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US Earnings Calendar for May 14, 2014
As of 22-Aug-14

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Earnings Announcements for Wednesday, May 14
3i Group PLCIII.LTime Not SuppliedListen
Abengoa SAABG.MCTime Not SuppliedListen
Able C&C
Ablynx NVABLX.BRTime Not Supplied
Abtech Holdings IncABHD4:00 pm ET
Acciona SAANA.MCAfter Market Close
Acotel Group SpAACO.MITime Not Supplied
Acxiom CorpACXMAfter Market Close
Adecoagro SAAGROAfter Market Close
Africa Oil CorpAOI.TOAfter Market Close
Ag Growth International IncAFN.TOBefore Market Open
AGEAS SAAGS.BR01:30 am ETListen
Agilent Technologies IncAAfter Market CloseListen
Agilysys IncAGYSAfter Market Close
Allianz SEALV.DE01:00 am ET
ARC Group Worldwide IncARCWBefore Market Open
Artek Exploration LtdRTK.TOAfter Market Close
Ascopiave SpAASC.MITime Not Supplied
Astaldi SpAAST.MITime Not Supplied
Asure Software IncASURBefore Market Open
Aurubis AGNDA.DETime Not Supplied
Austevoll Seafood ASAAUSS.OL03:00 am ET
Auxilio IncAUXOTime Not Supplied
Awilco Drilling PLCAWDR.OLBefore Market Open
B & C Speakers SpABEC.MITime Not Supplied
B2Gold CorpBTO.TOBefore Market Open
Balda AGBAF.DETime Not Supplied
Banco Industrial e Comercial SABICB4.SABefore Market Open
Baron de Ley SABDL.MCTime Not Supplied
Bauer AGB5A.DE01:00 am ET
Bavarian Nordic A/SBAVA.COTime Not Supplied
Bechtle AGBC8.DETime Not Supplied
Bertrandt AGBDT.DETime Not Supplied
BG Medicine IncBGMDBefore Market Open
Bionor Pharma ASABIONOR.OL01:00 am ETListen
Birchcliff Energy LtdBIR.TOAfter Market Close
Black Iron IncBKI.TOAfter Market Close
Boero Bartolomeo SpABOE.MITime Not Supplied
Bolzoni SpABLZ.MITime Not Supplied
Bonterra Energy CorpBNE.TOTime Not Supplied
Borders and Southern Petroleum PLCBOR.LBefore Market Open
Brasil Pharma SABPHA3.SAAfter Market Close
British Land Company PLCBLND.L02:00 am ETListen
Cad It SpACAD.MITime Not Supplied
CafePress IncPRSSAfter Market Close
Cairo Communication SpACAI.MITime Not Supplied
Calmena Energy Services IncCEZ.TOAfter Market Close
Campofrio Food Group SACFG.MCAfter Market Close
Carbon Natural Gas CoCRBOTime Not Supplied
CatchMark Timber Trust IncCTTAfter Market Close
CEL-SCI CorpCVMTime Not Supplied
Cellcom Israel LtdCEL.TABefore Market OpenListen
Cellectar Biosciences IncCLRBAfter Market Close
Cembre SpACMB.MITime Not Supplied
Centrotec Sustainable AGCEV.DETime Not Supplied
China Automotive Systems IncCAASBefore Market Open
China Recycling Energy CorpCREGBefore Market Open
China XD Plastics Company LtdCXDCBefore Market OpenListen
ChipMOS TECHNOLOGIES Bermuda LtdIMOSTime Not Supplied
Cisco Systems IncCSCOAfter Market CloseListen
City Developments LtdC09.SITime Not Supplied
CJ E&M Corp130960.KQTime Not Supplied
Codere SACDR.MCAfter Market Close
Companhia Paranaense de EnergiaCPLE6.SAAfter Market Close
Compass Group PLCCPG.LBefore Market Open
Connacher Oil and Gas LtdCLL.TOAfter Market Close
Corporacion Financiera Alba SAALB.MCAfter Market Close
Coty IncCOTYBefore Market OpenListen
CSR LtdCSR.AXTime Not SuppliedListen
Curanum AGBHS.DETime Not Supplied
