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Quarterly Report

Item 2. Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations

This Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations and other parts of this quarterly report on Form 10-Q contain forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. Forward-looking statements can also be identified by words such as "anticipates," "expects," "believes," "plans," "predicts," and similar terms. Forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and our actual results may differ significantly from the results discussed in the forward-looking statements. Factors that might cause such differences include, but are not limited to, those discussed in the subsection entitled "Forward-Looking Statements" below. The following discussion should be read in conjunction with our financial statements and notes thereto included in this report. We assume no obligation to revise or update any forward-looking statements for any reason, except as required by law.


We develop, manufacture, market, and service systems to treat cancer and benign diseases using heat therapy delivered using focused radiofrequency (RF) and microwave energy. Our product lines include both ablation and hyperthermia treatment systems. Our microwave ablation system has been developed as a stand-alone therapy to employ precision-guided microwave energy to ablate (destroy) soft tissue. Our hyperthermia cancer treatment systems, which have been in use for several years in the United States, Europe and Asia, are used to treat certain tumors with heat (hyperthermia) while increasing the effectiveness of other therapies such as radiation therapy. We have developed extensive intellectual property, multiple products in the market and established distribution in the United States, Europe and Asia. Certain of our products have received regulatory approvals and clearances in the United States, Europe and China.

MicroThermX® Microwave Ablation System

Our MicroThermX® Microwave Ablation System ("MicroThermX®") is a compact, mobile, state-of-the-art, proprietary system that includes a microwave generator, single-patient-use disposable antennas, and a thermistor-based temperature monitoring system. The innovative design of the MicroThermX® is the first of its kind that allows delivery of higher power levels using a single generator. The MicroThermX® utilizes innovative synchronous phased array technology that was developed and patented by us to provide larger and more uniform zones of ablation during a single procedure.

The MicroThermX® introduces into our product line an innovative SynchroWave disposable antenna that is used in each ablation treatment, which we believe will provide a significant ongoing revenue stream after the sale of the system. We expanded the MicroThermX® market opportunity by introducing a new SynchroWave short tip ("ST") antenna that can be used to deliver smaller, spherical ablation zones that more accurately target smaller tumors. The existing SynchroWave long tip ("LT") antenna delivers larger ablation zones, reducing the need for multiple ablations on larger tumors. The multiple configurations of the SynchroWave antenna provide physicians the ability to precisely target the ablation zone to the numerous sizes and shapes of diseased tissue, significantly increasing the number of cases that can be treated with the MicroThermX®. The soft tissue ablation world market potential is estimated to exceed $2.3 billion.

Our Table Top MicroThermX® Microwave Ablation System ("T2") is designed for our fee-per-use rental program, which is more fully described below. Portability and ease of use are keys to successful implementation of the equipment rental program. The T2 is a small, lightweight, tabletop configuration that has the same advanced features as the original MicroThermX® configuration.

In August 2010, the FDA granted us a 510(k) clearance to market the MicroThermX® for ablation of soft tissue. Clearance from the FDA of the 510(k) Premarket Notification submission authorizes the commercial sale of the MicroThermX® in the United States. We have also received CE Marking for the MicroThermX®, which allows us to market the MicroThermX® in the thirty countries that comprise the European Union ("EU") and the European Free Trade Association ("EFTA"). CE Marking is also recognized in many countries outside of the EU, providing us the ability to market the MicroThermX® to a number of international markets. As further discussed below, we have established distribution in a number of EU countries and have accepted purchase orders for and have shipped both MicroThermX® systems and SynchroWave antennas.

Clinicians have used microwave ablation systems to treat patients with cancers of the liver, lung, bone, and kidneys.

We have placed a select number of MicroThermX® systems with pivotal, high-profile, interventional oncology opinion leaders. These medical facilities continue to reorder disposable SynchroWave antennas, validating the ongoing revenue stream we anticipate. Existing users of the MicroThermX® continue to report positive clinical results in the treatment of cancerous tumors.

These evaluations represent an important milestone in the MicroThermX® sales cycle. However, with hospital capital budgeting, committee review and other approvals, the sales cycle for the MicroThermX® may extend to well over six months. Political and economic uncertainty in the industry due to recent government healthcare reform is also slowing hospital acquisition of capital equipment at all levels.

