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US Earnings Calendar for August 13, 2014
As of 31-Oct-14

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Earnings Announcements for Wednesday, August 13
Able C&C
Abtech Holdings IncABHDAfter Market Close
Admiral Group PLCADM.L02:00 am ET
Advanced Process Systems Corp054620.KQTime Not Supplied
Aegean Marine Petroleum Network IncANWAfter Market Close
Ag Growth International IncAFN.TOBefore Market Open
AgJunction IncAJX.TOAfter Market Close
AGT Food and Ingredients IncAGT.TOBefore Market Open
Aimia IncAIM.TOAfter Market Close
aleo solar AGAS1.DETime Not Supplied
Allied Motion Technologies IncAMOTAfter Market CloseListen
Altigen Communications IncATGNAfter Market Close
Amcom Telecommunications LtdAMM.AXTime Not Supplied
American Electric Technologies IncAETIBefore Market Open
American Residential Properties IncARPIAfter Market CloseListen
American Shipping Company ASAAMSC.OLBefore Market Open
Applied Industrial Technologies IncAITBefore Market OpenListen
Ares Management LPARESTime Not Supplied
Argos Therapeutics IncARGSAfter Market Close
Artek Exploration LtdRTK.TOAfter Market Close
Aspen Technology IncAZPNAfter Market Close
ATS Automation Tooling Systems IncATA.TOBefore Market Open
Aurubis AGNDA.DETime Not Supplied
Aveda Transportation and Energy Services IncAVE.VBefore Market Open
Awilco Drilling PLCAWDR.OLBefore Market Open
B2W Companhia DigitalBTOW3.SATime Not Supplied
Banco do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul SABRSR6.SATime Not Supplied
Banco do Nordeste do Brasil SABNBR3.SATime Not Supplied
Banco Industrial e Comercial SABICB4.SATime Not Supplied
Bankers Petroleum LtdBNK.TO07:00 am ET
Beijing Capital Development Co Ltd600376.SSTime Not Supplied
Bertrandt AGBDT.DETime Not Supplied
BHG SA Brazil Hospitality GroupBHGR3.SAAfter Market Close
BIO-Key International IncBKYITime Not Supplied
Bolt Technology CorpBOLTTime Not Supplied
Brasil Insurance Participacoes e Administracao SABRIN3.SATime Not Supplied
Brasil Pharma SABPHA3.SAAfter Market Close
Brit PLCBRIT.LBefore Market Open
CAE IncCAE.TOBefore Market Open
Canadian Energy Services & Technology CorpCEU.TOAfter Market Close
Canadian Solar IncCSIQBefore Market OpenListen
Capital & Regional PLCCAL.LTime Not Supplied
Carsales.Com LtdCRZ.AXTime Not Supplied
Centrus Energy CorpLEUAfter Market Close
Cervus Equipment CorpCVL.TOAfter Market Close
Cewe Color Holding AGCWCA.DE01:00 am ET
China Distance Education Holdings LtdDLAfter Market CloseListen
China Steel Corp2002.TWTime Not Supplied
Cinedigm CorpCIDMAfter Market Close
Cisco Systems IncCSCOAfter Market CloseListen
CLS Holdings PLCCLI.L02:00 am ET
Coalfield Resources PLCCRES.LBefore Market Open
Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaCBA.AXTime Not Supplied
Compal Electronics Inc2324.TWTime Not Supplied
Companhia de Saneamento do Parana SaneparSAPR4.SATime Not Supplied
Companhia Energetica de Minas Gerais CemigCMIG4.SAAfter Market Close
Computer Modelling Group LtdCMG.TOBefore Market Open
Computershare LtdCPU.AXTime Not Supplied
Conatus Pharmaceuticals IncCNATAfter Market Close
Corbion NVCRBN.ASTime Not Supplied
Cosan SA Industria e ComercioCSAN3.SA5:00 pm ET
CPFL Energia SACPFE3.SAAfter Market Close
Crescent Point Energy CorpCPG.TOBefore Market Open
CSL LtdCSL.AXTime Not Supplied
Curanum AGBHS.DETime Not Supplied
Cyrela Brazil Realty SA Empreendimentos e ParticipacoesCYRE3.SAAfter Market Close
Dampskibsselskabet Norden A/SDNORD.CO03:00 am ET
Deere & CoDEBefore Market Open
