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Form 10-Q for AMYRIS, INC.


Quarterly Report


Forward-Looking Statements

The following discussion and analysis should be read in conjunction with our condensed consolidated financial statements and the related notes that appear elsewhere in this Form 10-Q. These discussions contain forward-looking statements reflecting our current expectations that involve risks and uncertainties which are subject to safe harbors under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or the Securities Act, and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, or the Exchange Act. These forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, statements concerning our strategy, future production capacity and other aspects of our future operations, ability to improve our production efficiencies, future financial position, future revenues, projected costs, expectations regarding demand and acceptance for our technologies, growth opportunities and trends in the market in which we operate, prospects and plans and objectives of management. The words "anticipates," "believes," "estimates," "expects," "intends," "may," "plans," "projects," "will," "would" and similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements, although not all forward-looking statements contain these identifying words. We may not actually achieve the plans, intentions or expectations disclosed in our forward-looking statements and you should not place undue reliance on our forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties that could cause our actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements, including, without limitation, the risks set forth in Part II, Item 1A, "Risk Factors," in this Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q and in our other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. We do not assume any obligation to update any forward-looking statements.

Amyris®, the Amyris logo, Biofene® and No Compromise® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Amyris, Inc. This report also contains trademarks and trade names of other businesses that are the property of their respective holders.


Amyris is a renewable products company focused on providing sustainable alternatives to a broad range of petroleum-sourced products. We developed innovative microbial engineering and screening technologies that modify the way microorganisms process sugars. We are using our proprietary synthetic biology platform to design microbes, primarily yeast, and use them as living factories in established fermentation processes to convert plant-sourced sugars into renewable hydrocarbons. We are developing, and, in some cases, already commercializing, products from these hydrocarbons in several target industry sectors, including cosmetics, lubricants, flavors and fragrances, polymers and specialty materials , and transportation fuels. We call these No Compromise products because we design them to perform comparably to or better than currently available products.

We have been applying our industrial synthetic biology platform to provide alternatives to a broad range of petroleum-sourced products. We have focused our development efforts on the production of Biofene, our brand of renewable farnesene, a long-chain, branched liquid hydrocarbon molecule. Using Biofene as a first commercial building block molecule, we are developing a wide range of renewable products for our target markets.

While our platform is able to utilize a wide variety of feedstocks, we are focusing our large-scale production plans primarily on the use of Brazilian sugarcane as our feedstock because of its renewability, low cost and relative price stability. We have also been able to produced Biofene through the use of other feedstocks such as sugar beets, corn dextrose, sweet sorghum and cellulosic sugars.

Our first purpose-built, large-scale Biofene production plant commenced operations in southeastern Brazil in December 2012. This plant in Brotas, in the state of São Paulo, is adjacent to an existing sugar and ethanol mill, Paraiso Bionergia. We have also commenced initial construction of a second large-scale production plant in Brazil, located at the Usina São Martinho sugar and ethanol mill also in the state of São Paulo, which we intend to complete the construction when market development support the start-up of that plant.

Our business strategy is focused on our commercialization efforts on specialty products while moving established commodity products, including our fuels and base oil lubricants products, into joint venture arrangements with established industry leaders. We believe this approach will permit access to the capital and resources necessary to support large-scale production and global distribution for our ubiquitous products. Our initial renewable products efforts have been focused on products for the cosmetics, niche fuel opportunities, fragrance oils, and liquid polymer sectors.

Total Relationship

In June 2010, we entered into a collaboration agreement with Total. This agreement provided for joint collaboration on the development of products through the use of our synthetic biology platform. In connection with this agreement, Total invested $133.2 million in our equity. In November 2011, we entered into an amendment of the collaboration agreement with Total with respect to development and commercialization of Biofene for diesel. This represented an expansion of the initial collaboration with Total, and established a global, exclusive collaboration for the development of Biofene for diesel and a framework for the creation of a joint venture to manufacture and commercialize Biofene for diesel. In addition, a limited number of other potential products were subject to development for the joint venture on a non-exclusive basis. In July 2012, we entered into a further amendment of the collaboration agreement with Total that expanded Total's investment in the Biofene collaboration, incorporated the development of certain joint venture products for use in diesel and jet fuel into the scope of the collaboration, and changed the structure of the funding from Total to include a convertible debt mechanism. Under the new agreements, we issued senior unsecured convertible notes to Total for an aggregate of $30.0 million in new cash in the third quarter of 2012 and an additional $30.0 million in 2013. Total may decide to provide further funding in 2014. Upon completion of the research and development program, we and Total would form a joint venture company that would have exclusive rights to produce and market renewable diesel and/or jet fuel. Should Total decide not to pursue commercialization, under certain conditions, it is eligible to recover up to $100.0 million, payable in March 2017, in the form of cash or in the form of common stock at a conversion price of $7.0682 per share (or, for notes issued in 2013, a lower price as determined under the March 2013 letter agreement as described below).