To bolster our MicroThermX® sales line and accelerate and maximize revenues, we have a MicroThermX® fee-per-use equipment rental program. The fee-per-use program allows hospitals to purchase disposable SynchroWave antennas and pay a fee-per-use equipment rental for the treatment of patients using the MicroThermX®, dramatically shortening the sales cycle. This rental program has generated a revenue stream from sales of disposable SynchroWave antennas combined with highly profitable equipment rental fees. We continue to aggressively market and sell the rental program throughout the U.S.

We have in place direct sales representatives in key major metropolitan areas who provide "personal service" to new users of the microwave ablation technique. We provide all of our domestic customers with extensive hands-on training to ensure success in clinical use of the MicroThermX® system. Our representatives are experienced interventional sales representatives with seasoned contacts in the field of interventional oncology. Our Vice President of Sales and Marketing has a 37 year history in marketing medical devices and equipment to physicians. His primary focus is on the worldwide sales of our MicroThermX® line of products. Our U.S. sales program also includes one domestic specialty distribution firm.

This sales model allows us to concentrate on major areas of opportunity in the ablation market. We have hired direct sales representatives to cover the following key metropolitan areas: Florida, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Chicago, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Southern California, Dallas and Houston, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern Kentucky and Oklahoma. We plan to continue to expand the direct sales program into other metropolitan areas in the future.

We also continue our emphasis on Europe and other international markets. In April 2013, we announced an exclusive multi-million dollar master distribution agreement with Terumo Europe NV, a wholly owned subsidiary of Terumo Corporation, for our MicroThermX® line of products in 100 countries in Europe, Western Asia and Northern Africa. Terumo Corporation is a global medical device leader with nearly $5 billion in annual sales and operations in over 160 countries. Terumo Europe NV has established itself as a pioneer in the field of interventional oncology. The potential market size for MicroThermX® in these countries is estimated to be in excess of $1 billion in annual sales. We believe this distribution agreement validates the large market opportunity for MicroThermX® ablation products and is expected to drive market adoption for the MicroThermX® as a leading ablation therapy system and to drive revenue growth toward profitability.

We have entered into other international distribution agreements with specialty distribution firms. These firms have purchased MicroThermX® systems and SynchroWave antennas. We provide all of our international distributors with extensive hands-on training to ensure success in clinical use of the MicroThermX® system.

Hyperthermia Systems

BSD-500. Our BSD-500 Hyperthermia System, or the BSD-500, is used to deliver either superficial hyperthermia therapy, which is non-invasive and delivered externally using antennae placed over the tumor, or interstitial hyperthermia therapy, which is delivered using antennae that are inserted into the tumor, or both. These systems include a touch screen display monitor by which the operator controls the hyperthermia treatment, computer equipment and software that controls the delivery of microwave energy to the tumor, and a generator that creates the needed microwave energy for the treatment. Additionally, the systems include a variety of applicator (radiating antennae) configurations, depending on the system. Various configurations of non-invasive applicators (antennae) are used for superficial hyperthermia treatments. For interstitial hyperthermia treatments, the system may include up to 24 small microwave heat-delivering antennae that are inserted into catheters used for internal radiation therapy (called brachytherapy).

Our primary FDA approval (described as a pre-market approval, or "PMA", which is the standard FDA approval required to market Class III medical devices in the United States) for the BSD-500 is for the use of hyperthermia and radiation therapy to treat certain tumors using the BSD-500. The BSD-500 is approved for use alone or in conjunction with radiation therapy in the palliative management of certain solid surface and subsurface malignant tumors (i.e., melanoma, squamous- or basal-cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, or sarcoma) that are progressive or recurrent despite conventional therapy.

There are some clinical studies that have been published that show the effectiveness and safety for the use of hyperthermia and certain chemotherapy drugs for the treatment of some cancers. However, we do not currently have FDA approval for the use of hyperthermia in conjunction with chemotherapy. Physicians are allowed to utilize medical devices that have been approved or cleared by the FDA, including the BSD-500, for off label indications (indications for use that are not included in the FDA approval or clearance), but a manufacturer cannot promote for an off label use in the United States, as the FDA considers this to be an unproven clinical application.

We have received FDA approval through FDA supplements for implementation of a new operating system and a new power generation system and other commercial upgrades for the BSD-500 configurations.

