million in fiscal 2012.

$13.1 million or 58% of capital expenditures was for computer equipment, including upgrading our mainframe server equipment held in our data centers and laptop computers and peripherals for our growing employee base.

$9.4 million or 42% of capital expenditures were incurred for the build out of new space in Norwalk, New York and Hong Kong as well as the continued expansion of leased office space in the Philippines.

Growth in Several Key Metrics for Fiscal 2012

ASV was $843 million at August 31, 2012, up 7% organically over the prior year.

Revenues grew 11% to $806 million.

Diluted earnings per share rose 14% to $4.12.

Free cash flow generated over the last twelve months was $209 million, up 18%.

Accounts receivable decreased $1 million over the last twelve months while organic ASV was up $53 million over the same period, reflecting an improvement in our days sales outstanding ("DSO") from 35 to 32 days.

Professionals using FactSet increased to 49,500, up 1,400 users.

A net increase of 155 clients over the last twelve months compared to 127 last year.

Annual client retention remained greater than 95% of ASV and 92% when expressed as a percentage of clients, both statistics consistent with a year ago.

Returning Value to Stockholders
We increased our quarterly dividend 15% from $0.27 to $0.31 per share in May 2012.

The Company paid $50 million of regular quarterly dividends during fiscal 2012.

We expanded our existing share repurchase program by an additional $200 million in May 2012.

FactSet repurchased 1.6 million shares for $153 million under the program. Including the expansion, $190 million remains authorized for future share repurchases as of August 31, 2012.

Results of Operations

For an understanding of the significant factors that influenced our performance during the past three fiscal years, the following discussion should be read in conjunction with the Consolidated Financial Statements and the Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements presented in this Annual Report on Form 10-K.

(in thousands, except
per share data)
Years Ended August
31,                       2012          2011          Change         2011          2010          Change
Revenues                $ 805,793     $ 726,510           10.9 %   $ 726,510     $ 641,059           13.3 %
Cost of services          275,537       244,623           12.6 %     244,623       206,550           18.4 %
Selling, general and
administrative            257,266       243,552            5.6 %     243,552       212,875           14.4 %
Operating income          272,990       238,335           14.5 %     238,335       221,634            7.5 %
Net income              $ 188,809     $ 171,046           10.4 %   $ 171,046     $ 150,211           13.9 %
Diluted earnings per
common share            $    4.12     $    3.61           14.1 %   $    3.61     $    3.13           15.3 %
Diluted weighted
average common shares      45,810        47,355                       47,355        48,004


Fiscal 2012 compared to Fiscal 2011
Revenues in fiscal 2012 were $805.8 million, up 10.9% compared to the prior year. Included in this total was $1.8 million from the acquisition of StreetAccount on June 29, 2012. Our revenue growth drivers during fiscal 2012 were broad-based growth across all geographies, continued use of our advanced applications such as Portfolio Analysis, growth in the number of clients and users, new features and enhancements to our competitive product suite, expanded deployment of our proprietary data, annual price increases, the ability to access FactSet for the iPad and the iPhone, increased usage of FactSet in Excel by both buy and sell-side users, growth in our Market Metrics business and an annual client retention rate that is greater than 95% of ASV and 92% in terms of clients. These revenue drivers were partially offset by cancellation of an earnings estimates feed from us.

Broad-based growth across all geographies Our sales and consulting staff continued to sell our broad range of products across each geographic region. We gained new clients at traditional money managers, regional broker dealers and among research and sales departments both in the U.S. and internationally. Revenues generated by each of our segments experienced double-digit growth compared to a year ago, as U.S. revenues were up 10.6%, European revenues advanced 10.5% and Asia Pacific revenues grew 15.2%. Our investment management clients represented 81% of our total ASV as of August 31, 2012, up from 79% a year ago.

Clients continue to license our advanced applications Our Portfolio Analytics suite of products, including our Fixed Income in PA product, continued to be a source of revenue growth. PA 2.0, Portfolio Publisher, SPAR (Style Performance and Risk Analysis), Fixed Income in PA, benchmarks and indices, and our risk optimizer products have been among the many value-added applications that continue to be in demand by existing clients as well as an attractive selling point for new clients. In the last 12 months, both PA users and clients have increased by double digits as this suite is comprehensive and includes the applications for portfolio attribution, risk, quantitative analysis, portfolio publishing and returns based, style analysis. Portfolio Publisher was successful in fiscal 2012 as buy side clients used it to streamline their report production workflows. Quantitative analysis groups have found value our suite of risk models and portfolio optimizers, which are fully integrated and offered by FactSet. Our strength in portfolio analysis and our ability to effectively manage the complex requirements of our clients is a marked differentiator for FactSet.

Growth in the number of clients and users of FactSet We have experienced net new client growth for 11 consecutive quarters. It is rewarding to see net new client growth for 11 consecutive quarters against a backdrop of economic volatility where we have seen uncertain economic times stifle new firm creation and extend the timeframes clients take to make large spending decisions. The total number of FactSet clients as of August 31, 2012 was 2,392, a net increase of 155 clients during the past 12 months as compared to 127 net new clients during fiscal 2011. Excluding the StreetAccount acquisition, we added 57 net new clients during the fourth quarter of 2012. This represented the highest quarterly total in six years. Adding new clients is one of the first steps for us in increasing ASV. New clients typically begin at lower ASV levels and grow over the first few years. At August 31, 2012, our largest individual client accounted for 2% of total subscriptions and annual subscriptions from the ten largest clients did not surpass 16% of total client subscriptions, consistent with August 31, 2011.

At August 31, 2012, there were 49,500 professionals using FactSet, an increase of 1,400 users from a year ago. Users declined among sell-side clients, but the overall user count still increased by 1,400 on a net new basis during fiscal 2012 due to penetration on the buy-side. In the past 12 months, our investment management client base has added approximately 1,900 users while our investment banking clients have contracted by 500 users. These investment banking clients were cautious in fiscal 2012 as they closely reviewed and scrutinized their user populations and right-sized their populations based on how they perceive market opportunities. Many of them experienced headcount reductions, which lowered our investment banking user count. However, in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2012, total user count increased by 1,100 due to growth in both the investment management and banking businesses. This user count growth was strong when considering the high season of hiring for sell-side banks is in the summer, and our belief that new hires declined by approximately 20% compared to 2011.

New Features and Enhancements to our Competitive Product Suite Though global market volatility resulted in a business environment less favorable to our clients, FactSet continued to provide a highly competitive product suite. Despite widespread expense reduction programs at our clients, fiscal 2012 saw FactSet gain market share. As a result, our client and user counts expanded to record highs. We successfully released new features and enhancements to the FactSet workstation during fiscal 2012. Speed and software stability improvements were highlights and made our system even more compelling to our clients. As in the prior year, our client product usage growth rate exceeded our subscription growth rate, signaling that we delivered more value per dollar of subscription to our clients.

Real-time users have increased every quarter since the product was released in 2002. Real-time news and quotes is a product that services the needs of a global investor and continues to be a source of revenue growth for us. Deployment of . . .

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