In connection with a private placement of our common stock that occurred in December 2012, Total elected to participate by exchanging approximately $5.0 million of its $53.3 million in senior unsecured convertible debt outstanding for 1,677,852 shares at the purchase price in this private placement of $2.98 per share. As such, $5.0 million of the outstanding $53.3 million in senior unsecured convertible debt was cancelled.

In March 2013, we entered into a letter agreement with Total under which Total agreed to waive its right to cease its participation in our fuels collaboration at the July 2013 decision point referenced above and committed to proceed with the July 2013 funding tranche of $30.0 million (subject to our satisfaction of the relevant closing conditions for such funding in the securities purchase agreement). As consideration for this waiver and commitment, we agreed to:

• Reduce the conversion price for the senior unsecured convertible promissory notes to be issued in connection with such funding from $7.0682 per share to a price per share equal to the greater of (i) the consolidated closing bid price of our common stock on the date of the letter agreement, plus $0.01, and (ii) $3.08 per share; and

• Grant Total a senior security interest in our intellectual property, subject to certain exclusions and subject to release by Total when we and Total enter into final documentation regarding the establishment of the Fuels JV.

In addition to the waiver by Total described above, Total also agreed that, at our request and contingent upon us meeting our obligations described above, it would pay advance installments of the amounts otherwise payable at the July 2013 closing. Specifically, if we requested such advance installments, subject to certain closing conditions and delivery of certifications regarding our cash levels, Total was obligated to fund $10.0 million no later than May 15, 2013, and an additional $10.0 million no later than June 15, 2013, with the remainder to be funded on the original July 2013 closing date.

In June 2013, we sold and issued a 1.5% Senior Unsecured Convertible Note to Total in an aggregate principal amount of $10.0 million with a maturity date of March 1, 2017 pursuant to the July 2012 purchase agreement. This convertible note has a conversion price of $3.08 per share in accordance with the March 2013 Letter Agreement as discussed above. We did not request the initial advance described above, but did request the June advance, under which this convertible note was issued. Subsequently, in July 2013, we sold a $20.0 million senior unsecured convertible note to Total with the same conversion price as the note in the June 2013 sale. This purchase and sale completed Total's commitment to purchase $30.0 million of such notes by July 2013. We expect that Total will cancel an additional portion of its outstanding convertible promissory notes in connection with its exercise of pro rata rights in our pending August 2013 convertible debt financing (with the final amount of such cancellation to be determined based on the final size of the closing in such offering).


Beginning in March 2012, we initiated a plan to shift production capacity from contract manufacturing facilities to Amyris-owned plants that were then under construction. As a result, we evaluated our contract manufacturing agreements and recorded a loss of $31.2 million related to $10.0 million in facility modification costs and $21.2 million of fixed purchase commitments in the first quarter of 2012. We recognized additional charges of $1.4 million and $7.8 million, respectively, in the third and fourth

quarter of 2012 associated with losses on fixed purchase commitments. We computed the loss on facility modification costs and fixed purchase commitments using the same lower of cost or market approach that is used to value inventory. The computation of the loss on firm purchase commitments is subject to several estimates, including cost to complete and the ultimate selling price of any of our products manufactured at the relevant production facilities, and is therefore inherently uncertain. We also recorded a loss on write-off of production assets of $5.5 million related to Amyris-owned production equipment at contract manufacturing facilities in the three months ended March 31, 2012.

Tate & Lyle

On June 25, 2013, we entered into a Termination Agreement with Tate & Lyle to terminate the parties' November 2010 Contract Manufacturing Agreement. The Termination Agreement resolves all outstanding issues that had arisen in connection with our relationship with Tate & Lyle.