BSD-2000. The BSD-2000 Hyperthermia System, or the BSD-2000, family of products includes the BSD-2000, the BSD-2000/3D and the BSD-2000/3D/MR. These systems non-invasively deliver localized therapeutic heating (hyperthermia) to solid tumors by applying radiofrequency (RF) energy to certain cancerous tumors, including those located deep within the body. These systems consist of four major subsystems: an RF power generator delivery subsystem; a proprietary, thermistor-based, thermometry subsystem; a computerized monitoring and control subsystem; and an applicator subsystem that includes an applicator and patient support system; as well as various accessories. The BSD-2000 delivers energy to a patient using a power source and an array of multiple antennae that surround the patient's body. The BSD-2000 systems create a central focusing of energy that can be adjusted to target the shape, size, and location of the tumor, thus providing dynamic control of the heating delivered to the tumor region. The basic BSD-2000 has eight microwave antennae, enabling electronic steering of energy within the patient's body. The BSD-2000/3D has 24 microwave antennae enabling additional electronic steering along the long axis of the body. The 3D steering is particularly useful when used with a magnetic resonance system that provides non-invasive 3D imaging of the heated regions, thus permitting the clinician to view the heating pattern in the tumor and steer the energy to the tumor site.

We have received CE Marking for the BSD-2000 family of products, which allows us to market the BSD-2000 systems in the thirty countries that comprise the EU and the EFTA. CE Marking is also recognized in many countries outside of the EU, providing us the ability to market the BSD-2000 family of products to a number of international markets. We have also obtained regulatory approval for the sale of the BSD-2000 in the People's Republic of China.

On May 18, 2009, the FDA granted HUD designation for our BSD-2000 for use in conjunction with radiation therapy for the treatment of cervical carcinoma patients who are ineligible for chemotherapy. This is the first of the two steps required to obtain HDE marketing approval. Subsequent to the FDA granting the HUD for the BSD-2000, which confirms that the intended use population is fewer than 4,000 patients per year, we filed an HDE submission with the FDA.

On November 21, 2011, we announced that the Company had obtained HDE marketing approval for the BSD-2000 from the FDA. The BSD-2000 is approved for use in conjunction with radiation therapy for the treatment of cervical cancer patients who normally would be treated with combined chemotherapy and radiation but are ineligible for chemotherapy due to patient related factors. The HDE approval authorizes the commercial sale of the BSD-2000. An HDE approval is obtained after a company has demonstrated the product's safety and probable benefit for the treatment of a disease affecting fewer than 4,000 people in the United States every year. In addition, we cannot charge an amount for an HDE approved device that exceeds the costs of research and development, fabrication, and distribution. A device can have both PMA and an HDE approval as long as the approvals are for different indications for use. In addition, a product can have multiple HDE approvals for different applications, and we may decide to pursue a PMA and/or additional HDE approvals for the BSD-2000 in the future.

Development of the BSD-2000, the BSD-2000/3D and the BSD-2000/3D/MR has required substantial effort involving the cooperative work of such United States research institutions as Duke University, Northwestern University, University of Southern California, Stanford University, University of Utah and University of Washington St. Louis. Contributing European research institutions include Daniel den Hoed Cancer Center of the Academisch Ziekenhuis (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Haukeland University Hospital (Bergen, Norway), Dusseldorf University Medical School, Tübingen University Medical School, Essen University Hospital, Charité Medical School of Humboldt University (Berlin), Luebeck University Medical School, Munich University Medical School Grosshadern, Interne Klinik Argirov of the Munich Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Erlangen (all of Germany), University of Verona Medical Center (Italy), Graz University Medical School (Austria) and Kantonsspital Aarau (Switzerland).

BSD-2000/3D. Through research funded by the National Cancer Institute in the United States and supportive efforts by other domestic and international research institutions, we enhanced the BSD-2000 to create the BSD-2000/3D. The BSD-2000/3D adds three-dimensional steering of deep focused energy, enabling additional electronic steering along the long axis of the body. As part of our international collaborative research efforts, sophisticated treatment planning software for the BSD-2000/3D was developed.

We have not yet submitted to the FDA a marketing application for the BSD-2000/3D. However, we have obtained the CE Mark necessary to export the BSD-2000/3D to certain European countries and other countries requiring CE Mark certification.

BSD-2000/3D/MR. As a further enhancement of the BSD-2000/3D, we have added to it the option of concurrent magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, used for monitoring the delivery of deep hyperthermia therapy. Using sophisticated microwave filtering and imaging software, the BSD-2000/3D/MR allows an MRI system to be interfaced with and operate simultaneously with a BSD-2000/3D. The development of MRI treatment monitoring is a significant breakthrough in the development of hyperthermic oncology primarily because it allows non-invasive "on-line" review of hyperthermic treatment progress.