Cvent IncCVTAfter Market Close
Cypress Energy Partners LPCELPAfter Market Close
Cyrela Brazil Realty SA Empreendimentos e ParticipacoesCYRE3.SAAfter Market Close
Dada SpADA.MITime Not Supplied
Danieli & C Officine Meccaniche SpADAN.MITime Not Supplied
DATATRAK International IncDTRKTime Not Supplied
Deere & CoDEBefore Market Open
Delphi Energy CorpDEE.TOAfter Market Close
Deutsche Euroshop AGDEQ.DEAfter Market Close
Deutsche Wohnen AGDWNI.DETime Not Supplied
Dexia SADEXB.BRTime Not Supplied
DGSE Companies IncDGSEAfter Market Close
DHX Media LtdDHX.TOTime Not Supplied
Diana Shipping IncDSXBefore Market Open
Digital Bros SpADIB.MITime Not Supplied
Directcash Payments IncDCI.TOBefore Market Open
Dolphin Group ASADOLP.OL01:30 am ET
Dongwon F & B Co Ltd
DragonWave IncDWI.TOAfter Market Close
Drillisch AGDRI.DETime Not Supplied
Eagle Materials IncEXPAfter Market CloseListen
eLong IncLONGTime Not Supplied
Elron Electronic Industries LtdELRN.TATime Not Supplied
EMED Mining Public LtdEMED.LBefore Market Open
Energous CorpWATTBefore Market Open
Enzymotec LtdENZYBefore Market Open
Esprinet SpAPRT.MITime Not Supplied
EuKedos SpAEUK.MITime Not Supplied
Eurotech SpAETH.MITime Not Supplied
Evotec AGEVT.DETime Not Supplied
Exchange Income CorpEIF.TOAfter Market Close
Exone CoXONEAfter Market Close
EZchip Semiconductor LtdEZCH.TABefore Market OpenListen
Falck Renewables SpAFKR.MITime Not Supplied
Farglory Land Development Co Ltd5522.TWTime Not Supplied
Farstad Shipping ASAFAR.OLTime Not Supplied
First Resources LtdEB5.SITime Not Supplied
Flsmidth & Co A/SFLS.CO02:00 am ET
Freehold Royalties LtdFRU.TOAfter Market Close
Freni Brembo SpABRE.MITime Not Supplied
Full House Resorts IncFLLBefore Market Open
Gabriel Resources LtdGBU.TOAfter Market Close
GasLog LtdGLOGBefore Market OpenListen
Gevo IncGEVOAfter Market CloseListen
Gjensidige Forsikring ASAGJF.OL01:00 am ET
Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes SAGOLL4.SAAfter Market Close
Golden Agri-Resources LtdE5H.SIAfter Market Close
Goodman Property TrustGMT.NZTime Not SuppliedListen
Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti SpARIC.MITime Not Supplied
GSW Immobilien AGGIB.FTime Not Supplied
Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AGHHFA.DETime Not Supplied
Hanwha Chemical Corp
Hanwha Corp
Hanwha Life Insurance Co Ltd
Hanwha Solarone Co LtdHSOLBefore Market OpenListen
Hardwoods Distribution IncHWD.TOAfter Market Close
Hera SpAHER.MITime Not Supplied
HRT Participacoes em Petroleo SAHRTP3.SAAfter Market Close
IBI Group IncIBG.TOAfter Market Close
ICAP PLCIAP.LBefore Market Open
Identiv IncINVEAfter Market CloseListen
InSite Vision IncINSVTime Not SuppliedListen
Interleukin Genetics IncILIUAfter Market Close
International Stem Cell CorpISCOTime Not Supplied
InterOil CorpIOCBefore Market Open
Interpump Group SpAIP.MITime Not Supplied
Iren SpAIRE.MITime Not SuppliedListen
Isagro SpAISG.MITime Not Supplied
Iss A/SISS.COBefore Market Open
Jack In The Box IncJACKAfter Market CloseListen
JBS SAJBSS3.SAAfter Market Close
JGWPT Holdings IncJGWBefore Market Open