The Contract Manufacturing Agreement had secured manufacturing capacity for farnesene through 2016 at Tate & Lyle's facility in Decatur, Illinois. The Contract Manufacturing Agreement included a base monthly payment regardless of level of production at Tate & Lyle's facility in addition to a variable amount based on volume. With the commencement of production at our farnesene facility located in Brazil, we determined that maintaining the Contract Manufacturing Agreement was no longer desired from a cost and operational perspective. We had no production at the Tate & Lyle facility since the first quarter of 2013.

Pursuant to the Termination Agreement, we are required to make four payments to Tate & Lyle, totaling approximately $8.8 million, of which $3.6 million is to satisfy outstanding obligations and $5.2 million is in lieu of additional payments otherwise owed under the Contract Manufacturing Agreement. These four payments are due under the Termination Agreement between July 17, 2013 and December 16, 2013, and such payments are deemed to be in full satisfaction of all amounts otherwise owed under the Contract Manufacturing Agreement. Under the Termination Agreement, no further payments will be owed for the remaining term of the Contract Manufacturing Agreement (i.e., through 2016). Additionally, we recorded a loss on purchase commitments and write-off of production assets of $8.4 million which consisted of an impairment charge of $6.7 million relating to our equipment at Tate & Lyle, a $2.7 million write- off of an unamortized portion of equipment costs funded us for Tate & Lyle, offset by a reversal of $1.0 million provision for loss on fixed purchase commitments. As of June 30, 2013 we have an outstanding liability of $8.8 million pertaining to our obligation under the Termination Agreement. In July 2013, we paid $3.6 million of our obligation pertaining to the Termination Agreement.

Joint Ventures


On March 26, 2013, we and Cosan entered into a termination agreement to terminate the Original JV Agreement. In addition, we agreed to sell our 50% ownership in Novvi S.A. for approximately R$22,000 which represented the current value of our 50% equity ownership in Novvi S.A., a now-dormant company, to Cosan. Upon the consummation of the transaction with the shares transferring from Amyris Brasil to Cosan, the Shareholders Agreement of Novvi S.A. dated June 3, 2011 will automatically terminate.

In September 2011, we and Cosan US, Inc. ("Cosan U.S.") formed Novvi LLC, a U.S. entity that is jointly owned by the Company and Cosan U.S. On March 26, 2013 we and Cosan U.S. entered into agreements to (i) expand their base oils joint venture to also include additives and lubricants and (ii) operate their joint venture exclusively through Novvi LLC ("Novvi"). Specifically, the parties entered into an Amended and Restated Operating Agreement for Novvi, which sets forth the governance procedures for Novvi and the joint venture and the parties' initial contribution. We also entered into an IP License Agreement with Novvi under which we granted Novvi (i) an exclusive (subject to certain limited exceptions for the Company), worldwide, royalty-free license to develop, produce and commercialize base oils, additives, and lubricants derived from Biofene for use in the automotive, commercial and industrial lubricants markets and (ii) a non-exclusive, royalty free license, subject to certain conditions, to manufacture Biofene solely for its own products. In addition, both we and Cosan U.S. granted Novvi certain rights of first refusal with respect to alternative base oil and additive technologies that may be acquired by us or Cosan U.S. during the term of the IP License Agreement. Under these agreements, we and Cosan U.S. will each own 50% of Novvi and each party will share equally in any costs and any profits ultimately realized by the joint venture. Novvi is governed by a six member Board of Managers, three from each investor who will appoint the Officers of Novvi who will be responsible for carrying out the daily operating activities of Novvi as directed by the Board of Managers. The IP License Agreement has an initial term of 20 years from the date of the agreement, subject to standard early termination provisions such as uncured material breach or a party's insolvency. Under the terms of the Amended and Restated Operating Agreement for initial contribution, Cosan U.S. is obligated to fund its 50% ownership share of Novvi in cash in the amount of $10.0 million and we are obligated to fund our 50% ownership share of Novvi through the granting of an IP License to develop, produce and commercialize base oils, additives, and lubricants derived from Biofene for

use in the automotive, commercial and industrial lubricants markets which has been agreed upon by Cosan U.S. and Amyris valued at $10.0 million. On March 26, 2013, we measured our initial contribution of IP to Novvi at our carrying value of the licenses granted under the IP License Agreement, which was zero. Additional funding requirements to finance the ongoing operations of Novvi are expected to happen through revolving credit or other loan facilities provided by unrelated parties (i.e. such as financial institutions); cash advances or other credit or loan facilities provided by us and Cosan U.S. or their affiliates; or additional capital contributions us and Cosan U.S.