We installed and tested the first BSD-2000/3D/MR system at a leading German oncological research institution, the Clinic of Medical Oncology of the Klinikum Großhadern Medical School of Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität München, in Munich, Germany. We have since installed BSD-2000/3D/MR systems at multiple other locations.

As is the case for the BSD-2000/3D, we have not yet submitted to the FDA a marketing application for the BSD-2000/3D/MR. We can, however, market the BSD-2000/3D/MR in Europe, as we have CE Mark approval for the BSD-2000/3D/MR, provided we interface the system with an MRI system that also is approved in Europe.

Marketing and Distribution of MicroThermX®. As previously discussed, our U.S. network of direct sales representatives and one domestic specialty distribution firm provides nationwide sales coverage for the MicroThermX® line of products.

In addition, we recently entered into an exclusive, long-term master distribution agreement with Terumo Europe NV in 100 countries in Europe, Western Asia and Northern Africa. We have a Director of International Sales and previously entered into agreements with other international specialty distribution firms. Our marketing and distribution strategy for our MicroThermX® business includes seeking out and securing additional master distribution arrangements for our MicroThermX® line of products in other parts of the world.

Marketing and Distribution of Hyperthermia Systems. To support our direct sales and marketing efforts for our hyperthermia systems and products in the United States, we currently utilize independent sales representatives supported by senior management of the Company.

Historically the Company has recognized revenues derived from sales to Dr. Sennewald Medizintechnik GmbH ("Medizintechnik") located in Munich, Germany, which is our exclusive distributor of hyperthermia systems in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and to certain medical institutions in Belgium and the Netherlands. This company is owned by Dr. Gerhard W. Sennewald, one of our directors and a significant stockholder. We have also sold systems in Poland and Italy, and have conducted our own direct sales and marketing efforts in India and other countries in Europe and Asia.

In 2005, we entered into an agreement with Dalian Orientech Co. LTD ("Orientech"), a privately owned company, to assist us in obtaining regulatory approval for the sale of the BSD-2000 in the People's Republic of China, and thereafter to act as our distributor for the sale of the BSD-2000 in that country. We subsequently obtained Chinese regulatory approval, allowing the distributor to begin to market and sell the BSD-2000 system to hospitals in China. We renewed this exclusive distribution agreement in February 2012, which requires Orientech to purchase a minimum number of BSD-2000 Hyperthermia Systems from us each year. Orientech is also leading efforts to renew our Chinese regulatory approval.

In December 2011, we announced that the Company signed an exclusive agreement with CyberKnife Korea ("CKK") for the sale and distribution of our hyperthermia products in South Korea. CKK is a premier distributor of sophisticated medical devices in South Korea and represents a number of major medical device companies. CKK is a leading distributor of oncology products in South Korea and has established strong relationships with radiation oncologists throughout the country. As part of the agreement, CKK is required to purchase a minimum number of hyperthermia systems from us each year. We are in the process of obtaining regulatory approval for the BSD-2000 in South Korea.

In August 2012, we announced that the Company had obtained approval to market its hyperthermia systems in the Russian Federation. The marketing approval covers all BSD-2000 Hyperthermia System configurations and the BSD-500 Hyperthermia System.

In March 2013, we announced that the Company signed an exclusive agreement with Linden Bioscience Co., Ltd. ("Linden"), a Taiwan Corporation, for the sale and distribution of our hyperthermia products in Taiwan. Linden's primary focus will be licensing, marketing and selling the BSD-2000 in Taiwan. Per the agreement, Linden is required to purchase a minimum number of BSD-2000 systems annually over a five year period, totaling a cumulative $7.1 million in revenue to us. In May 2013, we received an initial purchase order from Linden, committing to purchase four BSD-2000 Hyperthermia Systems. Shipment of the first hyperthermia systems will coincide with Linden's receipt of Taiwan FDA import license approval which Linden believes it can obtain by November 2013.

As demonstrated by our recent signing of the master distribution agreement with Terumo Europe NV for our MicroThermX® line of products, our current strategy includes the possibility of entering into additional collaborative arrangements with third parties to expand and improve the commercialization of all our products including our hyperthermia systems. Consistent with this strategy we engaged Roth Capital Partners on June 1, 2013 to serve as our exclusive advisor with the goal to seek out, identify opportunities and, if possible, secure a transaction or transaction(s) relating to BSD's hyperthermia business including, but not limited to, partnering or other collaborative agreements, a sale of assets and/or other strategic arrangements. There can be no assurance that the exploration of strategic alternatives will result in any agreements or transactions, or that, if completed, any agreements or transactions will be successful or on attractive terms.


