Yahoo Finance Charts User Guide

Adjusting Dividends to Your Chart

DIVIDENDS are payments companies make to share holders. The larger a dividend a company pays, the more valuable that company’s stock usually is. To add DIVIDENDS to your chart, click on the DIVIDENDS button in the lower left corner of the chart. Once you do, if the company has ever paid a dividend—which some growth companies have not—you will see a blue square with a “D” in it appear below each date on which the company paid a dividend.


If you place your cursor above the square, a window will appear telling you the EX-DIV DATE and the DIVIDEND AMOUNT. The EX-DIV DATE is an abbreviation for ex-dividend date. If you do not own the stock by the ex-dividend date, you are not eligible for the dividend. The DIVIDEND AMOUNT is the amount per share that the company is paying in dividends.


To remove SPLITS or DIVIDENDS from your chart, simply click on the same button you used to add the information to your chart.

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