K&S AGSDF.DE01:00 am ETListen
Kate Spade & CoKATEBefore Market Open
KCP Co Ltd060250.KQTime Not Supplied
KNOT Offshore Partners LPKNOPBefore Market Open
Korea Investment Holdings Co Ltd
La Doria SpALD.MITime Not Supplied
Leifheit AGLEI.DETime Not Supplied
Leroy Seafood Group ASALSG.OL02:00 am ET
Lime Energy CoLIMEAfter Market Close
Luxoft Holding IncLXFTAfter Market Close
Macy's IncMBefore Market OpenListen
Maire Tecnimont SpAMT.MITime Not Supplied
Mediacontech SpAMCH.MITime Not Supplied
Mediolanum SpAMED.MI07:30 am ETListen
MegaStudy Co Ltd072870.KQTime Not Supplied
Merida Industry Co Ltd9914.TWTime Not Supplied
Metabolix IncMBLXAfter Market Close
Minera Irl LtdMIRL.LAfter Market Close
Mologen AGMGN.F01:00 am ET
Mondo TV SpAMTV.MITime Not Supplied
MphasiS LtdMPHASIS.NSTime Not Supplied
MRV Engenharia e Participacoes SAMRVE3.SAAfter Market Close
Navios Maritime Acquisition CorpNNABefore Market Open
Neowiz Games Corp095660.KQTime Not Supplied
Neptune Orient Lines LtdN03.SIAfter Market Close
NetEase, IncNTESAfter Market CloseListen
New Source Energy Partners LPNSLPBefore Market Open
New World Resources PlcNWR.LTime Not SuppliedListen
NKT Holding A/SNKT.CO02:00 am ET
Norcraft Companies IncNCFTBefore Market Open
Nordex SENDX1.DETime Not Supplied
North Energy ASANORTH.OLTime Not Supplied
Northern Offshore LtdNOF.OLAfter Market CloseListen
Northland Resources SANAUR.OLTime Not Supplied
NTN Buzztime IncNTNAfter Market CloseListen
NV5 Holdings IncNVEEAfter Market CloseListen
Obrascon Huarte Lain SAOHL.MCBefore Market Open
OHB AGOHB.DETime Not Supplied
Opexa Therapeutics IncOPXAAfter Market Close
Opower IncOPWRAfter Market Close
Osram Licht AGOSR.DETime Not Supplied
OVB Holding AGO4B.DETime Not Supplied
Partner Communications Company LtdPTNR.TATime Not Supplied
Peyto Exploration and Development CorpPEYUFAfter Market Close
Pine Cliff Energy LtdPNE.VAfter Market Close
Pinnacle Foods IncPFBefore Market OpenListen
Pizza Inn IncPZZIBefore Market Open
Pne Wind AGPNE3.DETime Not Supplied
Polarcus LtdPLCS.OL01:00 am ETListen
Power Financial CorpPWF.TOTime Not Supplied
Prelios SpAPRS.MITime Not Supplied
Pretium Resources IncPVG.TOAfter Market Close
Profarma Distribuidora de Produtos Farmaceuticos SAPFRM3.SA5:00 pm ET
Professional Diversity Network IncIPDNAfter Market Close
Promotora de Informaciones SAPRS.MCTime Not Supplied
Property and Building Corp LtdPTBL.TATime Not Supplied
Prumo Logistica SAPRML3.SAAfter Market Close
Puma SEPUM.DE02:00 am ET
Q4 Systems CorpQFORAfter Market Close
Re/Max Holdings IncRMAXAfter Market Close
REALIA Business SARLIA.MCAfter Market Close
Reed's IncREEDTime Not Supplied
Regado Biosciences IncRGDOBefore Market Open
Reit 1 LtdRIT1.TATime Not Supplied
Retrophin IncRTRXBefore Market OpenListen
Rhoen Klinikum AGRHK.DE01:00 am ET
Rizzoli Corriere della Sera Mediagroup SpARCS.MITime Not Supplied
RMP Energy IncRMP.TOAfter Market Close
Rossi Residencial SARSID3.SAAfter Market Close
RWE AGRWE.DE01:00 am ETListen
RXi Pharmaceuticals CorpRXIITime Not Supplied
S&W Seed CoSANWAfter Market Close
Sabina Gold & Silver CorpSBB.TOAfter Market Close