As of the date of the filing of this report, we had total sales backlog for our hyperthermia systems of $2.3 million.

Results of Operations

Fluctuation in Operating Results

Our results of operations have fluctuated in the past and may fluctuate in the future from year to year as well as from quarter to quarter. Revenue may fluctuate as a result of factors relating to the demand and market acceptance for our ablation and hyperthermia systems and related component parts and services, world-wide economic conditions, availability of financing for our customers, changes in the medical capital equipment market, changes in order mix and product order configurations, competition, regulatory developments, insurance reimbursement and other matters. Operating expenses may fluctuate as a result of the timing of sales and marketing activities, research and development, and general and administrative expenses associated with our potential growth. For these and other reasons described elsewhere, our results of operations for a particular period may not be indicative of operating results for any other period.


We recognize revenue from the sale of our ablation and hyperthermia cancer treatment systems and related parts and accessories (collectively, product sales), the sale of disposables used with certain of our systems, training, service support contracts and other miscellaneous revenues. During the three months and nine months ended May 31, 2013 and 2012, we also recognized revenues from equipment rental, including our fee-per-use rental income from our MicroThermX®. Our revenues can fluctuate significantly from period to period because our sales, to date, have been based upon a relatively small number of hyperthermia systems, the sales price of each being substantial enough to greatly impact revenue levels in the periods in which they occur. Sales of a few hyperthermia systems, particularly BSD-2000/3D/MR systems, can cause a large change in our revenues from period to period and the sales cycle for our systems generally extends over multiple financial reporting periods. In addition, differences in the configuration of the hyperthermia systems sold, pricing, and other factors can result in significant differences in the sales price per system and in the total revenues reported in a given period. As a result, there may be quarterly financial reporting periods where we may report no or minimal revenues from the sale of hyperthermia systems. Through fiscal year 2012, we had minimal revenues from our MicroThermX® family of products. However, with our distribution agreement with Terumo Europe NV, the successful introduction of our fee-per-use rental program and accelerating sales of disposable SynchroWave antennas, our revenues from our MicroThermX® family of products continue to grow.

To date, hyperthermia therapy has not gained wide acceptance by cancer-treating physicians. We believe this is due in part to the lingering impression created by the inability of early hyperthermia therapy technologies to focus and control heat directed at specific tissue locations and inaccurate conclusions drawn in early scientific studies that hyperthermia was only marginally effective. Additionally, we do not believe that reimbursement rates from third-party payers have been adequate to promote hyperthermia therapy acceptance in the medical community.

We also believe the continuing worldwide economic downturn has made it difficult for many of our customers to obtain approval for the purchase of our hyperthermia and microwave ablation systems and to arrange related financing.

Political, economic and regulatory influences are subjecting the U.S. healthcare industry to fundamental changes. We may continue to face significant uncertainty in the industry due to recent governmental healthcare reform. We believe the uncertainties regarding the ultimate features of reform initiatives and their enactment and implementation may also have an adverse effect on our customers' purchasing decisions regarding our products and services.

As a result of these negative factors, we have been unable to sustain a significant increase in the number of hyperthermia systems sold, and we believe these difficulties may negatively impact the sales of our hyperthermia systems and our MicroThermX®, and our operating results.

At times, we have derived a significant portion of our revenues from sales to related parties; however, these related party sales have become less significant in recent periods. All of the related party revenue was for the sale of hyperthermia systems and related component parts and services sold to Dr. Sennewald Medizintechnik GmbH. We derived $230, or approximately 0%, of our total revenue in the three months ended May 31, 2013 from sales to related parties, compared to $13,757, or approximately 2%, in the three months ended May 31, 2012. We derived $76,776, or approximately 3%, of our total revenue in the nine months ended May 31, 2013 from sales to related parties, compared to $315,163, or approximately 20%, in the nine months ended May 31, 2012. We had no sales of hyperthermia systems to related parties in the three months or nine months ended May 31, 2013.

Total revenues for the three months ended May 31, 2013 were $1,316,713 compared to total revenues of $651,387 for the three months ended May 31, 2012, an . . .

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