We have identified Novvi as a VIE and determined that the power to direct activities, which most significantly impact the economic success of the joint venture (i.e. continuing research and development, marketing, sales, distribution and manufacturing of Novvi products), is equally shared between us and Cosan. Accordingly, we are not the primary beneficiary and therefore account for our investment in Novvi under the equity method of accounting. We will continue to reassess our primary beneficiary analysis of Novvi if there are changes in events and circumstances impacting the power to direct activities that most significantly affect Novvi's economic success. Under the equity method, our share of profits and losses are to be included in "Income (loss) from equity method investments, net" in our consolidated statements of operations. During the three and six months ended June 30, 2013, we recorded no amounts for our share of Novvi's net loss as the carrying amount of our investment in Novvi was zero and losses in excess of the carrying amount are offset by the accretion of our share in the basis difference resulted from the parties' initial contribution. For the three months ended June 30, 2013 and 2012, we recorded $0.1 million and $0.9 million, respectively, and $2.6 million and $0.9 million for the six months ended June 30, 2013 and 2012, respectively, of revenue from the research and development activities performed on behalf of Novvi.

Sales and Revenue

To commercialize our Biofene-derived product, squalane, in the cosmetics sector for use as an emollient, we have entered into a number of distribution agreements such as Laserson S.A. in Europe, Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd. in Japan, and Centerchem, Inc. in the United States. As an initial step towards commercialization of Biofene-based diesel, we have entered into agreements with municipal fleet operators in São Paulo, Brazil. Our diesel fuel is supplied to BR Distribudora, a division of Petrobras, which in turn blends our product with petroleum diesel and sells to a number of bus operators including Santa Brigida, the largest bus fleet operator in São Paulo. For the industrial lubricants market, we established a joint venture with Cosan for the worldwide development, production and commercialization of renewable base oils in the lubricant sector.

We transitioned out of the ethanol and ethanol-blended business during the third quarter ended September 30, 2012. We do not expect to be able to replace prior year revenue levels in the near term as a result of this transition, particularly in 2013 while we focus our efforts to establish our renewable products business.

The following table sets forth our comparative revenue data for the periods or the periods shown (in thousands):

                                        Three Months Ended June 30,      Year-to  Year      Percentage
                                             2013            2012            Change           Change
                                                    (Dollars in thousands)
Ethanol and ethanol-blended gasoline   $            -     $  13,309     $      (13,309 )      (100 )%
Renewable products                              4,185         2,271              1,914          84  %
Collaborations revenue                          3,090         1,770              1,320          75  %
Grants                                          3,574         1,913              1,661          87  %
Total revenues                         $       10,849     $  19,263     $       (8,414 )       (44 )%

                                         Six Months Ended June 30,      Year-to  Year      Percentage
                                            2013            2012            Change           Change
                                                    (Dollars in thousands)
Ethanol and ethanol-blended gasoline   $           -     $  37,178     $      (37,178 )      (100 )%
Renewable products                             7,168         4,709              2,459          52  %
Collaborations revenue                         6,144         2,661              3,483         131  %
Grants                                         5,406         4,184              1,222          29  %
Total revenues                         $      18,718     $  48,732     $      (30,014 )       (62 )%