Sacyr SASCYR.MCTime Not Supplied
Salini Impregilo SpASAL.MITime Not Supplied
Samsung Life Insurance Co Ltd
Samsung Securities Co Ltd
Saras SpASRS.MITime Not Supplied
Schaltbau Holding AGSLT.DETime Not Supplied
SeaWorld Entertainment IncSEASAfter Market Close
Seegene Inc096530.KQTime Not Supplied
Servizi Italia SpASRI.MITime Not Supplied
Shandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer Co Ltd1066.HKTime Not Supplied
Shin Kong Financial Holding Co Ltd2888.TWTime Not Supplied
SilverCrest Mines IncSVL.TOAfter Market Close
Sinocoking Coal and Coke Chemical Industries IncSCOKTime Not Supplied
Sniace SASNC.MCTime Not Supplied
Societa Cattolica di Assicurazione ScCASS.MITime Not Supplied
Sodastream International LtdSODABefore Market Open
Softing AGSYT.DETime Not Supplied
SolarWorld AGSWVK.DETime Not Supplied
Sonae Sierra Brasil SASSBR3.SA5:00 pm ET
Sprague Resources LPSRLPBefore Market OpenListen
Springleaf Holdings IncLEAFBefore Market Open
Sprott IncSII.TO07:00 am ET
StemCells IncSTEMAfter Market CloseListen
STRATEC Biomedical AGSBS.DETime Not SuppliedListen
Strategic Oil and Gas LtdSOG.VAfter Market Close
Stroeer Media AGSAX.DE01:00 am ET
Sun Art Retail Group Ltd6808.HKTime Not Supplied
Supertel Hospitality IncSPPRTime Not Supplied
Sutron CorpSTRN09:50 am ET
Syneron Medical LtdELOSBefore Market Open
Tecnicas Reunidas SATRE.MCBefore Market OpenListen
Tekmira Pharmaceuticals CorpTKM.TOTime Not Supplied
Terna Rete Elettrica Nazionale SpATRN.MITime Not Supplied
Tes Co Ltd095610.KQTime Not Supplied
Testa Inmuebles en Renta SATST.MCAfter Market Close
Thai Beverage PCLY92.SIAfter Market Close
Tiong Seng Holdings LtdK2P.SITime Not Supplied
TN-K Energy Group IncTNKYTime Not Supplied
Tod's SpATOD.MITime Not Supplied
TORC Oil & Gas LtdTOG.TOBefore Market Open
Torm A/STORM.CO03:00 am ET
Transmissora Alianca de Energia Eletrica SATAEE11.SABefore Market Open
Trevi Finanziaria Industriale SpATFI.MITime Not Supplied
Tubacex SATUB.MCTime Not Supplied
Tucows IncTC.TOTime Not Supplied
UDG Healthcare PLCUDG.L02:00 am ET
Ultrapar Participacoes SAUGPA3.SAAfter Market Close
Ultrapetrol (Bahamas) LtdULTRAfter Market Close
US Geothermal IncHTMAfter Market Close
Valener IncVNR.TOBefore Market Open
Valero Energy Partners LPVLPTime Not Supplied
Valeura Energy IncVLE.TOAfter Market Close
VBH Holding AGVBH.DETime Not Supplied
Veloxis Pharmaceuticals A/SVELO.COAfter Market Close
VIB Vermoegen AGVIH.DETime Not Supplied
Viggle IncVGGLBefore Market Open
VimpelCom LtdVIP01:00 am ETListen
Vipshop Holdings LtdVIPSAfter Market CloseListen
VOXX International CorpVOXXAfter Market Close
Waldron Energy CorpWDN.TO9:00 pm ET
WesternOne IncWEQ.TOBefore Market Open
Whistler Blackcomb Holdings IncWB.TOBefore Market Open
Wistron Corp3231.TWTime Not Supplied
World Duty Free SpAWDF.MITime Not Supplied
Wuestenrot & Wuerttembergische AGWUW.DETime Not Supplied
WuXi Pharmatech (Cayman) IncWXAfter Market CloseListen
Xencor IncXNCRAfter Market Close
XL Axiata Tbk PTEXCL.JKTime Not Supplied
Zargon Oil & Gas LtdZAR.TOAfter Market Close
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