DeeThree Exploration LtdDTX.TOBefore Market Open
Delphi Energy CorpDEE.TOAfter Market Close
Dongwon F & B Co Ltd
Dongwon Industries Co Ltd
E.ON SEEOAN.DE01:30 am ETListen
Echo Entertainment Group LtdEGP.AXTime Not SuppliedListen
Eclipse Resources CorpECRAfter Market Close
Eleven Biotherapeutics IncEBIOTime Not Supplied
eMagin CorpEMANAfter Market CloseListen
Energy XXI (Bermuda) LtdEXXIAfter Market Close
Eneva SAENEV3.SAAfter Market Close
EnQuest PLCENQ.L02:00 am ETListen
Epizyme IncEPZMBefore Market Open
Eva Airways Corp2618.TWTime Not Supplied
Everlight Electronics Co Ltd2393.TWTime Not Supplied
Exone CoXONEAfter Market Close
EZchip Semiconductor LtdEZCH.TABefore Market Open
Farglory Land Development Co Ltd5522.TWTime Not Supplied
Fiera Capital CorpFSZ.TOBefore Market Open
First Majestic Silver CorpFR.TOBefore Market Open
First Resources LtdEB5.SITime Not Supplied
Flsmidth & Co A/SFLS.CO06:00 am ET
Friwo AGCEA.DETime Not Supplied
G4S PLCGFS.LBefore Market Open
Gagfah SAGFJ.DETime Not Supplied
Genmab A/SGEN.COAfter Market Close
Gevo IncGEVOAfter Market CloseListen
GfK SEGFK.DETime Not Supplied
GlobalSCAPE IncGSBTime Not Supplied
Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes SAGOLL4.SAAfter Market Close
Goodman Fielder LtdGFF.AXTime Not Supplied
Grand Korea Leisure Co Ltd
Great Canadian Gaming CorpGC.TOAfter Market Close
Gs Holdings Corp
Guinness Peat Group PLCGPG.LTime Not SuppliedListen
GWR Global Water Resources CorpGWGWFBefore Market Open
Hanwha Chemical Corp
Hanwha Corp
Hanwha Life Insurance Co Ltd
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AGHDD.DETime Not Supplied
Hollysys Automation Technologies LtdHOLIAfter Market Close
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd2317.TWTime Not Supplied
Huchems Fine Chemical Corp
Hunter Douglas NVHDG.ASTime Not Supplied
IAMGOLD CorpIMG.TOAfter Market Close
Identiv IncINVEAfter Market Close
Iljin Display Co Ltd
Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk PTITMG.JKAfter Market Close
InSite Vision IncINSVAfter Market CloseListen
InterOil CorpIOCBefore Market Open
InterPark Corp035080.KQTime Not Supplied
Ivanhoe Mines LtdIVN.TOBefore Market Open
Jammu And Kashmir Bank Ltd
JHSF Participacoes SAJHSF3.SAAfter Market Close
K-Bro Linen IncKBL.TO10:00 pm ET
KH Vatec Co Ltd060720.KQTime Not Supplied
Kingold Jewelry IncKGJIAfter Market Close
Kiwoom Securities Co Ltd
Knightsbridge Shipping LtdVLCCFTime Not Supplied
Korea Investment Holdings Co Ltd
KSB AGKSB.DETime Not Supplied
Leifheit AGLEI.DE03:00 am ET
Leisureworld Senior Care CorpLW.TOAfter Market Close
Li Ning Co Ltd2331.HKTime Not Supplied
Light SALIGT3.SAAfter Market Close
Lojas Americanas SALAME4.SAAfter Market Close
Lookers PLCLOOK.LBefore Market Open
LPKF Laser & Electronics AGLPK.DE02:00 am ET
LS Corp
Lumens Co Ltd038060.KQTime Not Supplied
Macy's IncMBefore Market OpenListen
Magnesita Refratarios SAMAGG3.SAAfter Market Close
Manhattan Bridge Capital IncLOANBefore Market Open
Marfrig Global Foods SAMRFG3.SATime Not Supplied
Markit LtdMRKTBefore Market Open
MediciNova IncMNOVTime Not Supplied
MegaStudy Co Ltd072870.KQTime Not Supplied
MELA Sciences IncMELAAfter Market CloseListen
Merck KGaAMRK.DE01:00 am ET
Merida Industry Co Ltd9914.TWTime Not Supplied
Metalico IncMEABefore Market Open
Metro IncMRU.TOBefore Market Open
Michael Page International PLCMPI.L02:00 am ET
Minera Irl LtdMIRL.LAfter Market Close
Mizrahi Tefahot Bank LtdMZTF.TATime Not Supplied
Mologen AGMGN.F01:00 am ET
NetApp IncNTAPAfter Market Close
NetEase, IncNTESAfter Market CloseListen