In 2012, we completed multiple financings involving loans and convertible debt and equity offerings. In February 2012, we completed a private placement of 10.2 million shares of common stock for aggregate proceeds of $58.7 million and raised $25.0 million from an offering of senior unsecured convertible promissory notes. In May 2012, we completed a private placement of 1.7 million shares of common stock for aggregate proceeds of $4.1 million. In July 2012, we completed a sale of a $38.3 million in a senior unsecured convertible promissory note for cash proceeds of $15.0 million and our repayment of $23.3 million in previously-provided research and development funds and, in September 2012, we completed a sale of an additional senior unsecured convertible promissory note for additional cash proceeds of $15.0 million. In December 2012, we completed a private placement of our common stock for the issuance of 14,177,849 shares at a price of $2.98 per share for aggregate proceeds of $37.2 million and the cancellation of $5.0 million worth of outstanding senior unsecured convertible promissory notes previously issued us. Shares totaling 1,677,852 were issued to Total in exchange for this cancellation. Net cash received for this private placement as of December 31, 2012 was $22.2 million and the remaining $15.0 million of proceeds was received in January 2013. In connection with this private placement, we entered into a Letter of Agreement, dated December 24, 2012 with Biolding under which we acknowledged that Biolding's initial investment of $10.0 million in December 2012 represented partial satisfaction of its preexisting contractual obligation to fund $15.0 million by March 31, 2013 upon satisfaction by us of criteria associated with the commissioning of our production plant in Brotas.

In March 2013, we completed a private placement of our common stock to Biolding and issued 1,533,742 of our common stock at a price of $3.26 per share resulting in aggregate proceeds of approximately $5.0 million. This private placement represented the final tranche of Biolding's preexisting contractual obligation to fund $15.0 million upon satisfaction by us of certain criteria associated with the commissioning of a production plant in Brazil.

Pursuant to the letter agreement discussed above under the caption "Total Relationship", we completed a sale of $10.0 million senior unsecured convertible note to Total with a conversion price of $3.08 per share in June 2013. Subsequently, in July 2013, we sold a $20.0 million in senior unsecured convertible note to Total with the same conversion price as the note in the June 2013 sale.This purchase and sale completed Total's commitment to purchase $30.0 million of such notes by July 2013.

In August 2013, we signed an agreement for an additional private placement of convertible promissory notes as described in more detail in more detail below.


We have incurred significant losses in each year since our inception and believe that we will continue to incur losses and negative cash flow from operations into at least 2014. As of June 30, 2013, we had an accumulated deficit of $657.8 million and had cash, cash equivalents and short term investments of $12.9 million. We have significant outstanding debt and contractual obligations related to purchase commitments, as well as capital and operating leases. As of June 30, 2013, our debt totaled $107.2 million, of which $5.0 million matures within the next twelve months. In addition, our debt agreements contain various covenants, including restrictions on business that could cause us to be at risk of defaults.

In March 2013, we signed a collaboration agreement with Firmenich that included a collaboration funding component, and obtained a commitment letter from Total with respect to additional convertible note funding (as described above) of which we received $10.0 million in proceeds in June 2013, and we expect to use amounts received under these arrangements to fund our operations. We also received $20.0 million in funding through the sale of a convertible note in private placement under an existing funding agreement with Total in July 2013. This purchase and sale completed Total's commitment to purchase $30.0 million of such notes by July 2013. Furthermore, we are expecting additional funding in 2013 from collaborations, a pending convertible debt offering, and potentially, other sources. In August 2013, we entered into an agreement with certain investors to sell up to $73.1 million in convertible promissory notes in private placements over a period of up to 24 months from the date of signing. This convertible note financing requires us to satisfy various conditions before the funding is available, and the offering is divided into two tranches (one for $42.6 million and one for $30.4 million), each with differing closing conditions. Of the total possible purchase price in the financing, $60.0 million would be paid in the form of cash ($35.0 million in the first tranche and up to $25.0 million in the second tranche) and $13.1 million would be paid by cancellation of outstanding promissory notes by an existing stockholder in connection with its exercise of pro rata rights ($7.6 million in the first tranche and $5.4 million in the second tranche). The financing is subject to timing and completion risks, including a requirement that we meet certain production milestones before the second tranche is available, and a requirement that we obtain stockholder approval prior to completing any closings in the transaction.

Though we expect to close our pending convertible note financing in September 2013, if there is any significant delay in such closing, we would likely need to secure additional short-term funding in September 2013. Such short-term funding may not be available on reasonable terms or at all. For example, in order to raise sufficient additional funds, we could be forced to issue further preferred and discounted equity, agree to onerous covenants, grant security interests in our assets, enter into collaboration and licensing arrangements that require us to relinquish commercial rights or grant licenses on terms that are not favorable to us, or any or all of these. If we are unable to secure sufficient short-term funding to bridge our operations to a delayed closing or fail to complete the pending convertible debt financing within the period covered by any such short-term funding, we would be forced to curtail our operations and cease . . .

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