Noodles & CoNDLSAfter Market Close
Norcraft Companies IncNCFTBefore Market Open
Northern Offshore LtdNOF.OLTime Not SuppliedListen
NTN Buzztime IncNTNAfter Market CloseListen
NV5 Holdings IncNVEEAfter Market Close
Oclaro IncOCLRAfter Market Close
OHB AGOHB.DETime Not Supplied
On Track Innovations LtdOTIVTime Not SuppliedListen
Onconova Therapeutics IncONTXAfter Market Close
Onex CorpOCX.TOTime Not Supplied
Orient Paper IncONPAfter Market CloseListen
OZ Minerals LtdOZL.AXTime Not Supplied
Pan American Silver CorpPAA.TOAfter Market Close
Partner Communications Company LtdPTNR.TATime Not Supplied
PDI IncPDIIAfter Market CloseListen
Petra Foods LtdP34.SIAfter Market Close
Petrotec AGPT8.FTime Not Supplied
Peyto Exploration and Development CorpPEYUFAfter Market Close
Pinnacle Foods IncPFBefore Market OpenListen
Pne Wind AGPNE3.DETime Not Supplied
Precinct Properties New Zealand LtdPCT.NZTime Not SuppliedListen
Primary Health Care LtdPRY.AXTime Not Supplied
Property for Industry LtdPFI.NZTime Not SuppliedListen
Prumo Logistica SAPRML3.SAAfter Market Close
QGEP Participacoes SAQGEP3.SAAfter Market Close
Re/Max Holdings IncRMAXAfter Market Close
RLJ Entertainment IncRLJEAfter Market Close
Rvue Holdings IncRVUEAfter Market Close
Salzgitter AGSZG.DETime Not Supplied
Samsung Life Insurance Co Ltd
Sandstorm Gold LtdSSL.TOAfter Market Close
Scana Industrier ASASCI.OLTime Not Supplied
Schindler Holding AGSCHP.VX12:30 am ET
SeaWorld Entertainment IncSEASBefore Market Open
Seegene Inc096530.KQTime Not Supplied
Sharps Compliance CorpSMEDBefore Market Open
Siemens LtdSIEMENS.NSTime Not Supplied
Silver Wheaton CorpSLW.TOAfter Market Close
SilverCrest Mines IncSVL.TOAfter Market Close
Skilled Group LtdSKE.AXTime Not Supplied
Skycity Entertainment Group LtdSKC.NZTime Not Supplied
SLC Agricola SASLCE3.SAAfter Market Close
Sonae Sierra Brasil SASSBR3.SAAfter Market Close
Spar Nord Bank A/SSPNO.COTime Not Supplied
Sparebank 1 Nord-NorgeNONG.OLTime Not Supplied
Sparebank 1 Ringerike HadelandRING.OLTime Not Supplied
Sparebank 1 SMNMING.OLTime Not Supplied
Sparebank 1 SR Bank ASASRBANK.OLTime Not Supplied
SpartanNash CoSPTNAfter Market Close
Spire CorpSPIRAfter Market Close
Sprague Resources LPSRLPBefore Market Open
Springland International Holdings Ltd1700.HKTime Not Supplied
St Andrew Goldfields LtdSAS.TOAfter Market Close
Starwood Waypoint Residential TrustSWAYBefore Market Open
Sun Art Retail Group Ltd6808.HKTime Not Supplied
Suncorp Group LtdSUN.AXTime Not SuppliedListen
Surgical Care Affiliates IncSCAIAfter Market Close
Taewoong Co Ltd044490.KQTime Not Supplied
Tegma Gestao Logistica SATGMA3.SAAfter Market Close
Tekmira Pharmaceuticals CorpTKM.TOAfter Market Close
Tengion IncTNGNTime Not Supplied
TORC Oil & Gas LtdTOG.TOBefore Market Open
Total Energy Services IncTOT.TOBefore Market Open
TransGlobe Energy CorpTGL.TOBefore Market Open
Tribal Group PLCTRB.LBefore Market Open
Twin Butte Energy LtdTBE.TOAfter Market Close
Unitech LtdUNITECH.NSTime Not Supplied
Veracyte IncVCYTAfter Market Close
Viveve Medical IncVIVMFAfter Market Close
WeMade Entertainment Co Ltd112040.KQTime Not Supplied
William Lyon HomesWLHBefore Market Open
Wintek Corp2384.TWTime Not Supplied
Wirecard AGWDI.DE01:30 am ET
Wistron Corp3231.TWTime Not Supplied
Wuxi Pharmatech Cayman IncWXAfter Market CloseListen
Ying Li International Real Estate Ltd5DM.SIBefore Market Open
YuMe IncYUMEAfter Market Close
ZaZa Energy CorpZAZAAfter Market CloseListen
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